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Friday, December 29, 2006
sewing is not something that i usually do. but after helping my mom cleaning off under d staircase area, i found something that made me sew. im gonna make d forgotten batu seremban! juz like d old days ^^. & if it's finished, may b a beanie will be d nex experiment. black batu seremban.. in PvC.. how cool is tha. ahax.

hafta be patient. with d internet. hm.

tday in what women want. they tested d guys on general knowledge abt style and stuff. then d guys hafta make their own tv-ad. sgt2 cool. *word for tday : cool* :b sgt appropriate when carliff hafta go. using dirty strategy? dats not cool, man. [well still, hafiz melts my heart] ^_^

tday makan sgt byk. sgt kenyang. sgt happy. :D
but im sick. a flu. pening bangat.

by morning, we'll gonna get back to my mom's hometown. it's raya, bebeh!! ;]

SeLaMaT HaRi RaYa HaJJ to aLL * hV a cool HoLs. hehe.
Thursday, December 28, 2006

sometimes i love to look up & see pretty things above.. :]

internet was kong for d whole day, yesterday.
annoyednya saya. :b

im losing it. wahhhhhhhhhh--
Tuesday, December 26, 2006
true - ryan cabrera

tday went to my univ to get this form *long story* :P and suddenly.. d train stucked in d middle of d journey! when i really really double really weely needed to go to d toilet!! *i tot my bladder goin 2explode* d 1/2hour felt like thousand years of waiting, accompanied by d sound of baby and a kid crying in d train *adik-beradik sm je! huh* :b then rupanya train itu rosak bateri & all of us needed to get out & waited for d incoming train. so i tk tha chance to run like hell to d nearest toilet *which i think not tha near huu sedey gile*

people. just like LOST. :b

actly my bad days usually come in season *means there'll b one season when i get bad things for few days* & this is it. lolx. i cant tell d whole bad things happened 2me few days ago. but they happened. & as usual, right after d bad things hit me, good things will tk place. oh yeah bile lah agaknye tu :P

ryte after took d form, i was heading to klcc *no bukan nk berpoya2, i'd sumthin important 2do thre*. but since da smpai klcc, &to celebrate my free bladder *hahaha* i went walking all around d place armed with klcc area map in my hand. :P &good thing happened *if u think it's good. i think it is.. yahaha* a super fine looking guy in ermenegildo zegna store! looking! haha. i think he works thre. itu kedai jual suit. so he looked like a dunhill model in thre. gile ah. ^^'

bought few things.

a file, a pen *it's wrapped. xtau la apsal kinokuniya wraps pen mcm present.. lolx*, sneaker shampoo *sy kotorkan sneakers ms pijak puntung rokok org gila yg xtau pdmkan apinye huh*, my future diary 20o7 *dlm bentuk raksasa bermata tiga lolx* and pelikan opaque paint for my new diary *it's gonna be mo like graphic journal. kalau lukis, org xboleh bc.. hahaha* :b

d hardest one was to find d best book 2b d nex journal. u wont believe it if i say i went to lotsa places juz 2find d perfect book *xde line, krts bagus, xmahal sgt, cover luar pelik* at last i found it. ^^
Monday, December 25, 2006

3 days in KL.
wut a tremendous weekend.
we'r so close to d monorail station i went to BB everyday! lolx.
i become lazier & lazier to tell d details. :b

d awesome dine place.

some of my obsession.

to kg. baru.

shoes, gloves,.. but no dvds :/

my mind is twisting. later. :]

Friday, December 22, 2006

i'll not be around till monday.
yerp, weekend hols. this time not vry far.
KL, d place i was born. lolx.

takut xsmpt nk post esok, i wish everyone a jolly good holiday.
plz put d prezzie in my striped socks or under d mango tree.. hahaha.
im expecting prezzies when im back :b

[dia sgt gile2, dia sgt creative, dia sgt talented!! waa why dun i noe her??]

ingat, prezzies. ;]

suddenly i was in melbourne..

i came across this photo-article in someone's page.. am i emo? juz based on d clothing. hm let me check :

//black hair dye - checked! *but ours ori, ryte? lolx*
//backpack - checked!
//geeky glasses - used to. now i changed to a new one. checked!
//striped shirt - omg. checked!
//vintage shirt - sebbaik me xpkai ni. unchecked! :b *this is for emo guys*
//too small sweaters - checked! *hey i'm small, wut dya xpect?*
//studded belt & bracelets - nope. bg berat je.. lolx.
//key chain *on pants* - checked.
//discman - weyh thn bile punye article ni? haha. nope.
//dark denim jeans - checked.
//deep reads *thick books* - nope nope. apa org emo buat with thick books?
//fun socks - checked. what can i doooo!!
//clunky shoes - haha neahh unless im in a tap dance competition :P
//*or..* sneakers - checked!

