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Thursday, August 31, 2006

i wanna wish everyone HAPPY MERDEKA DAY and happy sem break! hahaha. hahaha again. :b

i celebrated d merdeka countdown with my friends, at our univ. it was sumthin, i tell ya.. haha. sgt happening.

fireworks and flags, cheers and shouts, all the colourful clothes, and feelin proud. proud to be malaysian lah. :]

back: ziha,yana,leenk. front:me,z.
*mouse over for names*

we were in the college's cheer team, and we won! *as a new college, and being under-estimated by d 12th college.. it is sumthin 2b proud of.. lolx* 15th college roxs!

&we ate everything frm the hamper tha we won in d middle of 1-2am, atas jalan, with wind blew nicely. lolx.
p/s: flag boy, boy.. u'r cute. ;]
Sunday, August 27, 2006

lokman was out frm OIAM. hm.
*konon2 depressed.. hihi*

ive no plan of wut shud i do tday.. siang.
may b watching astro, reading newspaper, foolin around. hoho.

g&g tday will b d last eps aired on tv. cerita yg seronok mcm tu dh abes?? akh qwert! :b
but then, 2anyone who follows impian illyana, illyana will catch ya guys 2moro.. tv3, 3.15pm and tv9, 10pm. wakh can't wait can't wait!! *xcited expression* :b

if nuthin comes up, i wanna go watch battle of d band 2nyte. :]
Saturday, August 26, 2006

me tday. this is whre i went.

mkn twice. satay @hornbill is d bestestestest evah! ^^
Friday, August 25, 2006

mc d big breakfast. kenyang gile saya. :P

bought tha @mc d kl sentral. this guy yg berator dpn me, looked like malay campo2 dgn gy vj+surfer tp ade tattoo. dia ckp pon mcm malay. so i tot "ohh ok, he prolly mcm hans isaac.. nmpk melayu, tp bukan. lolx" d girls kat meja tengah was pst pst and smiling while looking at him. adoration. hahah. yelah, mcm vj, kn. :b

kailan goreng @serai. wani loves food.

black-pepper chicken @serai. wani loves food part II. :P

yesterd nyte we had this merdeka event *again* at college. z was d event manager. she managed things, smpai demam. *kami semua bangga dgn kao, z! ahax* all of us in d hostel room was sick, xcept as yg immunity sgt high tu.. hahah.

i was d usher a.k.a. tukang jaga pintu sambil2 bg souvenirs kat guests. but then, it's a fun job 2do ^^ i got 2noe lotsa people dgn berdiri kat situ. :b tp saya batok2. sbb saya demam. so saya yg sehelai sepinggang ni pinjam duit junior, beli mineral water kat kedai seblah hall.

smbil kerja smbil wat assignment.
our group members; me, asrul *nnti sis byr hutang mineral water tu ahax*, z. lg 2 org lost in diz pic.

wohh. wohhh *again* si faiz itu.. he looked diam+cool+wutever it is.. tp sbnrnya mulut bising! lolx. he told everyone abt we kacau him via those sms-es. z, bom bilik dia, jom! leenk said, rupa2nya he mmg has lotsa fans since zmn dahulukala lg. si mulut bising dan rambut semak itu byk fans rupanya.. cetts. :P
p/s: z, nnti i pass tha pic kpd kamo.. ahax.

me, z, ziha, leenk, as
@technical desk. mouse over for names. :]

i love this pic ^^ leenk, gigi ko bsr.. heheh :b

game over. balik rumah and tido. :]
Wednesday, August 23, 2006
saya demam. maka saya xdtg classes. lolx.

well im at home since monday nyte. suddenly dun feel like goin back to college. cuz there's no water supply. :/

im in artsy mood. no, not draw nything. i just want 2go to artsy shop &buy artsy stuff.. lolx. when o when it'll happen.

lotsa things happened. wish i could type everything in ere, but i cant. since i din attend classes tday, i missed d quiz. so i called d lecturer &she said in exchange, i can do an assignment. dats gr8. hope assignment 2 xsusah. im not in d mood of doin assignment.. lolx.

cant type much. keep coughing on and on. toodles everyone! :]
Monday, August 21, 2006

this was wut they had.. for lunch.

yerp. most of my friends ate instant noodles most of d time, due 2d hecticness. *i ate it too. lolx.*

test is officially over. it is pure good news ;] saturday nyte, citra muzika singing+poetry+band comp. ahax our college won 3rd place tho lari konsep *shud be sumthin related to d merdeka spirit*. but since d band entered d comp on d very last minute, they fed our music souls with blink182 song. very nice indeed ^^

our college's band *proud* :b

vocalist, d famous bobo *he's cuter than d photo.. lolx* and tada!! guitarist, faiz *rmbut semak* tha z likes.. hahaha.
[punx rox hunks mmg hotness] >:)

sunday, there's no water at our hostel. xcept at ground floor. with d ridiculuos heat, and no water till forever on sunday.. it's not good at all.. ahax. but it's ok. life goes on~ :]
Sunday, August 20, 2006
too much to type. stories, later. :b

at OS class.


outside faculty.

flags.. flags..

not goin home this weekend. everyone *xcept falet* goes 2kelantan 4 a wedding. i just finished my test tday. hah *relief*
Monday, August 14, 2006
im in a rush, ni.. :b

tday is my dad's bday :]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ABAH!!! love ya!! xoxo.

*and happy birthday to rasul, too. ^^
Sunday, August 13, 2006

yee mee dlm mangkok wok.

- alright.. no wallet. cuden find d desired design. lol.
Saturday, August 12, 2006

this is cute ^^

hye. morning.

ada pervert girl sent a disgusting video. stoopid. i think she doesnt hv a brain. even a piece.

ok back 2d happy things.. ahax. farah did this. she wrote wut she thought abt me. so thank you! ahax.

