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Sunday, June 30, 2013

doodle a day july

ok the july challenge is on!! xD

yosh i already skipped most of the june doodles because i delivered a baby and busy with my confinement (tried to adjusting my life) hoho.

i shall not promise, but i'll try to do the doodles, using my phone. (seldom have much time with my laptop).

have a great july ya!! :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

timmy made a visit!

wuhou timmy came today! xD

to those who are wondering, timmy is my former classmate, my 'gang' back in secondary school.
there were six of us; timmy, putri, huda, natasha, syamsila and i.
but we lost contact with natasha and syamsila *doink!*
usually we hung out at the back of the class and borak like there's no tomorrow. ahaha

timmy will be leaving to sarawak next week,
she has been posted there as a counseling teacher. how come so far??
nak dekat bulan puasa pulak tu. sadis betul yang yang tukang hantar ni T_T.

it's okay, timmy. keep on being positive.
furthermore, you're a counsellor, you know this positive thingy better! ;)

timmy, my cheerful, happy friend. never changed that much. we're all stay young, i guess. mahaha

she brought a gift for ariana!! thanks!

must take photo together since she'll be leaving really soon!

take care, timmy and have a super awesome journey in sarawak!!
i will miss you!

jane by design, my fave :)

this is the latest tv drama that i watch.. i just did few episodes; may be three or four.
8tv aired it last year, but repeats it again every saturday morning, 11.30.

'jane by design'. it's a story about jane quimby, a high school student who also secretly works at a fashion agency and mistakenly known as an adult at her workplace (because of her passion on fashion designs, she works there). but her teacher and her brother (at first) thinks that she's just doing her internship there.

then there's this best friend, billy.. who i think has something going on with jane, but both of them never speak about it and along the way they have relationships with other people.

it's quite an interesting comedy-drama, my lost that i didn't know about it earlier. too lazy to find it on the internet (for catching up) but heyy, who knows someday may be i'll change my mind and go watch the streaming version ;) but one thing for sure, i will watch the saturday repeated episodes if i'm free.

watching this teenager's (high school-ish) drama series somehow reminds me of my glorious days (ha ha) watching series like the O.C., summerland and gossip girls.. those series with pretty people in it.. lolx (and of course, good storylines!).

i wish malaysia has more teen drama series like this.. (good ones). the one i remember is only 'dunia baru'. we have lack of teen drama series, sape setuju please put up your hand!! ;) most of the series are about supersad drama (drama air mata) or corporate world drama. sometimes i need to watch something different ya know. *too demanding youu wani* :P

wahh i rant too much! lolx. better go now!!

cya around, beauties!

friday breeze

hey, peeps!

it's friday! and it's june 28th already??!! woahhh
ramadhan is around the corner!!
you can always practise ramadhan by fasting this month.. or even since last month (rejab).
don't just practise on eating delicious stuff haa. lolx

yeah i know i don't put much of my daughter's photo in my fb.
may be sekeping ke, dua keping i forgot.
i didn't even create an fb photo album for her!! (well at least i should put 3-10 photos of ariana there.. for event photos purpose). because i'm not the kind of person who upload my daughter's photo everyday on fb.
ada orang yang enjoy letak ratus-ratus photo anak, well i'm not ;) but it's their rights to put their children's photo, so what :)

but in emp street blog, i will put her photo(s) occasionally; ikut my occasion. i.e : anytime. haha

this is ariana today; on her 25th day seeing the world. wee hoo, ariana!!

the super cute romper, thanks to elia who bought this for her. elia even bought five i think!

yosh. vanity since a little child (super cute printed outfit shouts 'i'm supercute!!'). fuahaha *lightning*
and the cute little booties are from durra. thanks, dear!!

finally i had this chicken kebab today! ngeh heh.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

day 5

day 5 since my birthday.. lolx

well hello, guys!
i'm back after a few days.

i just had a fever yesterday, after the rain poured.
i think the cold weather affected me (plus the cold fan).. i felt soo cold and the next thing, my body temperature went up.
good thing there were cool fever and vitamin C, helped me to survive ;)

still am having a fever, but it's getting better after i took uphamol 500.
i only took one tablet instead of two.
i don't want to rely too much on drugs. i want my body to fight hard. haha

so. today i get my birthday gift; that i bought for myself. lolx

cangg!! an external HDD! 1TB!

i wanted to buy myself an external HDD for such a long time.. now i have it! :)

i want to put photos, videos and stories in the HDD.
andd it's for the backups.
i bought this one for RM252, shipping for RM8. you do the math. xP

the HDD is very compact and lightweight, just the size of a passport.
prolly that's why it's being called WD my passport. teehee.

