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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
someone stole my sneakers.
akh siapalah yg rajin pnjt pagar rumah and masuk and curi kasut itu?!!
may everything in his house rot *kejamnye aku* lolx.

juz finished d audio test.
i am dizzy.
catch me if i fall ya.

now ive to wear my bro's sneakers.
thnx A LOT.
Sunday, February 25, 2007

u heard abt d 8hours concert in shah alam yesterday?
suddenly shah alam was crowded.
someway, somehow.
[no la, i din go 2 d concert. im not a concert person. lolx]
bad things tha usually happen at a concert: snatch theft, pick-pocket incident, groping, d 'too sexy' crowd *lolx*, negligence *u noe to what.. d masjid is juz near d concert area and it's nearly maghrib yet they'r still concert-ing* and mo mo mo. hoho :P

i wish i hv one wish.
Wednesday, February 21, 2007
foods. ^^


kailan with oyster sauce.

kerisi masak pedas.
Tuesday, February 20, 2007
want to post pics, but d phone is downstairs.

having sickening but happy days ;]
stomachache but i feel good 2hv it at whre i wanna be. *got it? lolx*

life is short,
so be with ur loved ones. now. ^^
Monday, February 19, 2007
haahh hafta change d old blogger beta version to d new one.
d one tha uses d google account.
but it's still d same blog.. lolx.

yeah yesterday was d chinese new year.
we went out around shah alam for a while.
thre'r still cars on d road. jalan xlah lengang mcm dlu. kedai pon bukak. haha.
and it's raining everyday.
i love d rain ;]

i dun hv so much 2tell.
need a rest3. tata! :D
Friday, February 16, 2007
2nd day of being at home.
sgt seronok.
tho i din do any particular stuff.
it's d hommie feeling tha's important.
yah i noe, boys dun like 2go home on univ break. *some of em* wonder why~

z followed as back to her hometown in kelantan.
wonder wut they'r doin ryte now.
shopping? hahaha.

yay hafiz gonna be in final 2 with charles! *what women want, 8tv*
hope he'll win ;]

dun hv any feeling to go out.
lalala~ home home home. hahah.

p/s: knp semua org sgt jrg blog skrg?
Thursday, February 15, 2007
my CNY break is starting from now.
hoh haha.
but it's not really a break.
ive some assignments, and notes 2b read *for test haaahh*

while i was waiting for my friend this morning at d bus stop, suddenly i saw pak cik misai and his friend standing in d middle of d road.
to those who doesn't know, everyone fears pak cik misai. esp if they dun wear matric card, shoes, and put on jeans at certain univ area. he's one of d univ's security member. and if d students see him for far, they prolly make a U-turn and run away from him. lolx.
so back to my story, he & his friend was controlling d traffic. checking d cars and i can hear his voice from d bus stop, of how fast d cars passing by.
then he & friend came near d bus stop. alamak. i checked wut i wear tha time. ok2 thre's matric card, & i dun wear jeans or sandals. phew selamat :P
rupanya they waited for d buses tha gonna stop at d bus stop. hahaha. i thought "habis la students yg turun bas nanti.. hoho"
and i was right. most of d unlucky students habis kne tegur from head to toe. with tha thunderous voice.. if they din hear him calling, he will use his whistle. lolx. then all of d students wr forced to use d zebra crossing cuz most of em juz crossing ikut suka hati as anywhre they want. juz imagine. i was trying to stop laughing quietly.. but i think d pak cik misai saw me and d others grinning seeing him doing his job. alamak.
now he came to us pulak. "kitorg suruh melintas ikut zebra crossing sbb kereta sini laju2. lintas kat zebra, kereta akan perlahan. kalau kne langgar xpkai zebra crossing, nk saman org yg langgar pun tak boleh. univ da sediakan crossing tu, kene la pkai. betul?" and i juz nodded. lolx.
what a day~


had mc D for lunch.

happy birthday, fiz! haha.

ohh i noe i noe yesterd was d V-day. d lovey dovey day ryte? haha.
but d cupid was having a fever.
sadly. :b
Sunday, February 11, 2007
d weather is still hot like always.
and my mission is 2buy OnLy bright garments from now on.
and i did. a new, green khakis pants.
*as long as it's not black.. lol*

thre's a bird keeps pecking on d window.
sy xtahu apa ia mahu :b
and all d birds ere are making noisy sound like sumthin is goin on.
d heat? d pressure? lol.

