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Sunday, April 29, 2007
basically tday i went to kl for an aqiqah kenduri and to my uncle's house.


: has anyone seen my book?
Saturday, April 28, 2007

malam2 lalu dpn kedai ni, ingatkan ada 2 orang tgh mengintai kereta dgn statik yg dasyat. i tot 'weyy kagumnye tgk kereta!' then tday i juz realized.. it's a sticker attached on d glass door! hahahah!! tertipu! :P

i said thre's a prob wit d car tha i supposed 2get.
finally, we planned 2purchase another car.
cuz i was tempted wit d nice looking dashboard and most ultimately; the leather seats.
+not forgetting d toyota TRD bodykit look-alike. lolx.

it's gonna be black. black black black.

inside : spacious, i think.


d 'butt'.

i caught this gorgeous house model. wahah sy suka rumah kotak2 :P
Friday, April 27, 2007
having another exam paper. well i enjoyed it, minus when i forgot one point and when i really need to pee but i cuden go out d exam room haha.

finishing d VR project. gahh. ;]

went to midV. bought stuff. went to MpH. art section. then i realized a. samad said was right thre at d AD section. then i bumped into him again at d escalator. people in front of me was looking cuz he's right thre behind me. what a 'small' midV.. :]

ohh not forgetting a bunch of stylo working guys *d ones with striped dark garment and spiked hair* i know they'r talking.. i juz dunno wut it was all about.

ok! photos! :D

headache. toods.
Wednesday, April 25, 2007
foods from serai

hahah ok2 forgive me. it seems tha this PC can upload pictures.. i installed d hp-uploading-software earlier, i juz din realize it.. :P

youth stuff. love youth stuff ^^

tday : outside exam hall.

tday : inside exam hall.

tday : my lunch.

-i was busy reading d book for tday's exam and helping my bro with his presentation.
-d car arrived yesterday *my parents', not mine. mine's having problem lolx* it's black. wou hou love black car!! ^^ i'll post d pic l8r if i ever remember.
-bought CLEO tday. u noe why i bought CLEO only on april/march every year. yes! the 50 most eligible bachelors! wahaha. hafiz WWW is in it. go grab d mag fast! ;] p/s : sabtu ni diorg ada kat OU. pergilah kalau rajin. haha.
-esok cuti! wee!! *like it affects me tha much hoh* :P
Monday, April 23, 2007

i can't post pictures, so i put this shaun the sheep instead. ^^

rumah xde letrik dr 1.30 smpai 4pm. gahh.

i think thre will be lots of exciting movies coming up this may. hahah.

1. spiderman3 - i did watch spiderman tho i din follow superhero movies tha much.
2. sumolah - hm. hm. hahaha.
3. 28 weeks later - is this d same movie tha i watched on astro? or it's d new one? but it's a good movie. watch it watch it ;]
4. pirates of the carribean 3 : at world's end - can't wait
5. shrek the third - can't wait too hahaha
6. love is cinta - this is an indo movie. but i usually wait till d cd comes out. hv 2take d risk either d movie will b good or boring. irwansyah is in this movie if u girls are wondering.. hoho.

dats all. wanna watch 'life with derek'. ;D
Sunday, April 22, 2007
went to imbi and low yat early in d morning *not tha early actually.. around 11.. wahah* couldnt find d adaptor so we had to order it. by d meantime, i cant use d laptop boo hoo. but at least we met 'tajol' and 'leo madrigal'.. according to faliq.. hahah.

i started to like this series on nickelodeon, 'life with derek'. it's a cool series. :D

ohh since d laptop is out of order, i cant post pictures yet. so enjoy d monotonous text instead.. lolx. tata!
news news.
yesterd d plug, i dunno, was strucked by lightning *not directly from outside lah haha* one of d laptop cannot be used, my laptop's adaptor was also malfunctioned and i din notice it until d baterry went 0% hohoho. we can say tha both of d laptops r not available at d mo. what i'm using now? haha d loyal, old PC ^^
Saturday, April 21, 2007

nuthin in my mind, i juz wanna eat. lolx.
Friday, April 20, 2007

it's confirmed. my photobucket has a prob. i try 2post photos from now on by using a new photo hosting *only if i can't open photobucket hehe* thanx to ;]

myspace comes up with a new, convenient way to upload pictures. it even has albums now! i was so crazy uploading my photos thre.. lolx.

hahh see d latest sony T100 camera? so wutz d new revolution from it compared to prev cams? 1st, higher res 8.1MP. then 5times zoom *rsnya b4 this 3x je hoho*. and it also has this face detection. wutz face detection? it's actually a new technology whre d cam will identify faces *subjects* and prioritizes them, so you can get a sharp people photos.. whoa nyze~ *d technology came out since last year i think*

i wanna do 'people' browsing. later.
Monday, April 16, 2007
[i shud put a photo ere but photobucket is too stubborn it wont open. grr]

baru smlm meng-eksyen dgn sorg kwn tha i was recovering, i was all fine, so on and so forth :b yet i still feel dizzy wizzy frm the med tha i took. lucky i'm at home :]

so excited watching d tv and reading d newspaper, knowing tha d lost kid *yin* is safe. d story is like a drama penyiasatan, u wanna noe wutz exactly happened. but d couple is really suspicious.. hm.

i remembered i used 2get lost when i was a kid. once, at d night market. i was too short i followed my mom's shoes.. last thing i knew, i followed d wrong shoes.. lolx.
i am still lost sometimes when i walk in d mall. but no worries, it's only one phone call away~ ^^
Sunday, April 15, 2007
i'm feeling not so well tday.
prolly a fever.
Saturday, April 14, 2007
saya ke sunway menonton mr bean's holiday bersama-sama adik saya yang sudah lama mahu menontonnya.. lolx *bahasa baku!* :b d place was half crowded.. thre's this xtremely cute guy-my type was watching it alone, i saw him starting from d popcorn stall, he's looking *pengsan pengsan hahah kiddin~* d last time i saw him was at d escalator.. hahh bye2 cute guy :P