so my emo-ness is 9/14. hey hey i'm not having emo style! this article is juz wrong.. lolx lolx.


oh and btw, d top pic is fake fake fake. i was juz playing around with paintShopPro.. tee hee. :b
does anyone knows wutz goin on tday?
d nearby temple 'airs' songs *tha classic tamil selection with high falsetto notes.. hehe* and sometimes i heard 'padayappa, padayappa' with bell rings frequently. menariknye neighbourhood ni. ;]

why o why everyone wants d gadget? now how am i suppose to bid peacefully? lolx.

Thursday, December 21, 2006
reflections - christina aguilera

konon nk smile mcm ezra.. neahh! :P

top 5 best gore movies tha i ever watched:

5. the descent
a group of ladies pegi expedition & bumped with creatures yg mkn org dlm cave. nice one, but d fear comes out late. minit ke-50 baru jumpa creatures.. gehh.

4. saw II
since i dun watch saw & saw III yet.. lolx. bunch of useless people woke up & realize diorg in this house for a game of survival. creative torturing ways. huh.

3. see no evil
1 group of teens/adolescents drp penjara hafta do this charity work; clean an old hotel. rupanya dlm hotel tu ade org gila yg suka bunuh orang &korek mata victims dia. xseram sgt la, but still ok :]

2. hostel
gore-est ever. but not in my top ranking sbb sgt disturbing.. lolx. 3dudes go backpacking to Slovakia to score chicks *hahaha*. then rupanya diorg diset ke situ utk dibunuh+seksa dgn alat2 seksaan yg super xtreme hebat *drill perut, potong ere potong thre* puke.

1. wrong turn
crite orang2 yg slh masuk jln then lalu kat hutan. hutan ni ada 3 retard cannibals.. haha.

then thre'r also jeepers creepers, the hills hv eyes, cabin fever, texas chainsaw of massacre.. byk gile lah. :b

dats all i hv for tday. thank you. ^^
Wednesday, December 20, 2006

the skatepark ; rough sketch.

and a doodlee wooblee happy birthday to my friend, liana.
i cant mk surprise like last year, then it'll be unexciting.. hahah. :b
hv a gr8 birthday!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

see how cloudy it is. lolx. hujan hujan hujan. let's do d LuX tv-ad outside, at d lawn.. hahah.

d result is out, actually since last week. so go check ur exam result :P
Monday, December 18, 2006

heyp everyone! ^^ got back from my bukit merah vacation, yesterd. din snap so much photos since byk tmpt xley tgkp gmbr.. hahaha. ease my job thre :b

wut did i do ey?
- took a bus frm KL *it's family day trip hoho*
- went to night safari at taiping zoo *mlm2 pon crowded gile :P*
- slide and glide at d waterpark
- dinner nyte, watching performances, my mom won a cordless phone on lucky draw :]
- tgk orang sembur2 api.. lolx.
- woke up late, din participate on d family day telematch hoho
- went to orang utan island
- balik with car ;]


to orang utan island!
ade bdk bising2 excited in tha boat. gosh what a scene.

b4 went to d waterpark.

boooossshhh semburan api.. hahaha.

orang utans.

orang utan baby. adorable, ay? ^^

dah2. nk lazy-ing around. haha. cya!
Thursday, December 14, 2006

i want cheese..

i received d delivery. this is my new cybershot t10 camera :]
and i buy it instead of t30 or t50 cuz of its' size and weight. it's a bit smaller & lighter. & obviously it's black. love it. ^^
Wednesday, December 13, 2006
birthday card project 101

i made it early bcuz i noe i won't have time to do it later.

i am suspicious of someone who impersonalize herself to be someone else.. why wanna be other person rather than the wonderful urself? correct me if i was wrong. put d blame on my suspicious mind.. haha :b
Tuesday, December 12, 2006

don't want to try - frankie j *i juz want to be lazy hahaha*

scrap book. which is one of d most wonderful created book on earth! *since it spills everything artsy by d owner.. hahah*

go ere. it's a scrap book heaven. sketches and doodles, stuff like tha.

i miss girls in love..