i just want an ice cream now.
Saturday, February 10, 2007
tday doin d usual family stuff : eating outside and jalan2.
and i bought new feather pillow, new bolster,.. and their cases.. lolx.
no i'm not moving out d house &living in a tent nex to d house.. hoho i just need new pillow. :]
Friday, February 09, 2007
views from PC fair at my univ.. :]

what abt this week?
well life's ok..
dun hv so much time 2blog since 2 labs just started.
and replacement classes.
so d schedule was kinda packed, mon-wed.

i liked audio lab.
we can do recordings and stuff.

i was not really into VR lab.
they'r right.
d demonstrator was strict like.. *i dun hv d comparison.. haha* :b

some controversional news came up.
among friends.
but i cud not tell.
or else i must kill u. lolx.

dunia baru 2nd season just ended.

ok dats all for tday. toodles!! ^^
Wednesday, February 07, 2007
finished a test yesterd.
sgt relief. hahah.
Sunday, February 04, 2007
went to a pretty wedding reception by d lake last nyte.
d place was huge.
i love d lights and i love d crowd. ^^


Saturday, February 03, 2007

cloudish kuliah.. hahah.

falet and i. yes he likes to grow his hair and now it looks like d hair of penjaga kota london.. or the beatles.. hoh haha.

haris, konon test drive neo.. ohok. it's his fave car, actually ;]

heyya all :] cutting stories short, i juz finished my VR test yesterday. i din read much on thurz cuz i went out all day hoho. then yesterd i'd to squeeze everything in my brain while having breakfast at d cafe. hahh. :P

afterwards my plan was to go to kinokuniya *i wanna buy a mini diccy* but i went having my lunch 1st at sentral. i ordered d spicy fried rice at d thai stall and mannnnnn it was ridiculously super spicy!!
it's mouth-watering, and 'nose-watering' as well.. hahaha. try it.

straight to klcc. lay park for few hours at kino. *since i was lazy to walk around lolx* found some hilarious books at humor section. thre's this book, abt 'what can we do with dead cats'. thre's no writing, juz drawing on each page. i was laughing every time i flipped tru d page. i din noe we can do so much things with dead cats.
1st page : a dead cat as d carpet deco. juz like d tiger/bear skin u put on ur floor.. hahaha. then u can use it as candle holder, a telephone handset, a pencil sharpener *what?!!@*, a whip, a wall deco, a fur neck-accessory, a bbq stick etc etc. sgt sgt kelakar okay
nex time u go to kino, go find it. it's highly recommended ;]

so i bought 2 diccies, under 18 : no fear comic and a graphic novel, breaking up.

then thre's sales pulak at isetan.. huah haha. *no no i dun do shopping therapy.. lolx :P* i only bought 1 goggles garment cuz it's freakin nice. and then i walked to d ramlee mall side, konon nk tgk tha gooorgeous pekedai kat kedai suit tu *lolx lolx* but cuden see him. went down to sox world, bought some socks. *yahh some of my socks da tinggal 1 je. d pair was missing*

gila socks.

happy saturday! cya!
Thursday, February 01, 2007
it is cuti day. hoh ho. happy hari wilayah; happy thaipusam to anyone who celebrates it. mari makan thai food ;]

it was happy days for me on tuesday and wednesday. thre'r happy moods and happy thoughts flyin in d air.. lolx. wahah happy gile :D

went back home yesterd. by train, wut else. while waiting for d commuter bus, i talked with this girl i just met at d bus stop. she wanna go back to KL and she's kinda nice. i din asked her name, but i took a peep at her matric card.. now i forgot her name.. lolx. *i'm terrible in remembering names, esp chinese names* :b

then d train was a sardine *as usual*. dgn tday nk thaipusam.. saw families with pretty clothes and sarees, and tikar as well. *xcuse my rojak language hahah* even KL sentral was crowd-ish. susahnya nk jalan! but then d view was nice. i mean, reaaalllly nice ;]

yes! yess!! i got it! i finally got it!
now i am a proud owner of d portable dvd + tv. my mission is juz want to watch bigger screen coloured tv in my hostel room. *having 2 1/2inches tv in d room is juz so funny* lolx.

im hungry. does anyone wants to go to pizza hut?
a masala spin roll, plz! :b