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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
thats the way it is - LFO

2moro ada paper *weps manade baca exam notes ptg2 ni! lolx* :b

browse myspace, then accidentally terbukak this girl's page. she went sumwhere &shot tons of photos with awal!! ackt jealousnye gwe! hahaha. she even got d raya wish vid frm awal, nabil & other celebs. *burned with jealousy lolx lolx*

i used 2watch '7th heaven' series back then time skooling dlu. &now d series is back @tv2. 2nyte. xtau nk follow ke x. hee.

ok2 i shud go now. cya! ^^
Sunday, October 29, 2006

hye everyone! :] so how's ur aidilfitri? im havin a good celebration. i mean.. foods!! ^^

d day before raya @tampin. beef rendang, bebeh. :b

me, pretended to 'cook' d rendang.. haha.. not!

we started to shoot crazy photographs. this is one of it.

back of the house. ^^

us, going somewhere.

my raya kurung. yeah it's brown. this year's colour.
i dunno wutz goin on, everyone picked brown this aidilfitri.
*think think* awal pakai kaler ape eh this year? heh hehe. :b

@kuala terengganu. beach. relaxing, indeed. :]
found kim's clone ere. kim: from impian illyana.. lolx

so here are my raya infos:
- i hv 2 raya kurungs; brown and green. brown is d family theme. green is d side colour.
- went to both hometowns as usual.
- brought along exam notes. sykes, not pleasing at all. i din read much. hahah.
- special menus at both kampungs; rendang and satay. yum2.
- fast food feast on raya. went to pizza hut, kfc, a&w.. gile ah.
- looove d petronas and sony raya ads. kaer kaer!!! *wave*

oklah. now it's d sweat and tear time. books!! notes!! final exammmmmm.
no way. *yes way. go face it, then enjoy* :P

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

it's hari raya, and suddenly i'm home. :b
*i'll go back to kampung ryte after diz lah.. hahaha*

balqis said rizal is back. nooouhhhh. i wanna watch him badddlyy!!

happy raya, everyone! ^^
Monday, October 23, 2006
can't break through - busted

few days later? ahaha i noe i can't help myself frm keep on blogging. sorry. :b

i noe she's not on9 now, but..

heh hehe. may all d excitement happens. :]

and yesterd, kan..

and his birthday is only on this wednesday!! lolx. talking about dun wan2 open prezzie at kampong.. :b

selamat hari raya!! .. again! ;]
Sunday, October 22, 2006
jangan pernah berubah - marcell

hah new layout.
spent few hours doing this.
hope it can be viewed on mozilla. lolx.

it's purple again,.. well cuz basically i love purple. hee.

yesterd d boys made kuih raya. yah. D BOYS.
i was just helping out, cuz i was holding d cam & made a mari-buat-kueh-raya video out of it. kuih tu sedap. hahaha.

wanna wish all happy aidilfitri, maaf zahir batin. i noe i always make mistakes. silly ones. sometimes i even din realize i done it. therefore, juta2 apologize to you all. &i forgive everyone if korg fikir2 korg ada tersilap gak.. ahax *i love u guys lah.. haha* :b

wut else wut else *b4 i go back 2my parents' hometowns 2moro* ..

oh. petronas' raya ad is touchy. tsk2. :P

iza, nazrulamir, nuri.. ur raya cards will arrive late. sorry sgt2. tggu ek. hehe. :]

haris wanna open his present. cya in few days. ^^
Saturday, October 21, 2006

fuh at last! i can open this site.. i tried 2post a blog since 2 days ago, but failed :b

tday is deepavali. i can hear d deepa music from nearby temple. no wonder i dreamt of making a geography assignment & cycled all around this place to shoot temple photos, post office photos,.. yada yada. tiring cycling.. ahaha. *yahh like u really done it. it's only a dream, wani!* :b

the crowd at sentral. old picture.

yesterd, haris had a fever. &i'd to be just like illyana, went to ayamas and bought food in d middle of puasa. hahah. surprisingly, byk pon malays beli kat sn time tu. :b

haris' bday will be on next wednesday. went to subang with falet 2buy him a present.. and hunt down for a casual baju raya. we only get 1 per person. heh. i dun like d new, renovated parkson. *jujurnya.. ahaha*

gimme sweets! ngeheheeee~
Sunday, October 15, 2006
here i am. terkejar-kejar. ahaha.
things like.. i played bunga api and jumping arond d house shows how hectic i am and i need sumthin to let off d tense.
3hari je lg. wah haha.
um. here, i wud lyke to wish eppy bday to dearie leen, shafiz and erni! ^^ may all d seronok-ness return ;]
new people in a week? mcm drama..
oh yah. falet bought a new hp yesterd. and me ambik kesempatan pergi install games for free :P *our family has tha privilege of free-installation at tha phone shop* :b
yadayada yadayada. no whre else like home. tata.
Friday, October 13, 2006

ketupat ketupat.. hahaha.

the crowd.

above pics : when we're at SACC last week.
i bought good bye boys cd. baru tgk half. the boy at d video shop was cute ^^

yesterd went to IMP *multimedia institute* with classmates to learn a bit about motion capture.. it's d thing when u wanna make 3D motion bcomes realistic. tha place was cantik. seriously.

lamps. i looove d wall's colour! i want it on d house's wall! :b

wati, yan and victoria. see d colours.. :]

zainal, demo seng beng and as. :P

z and i.. :]

a funny thing happened tday, and i get a new friend from it. lolx.

ackt. GC boy *as in good charlotte boy cuz he wears eyeliners* has a scoot?!!
Sunday, October 08, 2006

yesterd went to KL. hunting for baju melayu at wisma yakin.
d place was super crowded.
wohh tired gile, seyh.

then we break our fast at intekma resort.
they gave us this table outside d coffee house, with a big screen projector showed sin chan and doraemon series.. lolx.
kinda happening lah. ^^

nyte was kinda 'busy'.
completing d art stuff & writing few raya cards.
this year, may be i'll not produce too much raya cards for my friends. only gave it 2particular persons, and to anyone that send raya card to me. hahah.
ive so much things to do rather than writing cards :P

ok hv fun everyone!!
Friday, October 06, 2006

haiyosh it's not even raya, but kids start playing mercun oredy :b
oh yah. crabs. melt my heart. *diiringi bunyi tummy yg kelaparan* lolx.

food court on fasting month.
see tha kedai on d left? prawn tomyam situ sedap nk mati :P

free bonus marks just like that.
1-the answers wr already given.
2-the question is not related to wut we've learnt so far.

hahaha seronoknya. we love bonus marks!! ^^

class on ramadhan. selalu balik awal. yah haha.

mr spongie gets a new friend.. katz. katz ni z punye. :b

shopping mall. nk dkt raya da eh? ;]

get ur raya mood frm this. concentrate... concentrate...

emperor game is addictive!! ackt!
Wednesday, October 04, 2006
11th day of puasa. &im stucked in ere. lolx.

this week is d pre-registration week. prob of finding d suitable electives.
but d faculty is not tha crowded.

i am blank.
type later. hahah.
Sunday, October 01, 2006
free day free day. lolx.
lazying on daylight, art working at nyte.
oh and terawikh. those wr yesterday. ^^

my friend said 8tv will gv bck d money 2those viewers+voters yg vote xsempat masuk on OIAM last week.

hilarious. and good-looking. d package. :P