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Friday, March 30, 2007
helped my bro doin his art homework.
cute cute! ^^
ni april fool da nk dekat ni. if i noe nyone try 2pull a prank on me, siap korg. ulangan : siap korg! :P
2moro will not be available ere. goin to pahang. see, i'm a busy bee :b
selamat hari maulud nabi! ^^
i wanna post pictures, but photobucket is under maintenance now :P

yesterday was d busiest day ever! i went re-shoot video after 10am class, had juz like.. 1/2hour to chill for a sec at d lab, went to library to do our audio recording assigment, being xtremely hungry along d process *a.k.a. i din hv lunch, my stomach was knocking from inside*, finished recording around 4.15, rushing to surau, took a bus frm library to faculty *to wait for commuter bus to go home*. suddenly my senior called and wanted 2treat me fast food *terima kasih, saya mmg tgh lapar hoho* went eating, borak2. she sent me to commu station *terima kasih jugak! berkurun tggu bas komuter lolx* reached kl sentral before 7 and took a train to shah alam. phew.

few things tha i noe yesterd:
- my lecturer resides at d same section tha i live! lolx.
- my ex-roomate dating a mat salleh huaa xsangka2 :b

dats all. ive works. tata. ^^
Wednesday, March 28, 2007

imagine this is me. lolx.

i dunno y i blog.
when ive so much things 2do. haha. *fake laugh*
too lazy to go back to hostel room.
like.. i want to stay ere in this lab 4ever & ever.

cepatlah cuti!!!

[eh how come ive so much work??]
Sunday, March 25, 2007
aiyahh ive so many things 2be done.
may not be blog fo few days.
smlm pegi taklimat JPA di ptg kala dgn infiniti students *sbb sy xdpt nk kire haha* disumbat ke dlm lecture hall yg patutnya utk 300+ org je. da jd mcm parti liar *sbb byk sgt org*, bezanya org2 kat 'parti' ni tidaklah liar bahkan memakai baju yg decent2 belaka :b

then org2 JPA tu suh kitorg bukak akaun kat bank baru, padahal kitorg ada 1sem je lg nk habis. oklah xkisah. ^^ org2 JPA + bank tu mintak students semua dptkan salinan IC utk urusan bukak akaun. memandangkan diorg xtampal kat notis suruh bwk salinan IC, maka semua students berpusu2 menyerang kedai photostate yg berjauhan *xdenye berdekatan. sni semua jauh hahaha* mcm dlm amazing race :P

proses nk bukak akaun tu agak xteratur. dpn kaunter *yg asalnye meja pensyarah* , semua rebut2 mintak kad ATM.. then students yg berhemat sket telah membuat barisan sgt pjg smpai pusing 1hall.

fithri yg bising tu pun ada, dia da jd mcm pegawai JPA kat dpn tu sbb most of d students clueless camne nk buat, jd dia terangkan satu2 dgn suara yg lantang *patutnya dia dibayar upah lolx* kitorg pulak malas nk tggu lama, beritahu kononnya kitorg ada kelas lps tu *hahahaaa gelak muslihat* :b overall, benda ni memenatkan sbb x organized. may b boleh improve in d future :]


lolx i fall asleep on d couch at d end of af5's 2nd concert last nyte but i noe afiq was out.
most of d performances wr improved compared to last wik ^^
aizat & his punk rock is freakin nice :]
dafi as usual, made d cutest performance ahaha. it's good tha he din sing d song with nasal voice like d original singer did :P
heliza was alright too.

dafi on pencinta wanita.
Saturday, March 24, 2007
ive been tagged by nabil on this :

6 weird things abt me [and dun use this to sabotage me. lol]
  1. i dun eat ketchup or sambal, but i can eat keropok lekor with its sauce, i can eat ayam masak merah and i can eat bolognaise spaghetti. ^^
  2. i used to stalk guys *USED TO. not nmo i think. underline this. lolx*
  3. sometimes i speak english alone in my room. may b 2improve or juz for fun or may b i'm plain crazee hahah.
  4. sometimes if there's subtitle on tv, i counted how many words are they in one sentence. making my brain works prolly, even tho when i watch tv. *or may b i AM weird haha*
  5. tamil movies. sometimes i muted d sound and make my own dialogue with my bro. and it will turn out hilariously.
  6. oh yeah, i love watching tamil movies. hahaha *compared to hindi* :P

may b thre's mo, but i still dun figure it out yet lolx. so i tag this thing to nyone who read this & wanna put it in their blog.
esp to : miki, hyrza, farazana *if u guys read this, uve been tagged! haha. it's up to you to post or not. it's a free blogging planet* ;]

so enjoy, everyone!! ;D

morning all.

i tot tha i wanted 2shoot for another of my video project yesterday, but seems tha d old camera can't shoot outside on daylight. lens rosak ke hape xfhm aku :P

seriously i want a new sony T10. hoho.