the pos laju pick up card.
this is the 2nd time i received this pick up card.
like.. i was downstairs the whole time and it's impossible if i didn't hear the postman honking.
hope i won't receive another pick up card for the next delivery.
am waiting for this book i bought online.

andd to end this entry,
nah! photos of confinement food that i had these past few days.

white rice with chicken soup.

fish porridge with microwaved anchovies (no oil, still crunchy!).

white rice with fish singgang.

garlic bread.. something western. ahax

can't wait till i can taste beriyani, or chicken rendang, or all those greasy, full of calories food again. lolx.

till then.
have a splendid day!
Saturday, June 22, 2013

my birthday!

heyy you! :)

disclaimer : this entry contains lotsa popcorns! LOL

my birthday celebration may not be that extravagant like previous days, since i can't go anywhere and i can't eat most of everything haha.

and my fam got me a card (no present yet) cause i know they're too busy managing the baby in the house :P but still! i had an awesome birthday as someone who's having her post natal period.

so here go some new good photos :

they came in my room, wishing me happy birthday that midnight and my bro played the birthday song with his guitar. walaupun ada lari tune sikit but heyy, you can practise more bro. hihi

and i got this birthday card :) thanks, fam!!

and a parcel from dell :) hey thanks, dell!! she gave me a param, as i requested. lolx

and since i seldom put my photo here,

nah. a photo of me with popcorns on my head. tee hee.

me and my birthday gift from Allah :') eh how come putihnya budak ni daripada mak dia. ini tak boleh jadi!! *tepek bedak param banyak-banyak kat muka* xD

and thanks to everyone for your wishes!! ;)

till then.
Friday, June 21, 2013

bday doodle!

a doodle that i made for my birthday :)

wani ezryl's 29th birthday!!

thank youuuuu for your wishes, guys!! :)

well, the day is not ending yet, guess more wishes coming soon! hihu.

by the meantime, this is my thank you video, to all of you. love yu gais!!

p/s : official birthday entry soon! (kalau malas mungkin esok kot. HAHA)
Thursday, June 20, 2013

i'm still 28!

1 moar day to go!!

i'm 28 today. and tomorrow, insyaAllah, i will turn myself into the big number 29. hihu

actually there's more in the wishlist, even the ridic ones like i want an interchangeable lens camera, a 1T external HDD, an air conditioner for my home in putrajaya, more and more. but i won't ask those from you guys, i may buy em myself.. who knows. cuz it's kinda expensive for a gift (since we're not millionaires who buy cars or horses as a birthday gift kan. haha)

well being 28 all these while are great (note : present tense. still feelin' great!) xD

at the age of 28, i managed to get back to my hometown selangor (before this i was working in terengganu, and i aimed to go back here hehe). i am happy with my families; husband, mom dad, siblings, everyone! then i have a daughter at this age.. what a bliss. i have a noisy cat, keju but what the heck. dia memang pembising pun :P friends, and close friends. i get a kuarters in putrajaya that i called home. i have a job. i still don't have my own car.. teehee the one i drive right now is my mom's ;P

minus the car, i guess i do achieve some of that a 28-year-old-lady should achieve.
not all, but i contented enough for what i have :)

oh. and a good health so far. alhamdulillah ya Allah for everything that You gave me at this age :)

anddd tomorrow i will be 29. 9 is my favourite number.
though i can't go out (yet) to celebrate and eating like mad (yet) as a celebration,
i may be having a post celebration.. after my confinement days end.

having ariana is one of the most beautiful presents i ever have, and i know you guys will top that off with more and more presents.. kan?? kehkehkeh.

oklah. an entry without photos should bore you in a bit.

i better go now. get my shower and whatsnot.

take care, crazee people!! ;)
Wednesday, June 19, 2013

a very good day

2 moar days to go!

do you know what day today is?

no noo it's not the two days before my birthday day.. eh, well it is, but it's not what i want to depict! haha

today is my actual EDD or the expected date for me to deliver my baby! *fireworks* yeah. but ariana arrived early, in fact two weeks plus earlier than june 19th. maka june 19th is just now a date.

sooo. happy birthday-tak-jadi, ariana! tee hee.

things happen for a reason. and ariana arrived earlier with a reason. to see the world earlier, perhaps ^^ still, she's a june baby and june babies rock! *eh tetiba kan. secara tak langsung masuk bakul angkat sendiri HAHA lolx* and she's a gemini, too. just like me :) cool enough.

anyone's celebrating his/her birthday today? happy birthday to you!

and today is also the last day i met my doctor for follow ups *unless my stitch wound is not recovering in two weeks, i must see my doctor againnn doink* hope not lah. everytime i see my doctor, kena seluk kott. that's horrifying :P TODAY IS THE DAY MY GYNAE RELEASED ME. phew. hehe

guess today is such a good day, we should celebrate, right? ;)

have a good day!

