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Saturday, September 30, 2006

wey hey, d 7th day of puasa! a week. hee ^^

i shud go out and buy d raya cards. i juz made d list.. lolx.

yesterd i received an sms frm a friend. he said he juz learnt a new word in japanese.. wani.. means buaya.. lolx. izzit? hahaha.
Friday, September 29, 2006
dun geledah2 ur fridge on puasa time!! lolx.

im home.
frm univ-midvalley-kl sentral-home. :]

yesterd i had no class. but woke up early & watched 'my girl' cds at ziha's room. noon, tk a nap. 4pm after watched illyana, went to fakulti bahasa to see my lecturer. after tha straight to cafe &buy foods. lolx. sgt byk. :b bought 7-up too. i dun really drink carbonated drinks, so d 7-up tin was left full.

doin nuthin at midV.
walked around mPh.. hunting d books. lolx.

in d train, drew sumthin for a while.
then felt asleep cuz i was letih. hahah.

pst.. z and jack.. messaging each other! tee hee ;]

Wednesday, September 27, 2006
hunger sensation. i need chicken rendang.. lolx. :b

waa just finished d multimedia test. *relief2* :P no wonder i am super dead hungry. d test absorbs my fat.. haha.

juz saw bdk nike after not seeing him around for few weeks.. yah haha. sgt kachak *agree, z?* ;] no he's not a crush, he's a viewing pleasure.. lolx.

okeh2 back to ramadhan. monday we break fasting @shah alam. hehe.
first went to bazar sect7, then ate at this restaurant at sect13.

yesterd bought food at bazar in univ. d KPZ bazar to be exact. &also at d cafe. makan gile kami.. hahaha.

at 5 ade class. later. :]
Sunday, September 24, 2006

happy fasting, everyone!! ^^

hah, i finished d graphic test tday. walked in a rain. lolx.

dunia baru is hilarious. tgk 2nd time pon xpe! ;]

after test, went buying things.. including d delish chicken rendang! hahaha. then evening, straight to bazar. happening, ogeyh!

hav a gr8 ramadhan!

Saturday, September 23, 2006
im gonna put pics for this session.. :]

lil bridge. location : near faculty's bus stop.

green planet.

bus stop signs lah.. ahaha.

voting day. as showed how a bus stop turned into a poster fest. :b

asam laksa @lemon grass. not mine.

juz bought this medium-sized spongebob. i luv it cuz i can squeeze it.. lolx.

OIAM. suki won. but i think faizal deserves it mo *tho i lyke suki.. ahax*
awal should stick to casual wear :b but he's fine.
Friday, September 22, 2006
haha xupload pics lg :b

why everytime i saw a boy with d style tha i like, &he's looking back at me too,
but i din noe him at all?? gahh!!

wee hee i bought d bleach dvds!
totally rox!! ^^

1 weird thing happened. i lost my room's key, but d nex morning, d key was on my table. :?
*thinking like crazee*
Monday, September 18, 2006
saya sgt penat.
but nobody cares.
Sunday, September 17, 2006

blackcurrent and iced lemon tea

hooraaaahhhh im gonna get mo bleach comics!!! :D

yesterd i was at sec9 shah alam. walking around. eating. i din noe there'r pirated dvds there! hahaha.

'gol&gincu d series' cd collection da kuar!! pergilah beli, i wan2 borrow :b

not gonna blog for 5-6 days. tests. yeah.
tata everyone. :]

me + leenk
Friday, September 15, 2006
sgt sori, everyone.. this week is hectic week. nex week pon sm.. i predict.
but well, we managed to make d event a success *for those who din noe, my communication class [elektif] kne buat this grooming talk thingy* bdk2 comm stylish gile seyh!!

then at nyte, we came & supported d master students punye event pulak.
sgt fun. with elly iskandar as d moderator of d nyte, i think most of d girls went cheering & clapping excitedly. :b
most fun part.. d lucky draw! sgt byk draw for hotel-stay, mkn2, other gifts, tv, hampers, tv. rewind. tv!! ahaha. no i din get it. no251 was not a lucky no. :P

wut happened on monday.
a cockroach.
leenk despises cockroaches.
it came. it saw.
leenk shouted.
and i tried to hit it with a mop.. hahaha.
and it managed to run away.