xde electricity ptg smlm. it's really a bummer since i was in d middle of sumthin, using d current. so i hung out outside d house. tried menyepak2 futsal dgn teruknya.. lolx. then it started to get raining. d electricity was back at 7.30pm. finally.

i won an auction, for d digicam. :] hehehe.

i want tha portable dvd player tha can also view digital+analog tv.. wahh sgt2 best since d black-white tv tha i bring to hostel mcm nk rosak. i was thinking either to bid d digicam, or d dvd player. *may be later, dvd player. toodles.*

dunia baru. i really think iqram dinzly should revise back the way darius talks. sgt slow and unclear i can't barely understand what he said. dats all. tq. :b
Sunday, December 10, 2006
that girl - frankie girl feat. chamillionaire

yesterd went to my aunt's hajj kenduri in seremban. walah we stucked in jammed road for 2hours!! luckily we could eat right after we arrived.. or not i'll starve to death :b nice food, nice people ^^. as usual, we brought home some food.. haha.

watched 2 mo dvds smlm. the convenant is an awesome movie *for me lah* :b d special effect, all d hot actors, d setting.. u'r watching a story of this bunch of boys with superpowers. like charmed, supernatural.. very very appealing. :]
and charlie and the chocolate factory; my lil bro forced me 2watch. act i dun really watch colourful fantasy movie, but i love this one. johnny depp always act in a good movie. charlie was xtremely poor; he lives with his parents and both grandparents from both parents' side. *ape ini.. tongue twister kah? hahaha* :b they eat cabbage soup everyday &yang kelakarnya, empat2 atok+nenek dia tu duduk/baring atas 1queen-sized bed facing each other and rarely get up! :P and d oompa-loompa.. kelakar sgt sgt!!! :D :D :D

no dats not a table. dats d queen-sized bed. now u can imagine :P

oompa-loompas are d tiny dancing guys :P

p/s : can i buy a new camera? ;]
Friday, December 08, 2006
went buying the dvds. lost of em.
and i wanna buy a new sneakers.
a white nike.
but they only hv VANS thre.
hey wait a minute, i also wanna buy VANS few months ago!
why i din even look at d VANS.. oh snap!

at last! watched johntuckermustdie.
i loove teen high school movie. :]

and if u'r into scary, massacre movies like saw, wrong turn and more, watch see no evil. kane from WWE acts in it. he's a serial killer tha usually takes out his victims' eyes using his sharp fingernails. then he'll put it in a jar. sickening. :b
Thursday, December 07, 2006
wanna go to sg wang plaza tday.
hrp jumpa byk wang pops-up frm d longkang cute hunks on my way thre.. yah haha.
Tuesday, December 05, 2006
is my house a public pet-toilet?! i woke up early in d morning, watching d 'lovely' crap in front of d door. i dunno either it's d cat or d mouse. *yeah we hv baboon and giraffe, also* :b masalahnye kucing rumah blakang tu looove to hang around at our house, urinate and defecate pleasently.. then bile kitorg keluar, it will walk out dgn muka selamba-mangkok like nuthin happens. grr.

graphic final exam is super-silly-hard. but juz found out tha i get A for d paper! wohh.. phew!

ANTM.. i dunno y.. i like jade. dia mcm eksyen2 and a bit witchy *not d other word, i dun swear.. lolx* ..but she has gr8 personality and will get up if she falls. yah, im into person with big personality. they'r exciting.. lolx. ;]

*america's next top model
Monday, December 04, 2006
gone - n'sync

what a bright, beautiful day.
a good day to wash d carpet and forget to hang it first, causing a major heaviness after washing it! grr. lucky i hv faliq's help thre.. hoo. thanx, falet oit! ;]

why i like monday :
- i can watch el cuerpo del deseo
- i can watch america's next top model
- i can watch dunia baru

hahaha everything revolves around the television. :b
Sunday, December 03, 2006
irreplacable - beyonce

my friend was sending this brain twister.. in case u bump into this question, i prepare u with d answer.. hahaha ;]
im a thing. the fishermen love me, the doctors hate me, kids wan2 eat me. im a 13 letter word. what am i? _H_T_ _ _I_ _ME_

d answer is CHATHURINGMES. *it's not in dictionary, kinda tough one*
it's a worm.. parasite worm. ackt eats my brain out.. lolx.

da lama xmain riddle. it's kinda fun :P
*yeah yeah me ketinggalan zaman. riddle ni da lama ada.. lolx*
yesterd i was into wacthing movies/series.
i booked d box office channel, i downloaded mo summerland, i bought vcd with my fave emma roberts and jojo d singer in it. haha i guess i was into beach movies recently :b

went to subang.
we gonna hv a new caarrr. lolx.