Monday, June 17, 2013

the 2nd father's day

4 moar days to go!

lolx what a sham!
i thought father's day was last week! then suddenly everyone was wishing happy father's day on social media this weekend!! *bawak beg kertas tutup satu muka*

haih anyhow,
past is past. haha

again, i'm wishing HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to these two wonderful men in my life.

one; my abah.

two; mi amor.

my dad and i, in photo strips :)

yeah i resemble my dad from the look and the color taste and everything.
so do we look like the same? kihkih

came this guy. into my life.
afterwards, ariana came. and now this guy is becoming a father.. hihu.
i love him loads, everytime i watch love movies they remind me of him :P

yoshh siapa lagi kalau bukan my husband, isz. *te amo, hun!*

remember i said i couldn't trim my toenails while i was pregnant?
now even on my confinement days, i can't do it! i can't bend, that's why..

and kalau tengok gambar di atas, macam cyutz saja cause he's like.. trimming my nails but covered his nose at the same time!! LOL. whooo did my feet smell that bad?? :P

well that's not the point!
he's trimming my toenails, that's the point.
he sang me songs to make me happy, that's the point.
he took care of our daughter while i was sleeping.. more points. HAHA

happy father's day to you too!! *hugs*

love your loved ones, while they're there :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

my birthday wish list (part I??) -if there is part II. lolx!

9 moar days to go!

haha i was too busy with our daughter's delivery that i forgot about the countdown!

yes, peeps. my birthday is around the cornerrrrrr prit prittt *konon bunyi trompet hebat habis laa*

andddd (especially to my family members, close friends, yadayada) you don't need to scratch your head, wondering what this big girl *big la sangat kan* needs as her birthday present.
nooo don't assume, "oh she's grown up already, no need to buy presents. just wish pun cukup la." you dare to think liddat!!


nah. my wishlist.
if you ever care kan. cyehhh ;P

1. A BABY PHOTO ALBUM (sticky one)

i need this to put ariana's daily photo.. what else. haha
since i can't go anywhere (i mean, outside the house) to find this photo album, i hope for your generosity to find one for me. kihkih

at least an album that is big enough to put her first 100 days or something ;)


published by kaki novel.

when i read a glimpse of the novel.. i was like.. "whoo boleh tahan kelakar!"
yeah, i need some entertainment to fill my days. haha


i had this 'bedak hangat', or 'param' in my warisan afiat postnatal care set.. but i'm running out of param in may be.. few days (or in 1-2 weeks?)!

usually they sell it in a set, so if you know someone, somewhere that sells this param seperately.. (ok if not warisan afiat brand, may be other brand oso cann :P), buy at least two bottles for meeee. hihi

(may be there is.. at kedai jamu. wheyy i dunno).

haha i can't believe i ask for param for my birthday :'D


since i don't book for any tailor to sew my hari raya kurung (because i don't exactly know what my size will turn out to be, after i'm giving birth).. means i don't have any baju for raya.

why not you guys buy me a raya kurung?(what a great idea, wani!) hihi

i used to wear the XS, but now i gain like 7kgs *doink*.. i prolly in the S size. or may be still XS?? lolx

ok if figuring out my actual size would be a dilemma for you (haha), you can also buy me a..


(i like simple ones. no tribal2 punya design ok) :P

and if it's half moon, it sure be cool enough.

contoh, that i got from the internet.

hahh only five?!

ok i may continue later.
i'll get cramps if i sit too long on this bed.
better make some stretchings ay. haha


my food


my confinement days went ok so far.
ok je lah. nak cakap camne lagi. haha

i just met my doctor today for follow up.. so did ariana.
alhamdulillah ariana doesn't need to be warded for jaundice, as her blood test reading only showed 140.
but still, we need to control it until her week 2.
more morning sun exposure, more breastmilk. ^^

ok nah,
this is usally what i ate everyday.

rice, fish singgang (soup) or grilled fish, veggies. and a glass of plain water or ribena.

but i can't eat any fish.
there are certain fish that can only be eaten for postnatal.
in my case, i eat mackerel (tenggiri) everyday.
and for veggies, just kai choy (sawi) and carrot. sometimes there are red apples too :)

so tu la.
confinement food is actually that limited.
i easily get hungry by eating fish. i need chickennnn. lolx

to end this entry, a scenery shot from our home in putrajaya.. taken weeks ago.

