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Friday, March 15, 2013

fantastic friday

it's not that i dun want to blog,
but i have a freakin' internet connection problem at night!! lolx
then daylight,
this office PC couldn't open my photo gallery.
that explains an entry without photos ;P

it's been 26 weeks oredy (to those who lost counts, it's actullay 6.5months. there. tak payah kalkulator HAHA)
i'm gaining 10kgs or may be more.
getting hungrier weh well i dunno.
but i'm planning on fasting cuz i have like 6 days to ganti puasa! yikes!
may be i'll fast on weekend,
so i can just chill at home and save my energy.. teehee.

i have limited maternity outfits,
hence they take turns to be worn by me.
that's why you always see me in the same outfit every week :P
too lazy to buy more.
or may be it's because the limited design (and size!) at stores.

andd i should do more readings.
i bought lots of reading materials you should see my car's backseats! (why car??!)
ada berbondon-bondon buku/mags kat seat belakang kereta! mah haha~
yet i didn't find the right time to read em all. haish.
(i'm too tired, balik-balik rumah je i went to sleep after makan mandi solat and everything. or play games. when can i read??!)

and recently i realized the office's washroom doesn't provide handwash soap anymore :'(
everytime i went to my husband's office,
i always compare (hehe).
like why tandas ofis husband ada handwash soap.
why they get new PC with big LCD flat screen. and fast connection.
why the elevators arrive faster etc etc.
but betul la,
really dunno why there's no handwash soap here.
i love the soap's smell.
adakah pihak pencucian kedekut nak letakkan sabun??!
i mean, it's a part of hygiene thingy kan.
suddenly pulak bekalan sabun terputus. hoih.

oryte wanna have some time for myself,
before going to this workshop at 3pm.
today ai balik shah alam nanti ai blog ye. hehe