'bahan bukti' tha we went to sunway.. lolx.

i love watching people ice-skating ^^

yeahhxx!! another reason why i am soo happy tday. kaer replied my msg!! haha *i hope it's him and not d others cuz this is from his official site* short saja, tp enough to brighten up my day ;D

i wanna learn how to use adobe illustrator CS2. ya2 i know i'm ketinggalan zaman haha but it's not too late to start learning, ayte? ;]
Friday, April 13, 2007
random pics . .

falet and i.

video project presentation.

video shooting in progress *previously*

manjit, me, mas, leong
my interactive speaking group members. look muhibbah is it? ;]

few things these past few days *few few.. lolx* :

- we sorta did 'menacing activities' in d lecture hall.. ended up.. i cant tell u lolx.
- 2weeks in a row, thse strangers at tren station/ in train asking for my number. &i dun gv numbers 2strangers *unless they'r like kaer or ezra hoho dats silly thinking of me* :P
- my negotiation test group member, mas *refer pic above* had infection in her gum, she cud hardly speak, hence d lecturer let our group postponed d test to 2days later ^^
- heard shivering ghost stories abt d hostel. it juz happened recently. girls heard snoring sound, girls saw woman with fangs and blood.. gahh.
- and i woke up yesterd mornin *around 4am??* hearing a snore. hope it's one of my roomates, not d other creature.. lolx. good thing i'm rabun :b & i heard my friend calling my name but she's static on d bed. wakhh so i went buat bodoh and tried to sleep back. let me ask her 1st whther she's d one calling my name o not. ape lah hostel, shower semua tersumbat, ada pencuri baju, skrg ada hantu lg? aiyyo~ :P
Wednesday, April 11, 2007
thre's a garments' thief in d college.
and funny, few days after tha thre's an ad attached at d staircase area : selling cheap, 2nd hand shirts, jeans, shoes [with diff size??] and mo. dats funny. do you think tha person is d real thief, or she juz sell em coincidentally? :b

finished my negotiation test tday wuhou.

[i juz dun care about it nmo. do wutever you want to do]
Sunday, April 08, 2007
went to subang. jln2 telan angin. ahax.

i got a shocking story from my friend. wuhou. shock shock :P

we'r gonna hv ketam masak lemak for dinner. yum2. cant wait.
Friday, April 06, 2007
i told my lecturer i'll post this, and i just remembered.. lolx :b *haha i am so forgetful*

this is d montage for the 'alasan vs realiti' video. dats all. thanx. :]

wahah! at last, i hv it! ;D

it's kinda cute and funny at d same time ^^

only OneWeek left b4 we'r having our study leave and final exam. i think nex wik gonna be a bit huru-hara lolx. projects' presentation, 2tests *including my english negotiation test wakhh choke*, submitting the final year project's 1st proposal.. packing bags.. ahax. *cant wait for d 'packing' part* :P

i dun believe it thre's mukhsin cd in d house ; well i dunno whether my bro borrowed it or bought it. i juz want to watch!! :D

d 'alasan video' project was submitted. it's kinda hilarious. well for a first-timer like us and low budget production *i think there was no cost involved.. lolx* think it's okay :b

my kaer album :]
Wednesday, April 04, 2007
still have few assignments to be done, but at least half of it wr submitted.
dya like strangers talking to u? yes, only if they'r nice and not scary. lolx.

i dun like being emo, but i guess i will be emo in some circumstances.
1-when my gadgets are not working.
2-when people getting on my nerves.

but this morning when d bus was full and left us, and we'r waiting for another bus to opened its door, ada this girl was cursing why d door won't open quickly. so they r mo emo people exist.. hahah. dgn pintu bas pun nk marah2 ke.. :P

i always say it's ok being emo.. it means u hv emotions, ryte? ;] but need to control it.
Monday, April 02, 2007
i was at pahang to join the propose marriage to my cous' gf *and now his fiancee* it was a blast. :D may b u wanna do tha.. photo-viewing? ahax.

guests and hosts.

on d left is frm my cous' side *d representator* and right is d girl's grandpa who i think was quite fun ^^

kak dila, my cous *abg shahrir*'s fiancee. pretty lah :]

ahaa my fave time.. eat2!! ;D

future-families.. hoho.

yeap i'd 2bring d flowers & i was d 'front girl'.. haha. *b4 going to kak dila's house*

then we stayed ere for a night. not juz d rates was affordable, d room was massive too. ^^

falet and i.

can anyone tell me was thre any special occasion yesterday? R&R and roads wr flooded with indians.. like.. thousands of em! i think they'r heading to batu caves.

done shooting yesterday. phew. thanx, bros! ;]

ive been tagged by nabil. haha so ere it goes :

1- what's in your bag
hm lemme c. 1 exercise book *and i use it for almost all subjects! haha*, a big pencil case, my wallet, tissue *if thre is*, a VIC, sometimes a lip ice lips mosturizer, my card holder *with cards in it lah :P*, keys and hm.. i think dats it :]

2- 4 things u will not leave behind
  1. my wallet
  2. matric card *or else kne wisel dgn pak guard hahaha*
  3. my sony handphone *but sometimes i left it too* :P
  4. my watch *and sometimes i forgot to wear a watch lolx*

so dats it i think. din catch af5's concert yesterd.. but i saw a bit of dafi's performance at R&R.. hoho. ohh and i think d new animation series : shaun the sheep *click la link ni haha* @disney channel was kinda cool. i dunno wutz they call it.. it looks like a clay animation or sumthin.