ok bye bye!
Sunday, June 09, 2013


today is father's day?!!
hari ni hari bapak, kenapa tak cakap?!! *headdesk*

i already forget to count the days. lolx
tua oredy. i tell yu.

orang berpantang mana boleh keluar rumah, so i asked harith to buy some cupcakes from wondermilk & a father's day card. thanks so much, bro!

good thing twitter exists,
i read my bro's tweet and he's at wondermilk.. eating.
so apa lagi.. "harith, buy me six cupcakes for father's day that i almost forgot!!" lolx

good thing harith brought enough money. haha

my.. humble doodle of our family. well that's my dad; the janggut one ;P

happy father's day, abahhhh!!!

me laf yuuuu!!


and of course,

to my husband. beloved love love husband.

happy father's day to you :) we love you. always have, always will.


the super awesome visitors that we had today :)

friends from the office.

friends form the university (my room mates!!)

then mom said our family friends (used to be our neighbour),
awin and her mom came. but i slept upstairs. hihi

know why the angles are all the same?

cuz i couldn't move much from the couch.. i just snapped the photos from there! HAHA

thanks for coming, guys.
really appreciate it :)
Saturday, June 08, 2013

baba's home!

my husband arrived last night from kemaman,
cuz he and the rest of the DP*A participants got their release, starting yesterday's evening (4.30pm) until this midnight.
only Allah knows how i much i miss him.
even he came only for a while, that was good enough for me :)

he came home to settle ariana's birth cert and the mykid card (ID).

i just passed him the form and he went to JPN today.

"did you see the form? what i wrote there for our daughter's name?" he asked.
"why, you put dania ariana right?"
he grinned.
"wheyy you changed to another name?" (zomg plz no rosmah or something weird. LOL)
"heh he you go check la."

but until now, i didn't check. haha. i am confident that he wrote dania ariana on that form :P
or if husband changed it to another name, i have no problem with that.
it's his right ;)

haihs i wish they have mo releases like this in the future.
one day plus is not enough for the ones at INTI*M kemaman but stays in klang valley. too far. the traveling itself takes quite some time (around 4 hours). oklah bersyukur la husband dapat balik sekejap. hee.

father and daughter.

ariana sleeps like no other's business :P

sleeping shot, again. yeah she sleeps most of the time. (and wakes up at night!) normal for babies.. haha.

since she sleeps most of the time, it's kinda hard for me to snap her awake pose.. where she opens her eyes and stuff. this one.. yeah, i did it finally!! xD

baba and ariana shot I.

baba and ariana shot II.

my confinement went ok so far.
may be i'll write about it in the next entry (kalau rajin). HAHA.

ok take care, everyone!! :)
Friday, June 07, 2013

ultra relief

as i always appreciate my beloved mom,
now i appreciate her even more.

i was having this takut-nak-berak (afraid to defecate) thingy after giving birth.
well i tried, but it just didn't want to cooperate.. lolx.
may be i'm afraid of the stitch wound, well i dunno.

my mom said i must go to the toilet, or else i may get constipation.
and it will make things harder if i have it.

but what can i dooo. i couldn't defecate for like.. three days!
and i was soo afraid to eat too much cuz i couldn't settle my thing in the toilet!!

then suddenly.. a really handy invention saves my day!! ^^

i dunno who invented this, but wheyy he really is a genius!

with the atomic enema, there's no more constipation and you don't need to be afraid to go to the toilet with the stitch wounds and everything!! x)

*high relief*

me in my uniform :)

till then!! :)
Thursday, June 06, 2013

ariana's delivery

now i have a bit of time to do some blogging. lolx

this is the story of how dania ariana is brought into this world.

on 3rd june (monday), i just had my maternal check up with the gynae.. Dr. Mahayu. usually i'm with Dr. Siti, but she's having a conference this week. so Dr. Mahayu was the locum tenens of the day.