bleach manga
i wanna read mo. i mean mo! ;]

hafta.. read.. the notes..
nex wednesday. disaster.
3tests. 1report submission.
im doomed.

later. with real pictures.
Sunday, September 10, 2006

these shoes wanna fly..

akt!! *running here & there*

tgklah kalau rajin, i blog again. hahah.
so much things to do. *running some mo*

p/s : sem break is over. yawn.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

OIAM. farah's out. at last. lolx.
but i din catch d whole eps. hope smpt tgk 2moro. :]

i wont fill people's xpectation. so dun xpect things frm me. lolx.
-if u'r xpecting 'things', go find other person. i dun mind-

ive so much things in my head.. haha.
i wanna watch 'heart', i wanna go to ikea, i wanna draw, i wanna find new skins..
but semua tu xkan smpt nk buat skrg. xsmpt.

only befriends with org2 yg fun frm now on.
yg xfun, pergi main jauh2! :P

yesterd khalil & ikhwan came. they'r on hols.
din change a bit. haha. *xcept d long hair*

haris manipulated his friend's pic. kalau bdk tu tau, matilah ko, haris.. hahaha.
Thursday, September 07, 2006
hm hm. when o when rizal will e-mail yana?
xkan nk tggu smpai yana da sgt baik ngan izham, kot? *x.. xboleh. hahaha*

we shot a real fun teddy video yesterday.. hahah. sgt fun. >.<

went to midvalley tday, with my good old friends. we watched monster house. a good movie to watch. sgt menarik ^^
sTatiOnEriEs & tHeiR UsEfuL uSaGe *

1- staples: buang. kotak tu guna utk letak answers ms ujian.
2- liquid p: kapur kasut yg xsempat kapur.
3- pens: main dart dlm kelas *tmbhkan pisau pd hujung pen*
4- marker: doodle muka kwn ms dia tgh tdo.
5- scissors: utk bahagi2kan chewing gum yg tinggal 1.
6- ruler: libas muka kwn.
7- eraser: buat party's confetti *kmpul habuk eraser byk2, then baling ke udara*.
8- stapler: prank; stapler baju kwn ke meja.. haha.
9- highlighters: kaler kuku.
10- blade: buat tattoo *bg non-muslim* / utk ugut cikgu if dpt markah ujian rendah / scratch kereta.. lolx.
11- hole puncher: buat piercing business.

haih.. me mmg xde keje.. lolx. may b nk outing tday. yeahx!
Wednesday, September 06, 2006

menjana tenaga b4 pergi merompak.. hahaha.
Tuesday, September 05, 2006


my diary


you'll be safe here - rivermaya

artwork yg i peep smlm tu.. adam punya.. cantik mcm tu pon kne reject? haih.. *sigh* bukan senang nk jumpa msian cartoon psl high school + sk8.

mls nk buat assignment.. ahaha *boleh plak like tha, huh* :b

hujan hujan! sgt seronok!! ^^

i dreamt of awal ashaari last nyte.. and i dreamt of *** . hahah sgt best! :]
Monday, September 04, 2006
i'm just a kid - simple plan

haha sem break mmglah heaven. :]

- watching dvd : a lot like love
- watching impian illyana
- eating [ikan siakap 3 rasa sedap nk mati] :b
- msg-ing with boys *wani mmg xde keje huh*
- peeping other people's artworks
- lazying myself on d sofa.. hahah.
- internet-ing.

cerita realiti smlm, not bad lah. :]
Sunday, September 03, 2006

rizal goes to UK. dunno when he'll get back..
Saturday, September 02, 2006
ade sk8 comp tday. but i din go.

a cat died at d back of my house. d cat. he usually came here for food. kinda sad cuz i noe d cat. hee.
mom said, people said, d cat tha always come 2 a certain place 4food or hang out.. he'll come 2 d same place 2 die. so tha he wont die alone. *at least ade org tanam dia ryte?*
&tha cat.. he died facing d kiblat. nex 2d washing machine.
i dun hv name for him, but i always call him si tua. he always think our house is his territory, he dissipated all d cats tha came in.. lolx.
im gonna remember him. d cat.
put flowers on his grave. hv a fun life up thre, cat. hee. :']