then headed to alam sentral, shah alam.
it's loud+crowdish, and turns out there's a magazine promo thre. celebs.. etc.

nex stop, optometry centre.
gonna hv new glasses. believe me it looks funkier than me.. hoho. :b
Friday, December 01, 2006
i'm back! hoh hoho.

hols at langkawi was nice. tax-free stuff, delish food..
i tasted d best laksa penang not in penang, but in langkawi :P
went to underwater world, watching fishes and sea 'creatures'.. ahax.
and d hotel is juz nex to d airport. yeah.. jalan kaki.

lunch. we couldn't finish d crabs. lolx.


chocs with cheap price.

@underwater world.

-hotlink-er doesn't sms celcom-ian tha much.. izzit?
-bye2 to my so-called life. watching summerland is much mo entertaining :b
Monday, November 27, 2006
i may not be blogging for few days.
on vacation. :]
technical difficulties of streamyx in my area.
dats y i couldnt on9 for few days.

catching up.
well thurz went to midV.
watched casino royale. i shud juz watch it on dvd.
it's a long movie. freakin cold cinema. lolx.
at last, went to baskin robbins.
ate ice cream. :b

friday, lepak home.
saturd, lepak home.
sunday, roti canai @sect 2.
art+stationeries shopping. made bday card for a friend.
claypot chicken rice @tesco sect13.
eat eat eat.

i downloaded d 1st eps of mY sO-cALLeD LiFe!! yeah!! jordan catalanooooo.

happy birthday, napstezz!!
Wednesday, November 22, 2006
disastrous day. penat2.
i hv a runny nose from yesterd's sore throat.
gee not comfy at all :P
cherp urinated on d mat.
*cepel.. d kitten. yeah we call him tha*
terima kaseh krn buang air atas alas kaki.
hoh ho.

happy birthday, ziti chantek!
Tuesday, November 21, 2006

deep fried crabs. :P~

d kids found a kitten yesterd &gave it to me.
omg it's freakin cute!! it has stripe on his head *a sporty kitten, ay?* ;]
we let it running around in d house & sleep ere also lah. lolx.

dunia baru smlm.. hilarious! mak adif.. u rox! ahaha. darius, super fine. but lame gile cuz he's a snob. wait till he falls in love with madihah hahaha~ *vry evil laugh*

ANTM *america's nex top model*.. they learnt how to mk a fake laugh for photoshoot. xtremely fake it made me laugh :b

it's all about laughing la diz week.. lolx lolx.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

leenk and i.

yesterd i went to leenk's house wit shafez *leenk's bf*. it's at seremban, so we took d train frm shah alam then stopped 4 a while at kl sentral. u shud see how crowded it was at midvalley station. everyone was in outing mood! stylish peeps day. betul xtipu. lolx.

and boyy i ate a lot yesterd.. hahah. a bowl of spicy chicken rendang juz for me *tepi2 jgn bg shafez mkn! ahaha* leenk's mom even gave us some to bring home. it's d sate-est day ever! lolx. thnx to leenk & fam. :]
Saturday, November 18, 2006

me and ormo.

lolx. this is not the sims. repeat. this is not the sims. :P
it's a 3D virtual chat and i get a new friend tday! yay. lolx.
d thing is cute. try it.
if u guys interested in playing around with d virtual chat, tell me. i'll send an invitation. :]

will goin out tday. out.
Friday, November 17, 2006

d big, and scariest, and nastiest place ever.. the exam hall!! *ok ok i just made it up. lolx* this is where i was this morning, answering my exam paper. it's freakin hard only God knows how miserable we were in d hall.

ok d fun part. i finished all my papers!! and now i can dream, i can go eat prawn tomyam *prawn eats ur brain. haha*, i can sleep like whenever i want *isn't tha wut u do even on exam weeks, haa?* :b and i can absolutely watch tv and surf d net 24/7! yeahx! *yeah ryte, like u'r capable doing tha.* HeYy stop it, wordings in asterisk bracket!!

and as d finale of all this mess *i mean d exam of course*, i saw a hotness on my way back home. yah haha. a good sem break start, indeed. dia mcm model, okeh. :b