sbnrnya xcrite lg ni. dat day i saw d precious tha i really crave months ago.. tickle-me-elmo!! akhh harga dia 200plusplus i only brought like 300 tha time tu pon xkn nk habiskan duit beli toy kn? :b then bonus link card member *itu sayalah tu haha* dpt cheaper for 199.90 kot. ackt very tempting *korg mesti tot tha i'm pelik kn. girls shud be tempted on shoes or clothes. but i'm tempted on tickle-me-elmo! hahah how kiddish but i dun care* :b

tickle-me-elmo ^^ buy me one plz! :b
Friday, March 23, 2007
hilangnya cinta - kaer

view from kinokuniya, klcc.

i forgot whre is this.. haha. :P

faculty @nyte. stucked in a rainstorm.

satay 25cents ^^

laksa! yum-ish ;]

hoh haha. i got kaer's album, finally! bought it at tower records and it's d last one on d rack ^^

yesterd we made d movie shoot. hah hahaha xtremely funny ogeyh! *when only 3 persons work 2gether, without any experience, and they love to gelak2.. this is what usually happens* :P

dafi dpt lagu 'pencinta wanita'. lagu sengau tu? haha! :b
Saturday, March 17, 2007
i'm internet-ing from kampung.. yah hahaha :P

we arrived ere around 6pm, friday.
they hv this weekly market every friday. wahh everything's in small packing & they looked absolutely cute!! *small apam balik, small ayam percik etc etc* and the price.. whoo u not gonna believe it. u can get 20 keropok lekor ere for rm2.

d laksa ere? d best! *2nd place after langkawi 'laksa power'. prev i said langkawi's is d best. now da turun takhta ahaha* and d satay, chicken wings.. all lip smacking hingga menjilat dinding! lolx.

1st af5's concert tonight.
dh xbrape ikut la diary af. juz watching this for fun.
i still dunno who has d best vocal, hence i dun hv any fave at d mo. tp based on lifestyle, i lyke dafi *sbb dia mcm kaer wahaha*
american idol? blake, chris richardson and melinda doolitle. yeah yeah yeah ;D

freezing now.
Friday, March 16, 2007

luv ya luv ya luv ya luv ya luv ya luv ya luv ya luv ya!!

huah haha i wanna go back to mom's hometown tday.. visiting my tok. :]
tok, here we come!! *dgn gaya superman habis bateri* :b
Thursday, March 15, 2007


carried a tent 2gether-gether :b

last wik's photos, actually.

tday is the final year project *FYP* briefing day for multimedia students.
just coming to the briefing makes us all pening.. haha.
sape2 ada suggestion nk buat project apa, angkat tgn ;]

d commuter station was still crowded tday.
school students. yeah.
lookin at em makin me smile. haha.
perkara menarik hari ni; well i saw an indian boy speaking chinese with his chinese friends in d train. i saw 3 indonesian students talked in d train "haa muka dia serupa macam aku, tp dia ada jerawat" said that boy. i dunno wut he's talking abt with his 2 other girl friends.. lolx. but we're smiling listening to wut he said *we, as 'we' in d train hahaha*
Tuesday, March 13, 2007
school holiday.

everywhre is packed with secondary school students, all dressed up try to impress i-dunno-who. dlm tren ter-berdiri pulak kat tgh2 4 chinese teenagers; 2 boys belah kiri, 2 girls belah kanan. borak punyalah x ingat planet. this 1 boy and 1 girl berlawan2 ckp on my left and on my right. they had the loudest voice ever! wohh cair tahi telinga :P

lunch at KL.

malas nk cerita pjg. later yeh. cya. :]
Sunday, March 11, 2007

i think i din eat rice d whole day, yesterday.
not tha i din wanna eat, but i tot college wanna distribute at least tomato rice for us for d gotong-royong lolx. but i juz had 2 currypuffs for breakfast *sebenarnya 1 je, lg 1 mintak lg haha*. and a tomyam instant noodle for lunch. akhh sad2.

i mean, i shouldn't eat junk food *err is instant noodle a junk food??* when i'm gonna hv a test 2moro :P ni nk buat kempen ni. kurangkan makan junk food! junk food byk MSG pastu nnti rosak otak, sape yg darah tinggi nnti sakit jantung pastu rmbut korg akn gugur perlahan2 smpai habis semuanya.. ok2 i was juz exaggerating.. lolx.

af5's girl candidates on last nyte show. i was not tha thrilled. haha.
ade la suka this girl i forgot her name, but she kept shouting omg omg omg omg omg throughout d process of realizing that she's IN. gila kah omg omg omg.
omg* = oh my gawd :P

"Termasuk mencela yang diharamkan, ialah: memberi gelar dengan beberapa gelar yang tidak baik, iaitu suatu panggilan yang tidak layak dan tidak menyenangkan yang membawa kepada suatu bentuk penghinaan dan celaan."

juz found this out. semua orang pun dah tersivik *tersivik? hahaha* yang mengejek orang lain tu tak baik. but do you know that it is illicit too? *i mean, sinful. i mean, haram* so stop calling people fat or ugly or short or whatever nicknames you ever gave to anyone particular, now. you know it's not right, ne? hoho :P

Saturday, March 10, 2007
event pictures :]

look wut happened to my bed.