1. I'll respond with something random about you
She said : You are a very artsy person.
I said : farah is artsy too. we both artsy. lolx.

2. I'll challenge you to try something
She said : Post lah some of your sketches which I know you drew belambak giler.
I said : i will. one day. :b

3. I'll pick a color that I associate with you
She said : White.
I said : haa.. is it bcuz both of our pages r white? hee. ^^

4. I'll tell you something I like about you
She said : Cute. As in the way you write.
I said : i write aimlessly. lolx.

5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you
She said : Aah. The first time was you wrote me an email about The Friend I Was Bitching About. To think about it, it was almost a year ago :)
I said : yeah i sent you d long e-mail.. hahaha.

6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of
She said : Kucing sebab cute ;))
I said : i love cats ^^

tday, may b tday, im gonna seek for a new wallet. my wallet is lost.
Friday, August 11, 2006

d corner of my OS [operating system] class.

yah, i din blog 4 almost a week. test week. semua sbb ISO.. gahh. :b to redeem d days-without-blogposts, ive some pics ere. some. not much. lolx.

*we went 2d new 17th college [k17]. this is d college for medic students. sgt terpencil frm other colleges.

*but d college is freakin lawa! and their faculty looks like petronas university!

one of d block.

tha side.. d serdang hospital.. i guess..

*we kacau faiz d college's soccer captain via sms. *remember.. d one tha z likes.. lolx* as i guess, he's a sk8er.. he has a band, they play in shah alam, he lives in KL.. wut else wut else.. he's 23, he doesnt hv a gf, he likes VANS shoes *typical sk8er shoes.. lolx*. mo, nex eps. *ye ke z? hahaha*

ok2.. i stalked again. *nakal gile! lolx* called him 'nabil', cuz he dressed like nabil mentor. no la, i dun lyke him. just for d sake of his style.. &his super cute look.. haha. :b

see? he's cute! ^^

*then tibe2 yesterd ade this secretary frm kementerian pengajian tinggi suggested sumthin yg menyusahkan everyone. u heard abt d pergaduhan kaum @ k12 college? nahh it's juz misunderstanding.. but they brought it to parliament and stuff.

*dia suggested suruh students berarak.. against wut israel did to lebanon.. tday! on test week! and bende ni semua kne buat in a rush. last nyte jugak i saw everyone berhempas-pulas buat 'instant' poster & head band semua.. &AJK blok hafta find students tha very nyte utk berarak.

*in short words, students always being forced to do his and tha. life..

*tickets to PGL sold-out! terlepas! aiyak! :b
Sunday, August 06, 2006
ahax this pics r for farah :b this is d boy tha looked like my bro.

guys.. *and girls.. lolx*, i'll be facing tests this week. so if i can't find time 2post blog this week, hope ya'll understand, im too layzee 2find d net.. ahax. :P

oh yah, lotter dpt no 2! hah! :P *dats d reaction of joy.. haha*

diari seorang lelaki song sounds a bit like sunday morning lah.. hahaha. oklah tu je. toodles!
happy anniversary 2my beloved parents! xo.

and happy 25th birthday to awal ashaari! haha u look hotter day by day. >:)

yesterd.. hm.. let c.. kinda free d entire day. d weather.. sunny. xtreme one. ptg went out &had laksa johor. pastu kat restaurant tu i saw a boy who looked like my bro, faliq.. haha. he sat at d table in front of us, so i shot his pic &balik tunjuk kat faliq. sebijik dgn tha red shirt tu.. hahaha.

then when i was on my way 2d toilet *outside d restaurant* jln blakg these 3 dudes yg stylo nk mati!! *fainting for 1min then get up back* :b each one of em had this messy spiked hair yg nyze *ade jugak org rmbut spike xnyze.. lolx* with street urban punk rox outfit.. gahhh. they walked with tha face. face with attitude. nyze one of d day.

time 2go. ahax.
Saturday, August 05, 2006
hati ini [acoustic] - nabil

noe this monkey.. he tried 2pounce towards me yesterday. i was at d hornbill restaurant.. goin 2hv my lunch. tau2 je lah situ byk binatang2.. haha. *xgune nye monyet.. lolx* :b

my fave dish ever at hornbill ;]

then went jln2 alone at midvalley.. i was searching for gifts and stuff. bought this interesting book titled '24 girls in 7 days'.. a fun story. sorg boy, his friends tmpl poster ad about him finding a prom date kat skool.. then everyone reacts 2d ad.. lolx. klaka gak la. :b

4d 1st time ever, i went in hOmE CiRcLe interior shop. mmg kedai tu kosong, i was d only customer, i think.. lolx. *kedai mcm tu org takut nk masuk kot* there'r tons of interesting stuff thre. i was pusing ere and there.. &bought sumthin. 1 a gift, & 1 for myself. d shop guy was nyze.. d interior was nyze.. i love d beanbags tha laid on d floor~* ;]

i bought this glass thre. cute! ^^

oh &tday went 2my secondary skool.. ex-skool.. ada canteen day. :]
Thursday, August 03, 2006
ahay i din upload d pics yet.. so no pics for tday's post :b

lotsa things happened throughout d week. sports inter-college da start. z likes d football's captain jersey no7 who's also under exco keusahawanan *leenk likes him, &i think he's ok* d name is faizzuddin *betul x me spell ni? wahaha* dgn sk8er style and rambut semak tu, siapa yg xsuka.. hahaha. >:) tday ada match lg. shud we go?

fithri xdtg kelas smlm!! akh akh akh.. *emo, suddenly.. hahaha* but i got his matric no, tho. ape sy nk buat dgn matric no dia?! tmpl poster WANTED kat bus stop? lolx.