Thursday, November 16, 2006
my laptop is okie dokie now, but i need 2setup d streamyx back; which i 4got how, &i lost d manual and stuff. lolx. how ah? :b

haha i read sumthin in one of my must-read-daily-site *d URL is secret, dun ask me* :b love is blind, dats y people love to grope [cinta tu buta, sbb tu org ske meraba2]. yee meraba is not good. dun do tha. *ini blog matapelajaran pendidikan moral. hahaha*

when i said i AM in d middle of note-reading and i cant reply msg-es, suddenly one of my friend said i abandon him(?)/her(?). a friend wud understand if u'r on sumthin important and cant be there for a while. but i'll be back. dun worry, hun. :]

but blogging? hahah i'll never stop blogging tho im gonna hv exam soon. *like in 1 day!! gosh!* :b it's like.. watching tv. or a hot guy asks u on a date. u can never resist it.
Wednesday, November 15, 2006
d note-reading is.. er.. sickening me. seriously.
i need a glass of watermelon juice & lay down somewhere near d beach. pft.

2 mo days, wani. 2 mo days.. :b

oh yah. since all d annoying pop-up ads affected my internet surfing experience *to sumthin awful*, my laptop was sent to d shop for anti-virus upgrade. dat explains y i din blog for like.. 2 days?

didya watch TRL on mtv? i cant believe they gonna give someone a lamborghini just by winning d latest NFS carbon game!! ngkt! a sports car tha worth around US$170+K!! gile ah.

and d virtual laguna beach looks amazing! i mean, u can chat with the sims-look-environment! mcm dubit chat! [] oh xfhm? abaikan sj. :P

dizzy wizzy. zzz.
Sunday, November 12, 2006
this is funny. ive no option rather than publish this :P
buy one for me, plz.. :b

my anti-virus is out of date and those silly pop-up ads come out and driving me crazy. i should upgrade the anti-virus, send this laptop to comp shop a.s.a.p.
Friday, November 10, 2006
morning! :]
news for tday : dr fazley is married, sazzy falak is married, & i read sumthin abt datuk azhar mansor said tha he had no comment abt him being an apostate. hah.

goshh omar is arman's brother??
what a small-small section.. ahax.

i couldn't use d movie maker 2mk tha naked chef sorta like video edit!! it kept hanging & driving me crazy.
Thursday, November 09, 2006

i was browsing while waiting for my busted videovlip to load. & i found this boy's page. it's not everyday tha u found a caucasian with nice english+malay name, & has all d good traits along d way. lolx. *frm msia, resides oversea, yes a muslim, simple, play instruments.. blabla* plus, he's looking like tha boy frm the jonas brothers *it's a band* :P &boy, sorry for putting ur pic ere *if he ever reads this, which i think will not happen.. hahaha* i just think u'r quite attractive.

& i found few kissing pics courtesy of our malay couples. gee they look pretty proud doing that.. hahah. *kids, it's not a thing to be proud of* :b

till we meet again. hahah.
Wednesday, November 08, 2006

i love 2eat this. if u wan2 treat me, bring me ere.. lolx.

tot wanna go to KL tday. going 2my fave hornbill restaurant, walking around at midV. but i thought, ive nuthin 2do or nuthin 2buy, i'll be walking cluelessly then.. hahah. better stick at home and eat ;]

yah. i love 7th heaven, & i love 2nd chance. it's been a while since i watched spanish telenovela.. hahah.

does anyone knows how to find friends via MSN live messenger? my list is empty for God sake. :P i wanna try it cuz d layout is cute. hahahaa.

ta for now. dun hv my breakfast yet. breakfastttt, tunggu gwe!!
Tuesday, November 07, 2006
knocked silly - OAG

i subscribed d movie channel, updated everything including this blog, myspace, friendster, i wrote birthday card, download music & movies. *pretend not having exam* hahahah.
Monday, November 06, 2006
fohh d wind was nyze~* japgi sure hujan byk. *zzz* :b

tday, i finished my 4th paper. 11mo days until d next paper *d last one!!* clap3. haha.

my breakfast @12. slurpp.

ate ere. love 2eat ere. ^^

well yesterd sunday. *yahh everyone knows la yesterd sunday.. lolx* we went to open house @azran's a.k.a. browsing his new home at puncak perdana. it's a new born neighbourhood, facing d pokok-pokoks. :b quite nyzelah. *thanx 4 inviting us!! heheh*

me, leenk, as.

z, as, leenk.

since my friends wr coming frm d univ, we lay park @my house afterwards. plus beraya. then my next door neighbour made open-house some mo.. so we went thre mkn pure laksa penang. stayed till 9++pm. balik 2gether 2univ.

then tday ada exam paper. finished, took train back to shah alam.
home!!! :]