students sleepin in audio class *while lecturer gone for a while* yah haha

the famous Goreng Pisang Azmi. see how long d queue was.

i dunno wut happened to d blog post in blogger. mcm ada problem je. kaler pon xde. haih~ :P
Friday, March 09, 2007
hahaha ini sangat2 kelakar :P
knp muka sy hampir semua mcm celeb LELAKI?!! lolx!

tata!! :]

eduardo from foster home©

i think i saw a pickpocket yesterday, on my way back home, at d serdang commuter station.
let me tell you how he did his job.
d train was coming. every1 got up and stood behind d yellow line. i din want to rush in, so i sat at d steel bench.
i saw him looking at my side *looking at my bag tha has a 'full potential'? gahh* and he sat at this bench next to me.
suspicious, i prentended to look inside my bag *actually hiding my wallet somewhere unreachable lolx*
d train was coming. may be he realize i was not his fave victim, so he walked to d other door *not d door tha i was going to enter* with other crowd.
at tha moment i thought 'oh, may b he's not orang jahat. buruk sangkanya aku.' since he din 'chase' me.
but after d door closed, i, that was standing at d door, saw d same guy walked out from d train and sat back at d station's stairs. what the-- i mean, if he din get in d train, he might be pickpocketed someone at d train's door!!
& i saw him holding a jacket on his arm. jacket! d perfect item to hide d stolen wallets. crap! then i saw him looking for something from d jacket. ackt and i couldnt do nything abt it. :[
so evryone, be careful with an indo-lookin guy, aged around 30-40, slim, holding a jacket and looking suspicious. just put ur wallet somewhre safe, aight. jahat punya orang!

we're making the clay animation *under mr nabil's class*
i think it's funny :P
Tuesday, March 06, 2007
ended the english test yesterday.
sgt nervous ogeyh! :P since it's a group discussion test & we cuden bring nything xcept wutz left in our brain tha time lolx lolx. d lecturer said we'r ok. fuh sgt relief afterwards.. hahah

d block is havin d black-out fever again!!
sape2 yg pakai plug rosak tu, plz. dun u realize everytime u turn on d plug, d whole block is black-out?!! juz throw tha plug to d sea and let d sharks eat it.

i rmmbr my friend told me abt how uncomfy she is of having a friend dats 'keep alert' of everything tha she did. she said tha 'gerak-gerinya diperhatikan' dan dia sgt2 rimas krn perkara itu :P hm may b d other friend cared so much of her friends or wutz goin on around her, dat she din realize she made her friend uncomfy. so wut dya think abt this? if it was me, i dun wanna be inspected either. :P
Saturday, March 03, 2007
a cloudy and harmonic saturday *ahaha*
[ok2 now it's gettin sunny-er]

i think suzuki swift *esp BLACK* is the prettiest compact car on earth!
i think i shud not buy new sneakers until d right time comes. gehh.
i think i shud not buy anything aimlessly at this moment. most of d things tha i bought; usually wr lost, stolen or broken.
i think edleen d 8tv quickie host is pretty ^^
i think some of d people around me juz don't care nmo :/ *self-check, plz*
i think i shud not care too much abt it *why care to sumthin tha doesn't care? hoh ho*
i think i miss most of my fave tv shows.. lolx. *due to ketidaksempatan.. haha* :b
i think if u find d right circle of friends, then u'll be happy :]
i think i like the colours purple and green now :b
i think they'r so much org2 jahat & org2 yg hanya tahu take advantages on others thse days.

i think im done. hoho.

haa d link has been updated.. i added 2 mo links for 2 terrific blogs. u shud read em if u'r free ;D and updated hyrza's new site *gulagula site* :]
Friday, March 02, 2007
photos photos..

d sneakers' replacement.

fac's bus stop 1.

fac's bus stop 2.

wuhou my fac ada sk8park!! lolx :b

outside kl sentral 1.

outside kl sentral 2.


beriyani INSAF jln TAR, my lunch. =p~
huihui. lolx.
im at fac, having this award ceremony thingy for 1hour *only!* :P
afterwards will be heading to KL.
after afterwards will balik rumah lah, whre else :b

'what women want' has come to the end.
to those who missed yesterd's final episode.. yay! hafiz won hafiz won! *melompat kekeraan di balik pokok rambutan* :b
d judges said d only flaw tha he has was being emotional. nk buat task menangis, kawan kne eliminated menangis.. yadayada. but wutz wrong of being emotional? me tgk ok je dia emo, xlah smpai pecah2 tingkap dgn baling kerusi.. hahaha. being emo means he has emotion, and not hiding it like some other poeple. koh2 correct? ;]

this week is bdk nike week.
saw him everywhre. he almost sat nex to me in d bus on tuesday but ada sorg bdk perempuan ini sgt cpt menyusup duduk di seat sebelah sy!! akhh kacau daun pisang lah kamu.. *geleng2 xsetuju* :b then some of my guy-friends know him!! so when i sat with my guy-friends at fac, suddenly bdk nike came and menegur2 my friends.. hahh am i d only one who don't know him?! lolx lolx. abaikanlah this is juz a fun post :P

tuluu :P