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Saturday, June 30, 2007
went cycling this morning. sekerat dua je orang yang dah bangun. haha.

presenting, a cartoon of myself. wahaha. i drew this quite often, i juz din publish it previously.

always wearing own design shirts. *it never happens. lolx*

din hv heart to eat rice yesterday, and d day b4 it. may b i had too much of rice. fried maggie, d best solution. ^^
Friday, June 29, 2007
kebabs. *d other one was wrapped* posting food pic makes me hungry again. :P

a card frm hyrza arrived tday! :D it's pretty, isn't it? i like d no 23 and no 9 behind those 'jerseys'. ^^ thanx!!

if i grow old, i wud like to be the fun and gila-gila old person.
juz like d ones i saw in most taiwan/korean series. they run around d house, singing happy songs and even dance silly dancing! grow up but never grow old, huh? :]
*i think it will be since my bro kept saying tha i'm crazy d whole day* hahah. it might be the heat. it affected my brain.
hungrryyyyyyyy. i need kebabs. :P

yesterd got another prezzie frm my friend. thnx! :D

it's kinda useful since i dun hv any clock in my room. haha.
*usually, i predict time* :P

edited this photo frm deviantart. not so much edit, i juz add mo contra+brightness to it. juz feel wanna do this after nadia told me abt d lomo cam. this is one of d photography style dat i like.. terang-benderang it shows how interesting d subject is. gehh i dunno so much abt photography. hentam sj lah. haha.

currently watching 'devil beside you'. gosh it's even better than 'love contract'!! ;D
Thursday, June 28, 2007

my prezzies.
Wednesday, June 27, 2007
it's a hot day. i slept all evening till 6. wahah. i'm gonna be crazy in no time. :P
Tuesday, June 26, 2007
i was laying around in my room, shooting photos.

above. d effects frm leaking are a bit obvious.. lolx.

some of the pillows.


sneakers' boxes. thre's another one behind d door.

received this tday, from a best friend.
hahh d free blueberry cake. i dun like blueberry cake, cuz it's really sweet. same goes to super sweet chocolate cake etc. and not cheese cake. *senang cerita i'm not really a cake fan lah. lolx*

received some prezzies thse past few days. thanx, friends!! :D

frm d nex door neighbour.

frm an old good friend :]
Monday, June 25, 2007
adoii x upload photos lg. pemalasnya saya.. ha ha ha.

how if ur friends make this guy *ken* signs a contract *unwillingly at first* to go out on dates with u?
seronok gile, kn? hahaha.
i am currently watching LOVE CONTRACT, and yes, they'r totally cute esp when they're picking on each other :b
Sunday, June 24, 2007
din upload pics yet. enjoy d ascii.. hahah.

went to speedy to change d cd but they ran outta stock so i'd to leave my no and hope fo em to call me in 3days if d new stock arrives.

found new cd collection i wanna it! *hafta find money first.. wahah. i'll be broke in no time* :P

got d free cake. pic later.

yah i guess most of u hv known tha gol&gincu 2nd season will be aired in two weeks time. hoh. izzit gonna be as good as d 1st one? dgn reza da kne aids semua tu? i dunno, i juz dun like it when a movie/series involving sad sick people in it. my bad.

mystarz, d new reality tv singing comp. concept mcm AF a bit la, but i think this one is a lot fresher and diff. d 12 y.o. boy contestent is aint tha bad.. ;] most of d contestants hv real talents and own persona. watch it urself, and rate. their first concert gonna be nex sunday *sunday ke saturd? hm lupa2* :b

aiyoshh xde mood nk myspace-ing. lolx. wait fo my comments eh. :]
Saturday, June 23, 2007
feeling hungry again .. :P

minus the candles :P

somebody is pissing me off. doesn't this somebody know how to say things right to friends? go buzz other people's life, will ya.
Friday, June 22, 2007
well d mouse is dead. dats a gud thing :P

i bought myself sumthin, and falet added rm19 to it. so thnx, bro. means a lot. :D

bile gol&gincu baru nk start, huh?
Thursday, June 21, 2007
it's D day!!! :D

210607, my 23rd birthday.
thanx fo all the wonderful wishes.
to those who said it's thought tha counts, actually; it's prezzie tha counts! JK JK :P

d first prezzie of the day frm putri.
she always thre in front of my house on my birthday morning, with her niece and a gift.
thanx heaps, darl :D

i'm gonna get a free cake this sunday *prolly* tho i dun really eat cakes. eh wut d heck, it's gonna be served to the ones i love.. hohho.
Wednesday, June 20, 2007
1 mo day to go!