Dr. Mahayu was checking the cervical dilation and said it's a long way to go (I was at week37, so prolly will be delivering precious on time.. at week40).

but funny thing, i was delivering my baby the very next day! (and Dr. Mahayu was very shocked! lolx)
well what's really happened? ;)

us, as one family :)

on 4th june, around 2+ am, i felt funny in my tummy.
more like how it feels when you have that menstrual pain inside.. but this one went on off, on off.

it felt uncomfy for a minute, then getting ok the next 2-3 minutes.
then the uncomfy feeling struck again. and it went on and on, i thought it's only a minor contraction; the fake one (braxton hicks).

but no. braxton hicks lasts for few minutes. this one kept on going. lolx

i felt so uneasy so i went to the toilet.
around 3++am, i checked what's going on 'down there' and there there i saw a transparent liquid with a bit of blood on my panty liner. i wiped some with the tissue and the blood-ish vaginal discharge was there.
ok. be calm. i said to myself.
"mamaaa lookkk!" i knocked on my mom's door (soo mengganggu HAHA). even faliq, my bro (who's not sleeping yet) went out of his room, seeing what the heck was happening, so meriah. rofl.

then mom said it looked like a sign of labor. zomg.

then around 4++am there's more transparent liquid with blood and swoosh! a warm water (like from the pipeline??) went out to the toilet bowl. only a small trickle (fluid leaks). ok. the sign was clear. let's wake everyone's up. *anxious*

ariana and her nenek (grandmama). kehkeh

i think i could hold.
after subuh, my parents and i went to the hospital.. the SALAM shah alam specialist.. located only a few minutes from our home.

it was an emergency case.. i went straight to the labour room but yeah, it's not the delivery time yet.
even though the water broke, it's not necessarily the time.
a contraction might take hours before the actual labor takes place.

so the staff nurse checked my cervical opening at 7.25am (yeah i was soo aware with the timing hihi).
"not yet, only 5cm.. " she said.
but the water was already broke, so she said today is the delivery day, well at least i will be having the baby around 10am. zomg so terkejut.

here are some friends who were visiting us yesterday :)

i got changed into this labor attire.
you know, the one you see on medical shows on tv.
but mine was in pink. haha

then they gave me this liquid medicine (stuck it inside my butt) so it's easier for me to defecate before the delivery.
ok off to the toilet and did the business. lolx. the medicine was totally cool. after taking it, boosh i just defecated. just like that.

then waited in the labor room.
the doctor was not there yet. she was with other patient who's having a delivery at other labor room. haha

for the meantime,
while having the contraction,
i took my breakfast, ate some dates, sipped the sanggul fatimah drink, the zamzam drink, recited surah maryam from my handphone, calling my mom that waited outside, calling my husband, borak with the nurse etc etc.
wah so much things to do while waiting for the actual delivery!! lolx.

(my husband was on his way from kemaman.. by bus).

azra and husband, visiting us too yesterday :)

then the contraction pain went frequent.
like.. real pain. i agreed on taking the sedative to make myself sleepy a bit.. but still, the pain was there.
i could feel it.
cause the nurse said, the sedative won't lessen the pain, it just helps in relaxing myself by being sleepy.

if i count it, since 2+am till 11+am, i was having a 9 hours of contraction! lolx

and when the frequent pain kicked in,
Dr. Mahayu told me the cervical opening now was 9cm. it's time.

now how the pain felt like?
it's like.. the cramp you had with menstrual pain, but times 10. plus you felt like having a diarrhea and wanted to take everything out. haha
but the contraction pain really help me to 'push'.

they have this handles at both side of the labor bed,
and i had to hold on to both handles to help myself to push.
it was a hard push, and i tried like 3-4 times before ariana could come out.
the doc and nurses gave a lot of support by assist me on how to do it. "do it like you're really pissed with someone." they said. "ok don't make a sound when you push!"
"like how can i not make a sound?? i can't!" sempat lagi menjawab time sakit-sakit tu. hahaha

so yeah,
after a really strong push,
i felt something went out from 'down under'. it's my precious :')

there there the sleeping beauty.

ohoo but it's not over yet.
after they let me see the baby, they took her away to clean her and everything.
then it's time to take out the sac.. or what people call the uri.
then the doctor put her fingers inside my uterus again.. plenty of times to take out the excessive blood clots or something.. well i dunno :P i just let her do it.
then she sewed my 'down under' (oh she cut it a bit during the labor to make it easier for me to 'release' the baby form inside. but i didn't feel any pain with the cutting cuz i was concentrating too much with the contraction pain lolx).

and then it's over.
they put me in the ward and i could see my baby afterwards :)

my husband arrived around noon and he, also could see and meet the baby.

although he only have 2 days to accompany me at the hospital,
he gave a 100% moral support to me, helped me (to go to the toilet, etc etc) and even slept on the floor besides me at night :')

mom, also is the biggest supporter. helped A LOT. she took a 2-week-leave to take care of me.
and of course my dad and my bros. thank you, everyone :)

what a wonderful experience.
and i could not being given the strength and ease doing all these without the guide from Allah the Almighty.
alhamdulillah, ya Allah for the bliss you give us.

and everything we did is for you, ariana. welcome to the world!