why is that immoral ppl hv to be lived around here lived?
this morning someone immoral put a polystyrene case of rice *minus d polystyrene* on my bro's car. splat! juz like that, like he wanted to serve d food ON d car. and it's not plain rice. sumthin like beriyani with raisins and stuff in it. with a pungent smell. i am still wondering wutz d point of him doing tha? protest? on what? or he just randomly pick a car outside d neighood and did his thing? i just hope that he's forgiven.
Monday, June 18, 2007
3 mo days to go!

tian mi yue ding - 183 club *freakin love this*

i hate on9-ing at this time. d net is sloooowwwwww like a retard snailllllll. ackt!!

yah i shud go now. bye2 snail! :b
3 mo days to go!

i din post anythin yesterday, so i wud like to wish a HAPPY FATHER's day to all d fathers in d world!! *minus father yg kat church tu. hahah*

a gift for my dad.

my precious.

i am so gila abt dvds recently. mom said yesterd a guy offered her this thai movie tha i really wanna watch since i read abt it on mag! hah next wik, confirm i wanna seek for it :P

my first round-about, yay!! *clapping* :P

Saturday, June 16, 2007
5 mo days to go!

feel like puking, izzit? lolx. haris did this!! he mixed foods up frm my fish&chips plate + dad's plate + falet's plate. gahhhh!!! didya realize d 2 voodoo-like faces tha he created on tha plate?

hv u ever go to this place? this is d new digital mall *opened last sept*, located in ss14 pj. dkt gile dgn rumah my mom's uncle. boleh jln kaki pergi sni. lol. back to this building, it is d 2nd low yat in msia.. d biggest? i forgot haha.

view from d front. apa ada dlm ni? sm mcm low yat; gadgets, gizmos, tech stuff etc etc. siap ada kedai dvd pirate, tu yg sy suka tu! hah ha ha :P *gelakan pirates of carribean*

and d dvd quality was crystal clear!! super clear! tp yelah, hrg dia 10hengget 1. nk bargain pon 5dvds baru ley dpt RM45. cetts. but they hv lotsa dvds thre, including series mcm heroes, lost, the simpsons, mcm2 lg yg sy xkenal. kedai tu mmg flooded a dgn dvds. heaven gile. actually thre'r 2 dvd shops :P

and if u find another dvd shop outside d building, jgnlah beli. 13ringgit 1. mo expensivo.

dats all abt it. sambung esoklah yeh. tired-wired. tata!

p/s : b4 i get mo absent-minded, HAPPY WEDDING's DAY to my dearest friend, amy. congratz!! :D

Friday, June 15, 2007
6 mo days to go! .. and i need a headphone :P

hang out with her yesterday. ^^

us. teeth-ing all d way :P

hyrza and her cam.

i was hyper after having tha ice cream.

the victims.

we watched d new korean movie '200pounds beauty'. gile klakar oryte!! ;D go watch it. it's a MUST.

and aussino's sheets are freakin lawa!!!

i was facing few 'unfortunate events' for 2days. now everything is back to normal :D

a birthday wish fo a wonderful girl who's turning 17 this year.
i'm wishing fo everything in ur wishlist to come true. haha. u go girl!! ;]

*click d pic for enlargement or to save it in bigger size*
Wednesday, June 13, 2007
8 mo days to go!

yesterd's photo din really show how cute he is.
so ere we go, nabil and one of d 17teen model tha accompanied him on d stage. girl tu pon lawa *in profile la. frm other side? i dunno. lol*. they suited each other ^^

i saw mo photos. and i was like.. nganga-ing my mouth. heck all the girls thre wr sexy as hell *we'r talking abt string bikinis. 3/4 naked lol*. of course some of em wr malays. malays perasan mat salleh hahah. mls ah nk letak gmbr, nnti korg buta :b

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! dun ever ask.