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Friday, September 28, 2007
internet connection is like a disaster thse days.
hate that >.<

did most of d kad raya. sent few of em *by-hand*
posted ones tggu dlu. i dun hv d stamps :P

went bck late frm hospital last nyte *or shud i say last midnyte? lol* pergi beli burger for sahur. meriah gle la tho it's 12. finally i found a good burger stall in 19!! xD *burger dlu mcm xde perasaan.. gahh* dun buy burger in front of 7E, buy in front of mamak restaurant! :b

then while i was waiting for my burger, someone was fogging d place.
hoho. fogging?! at 12???
how unusual. :b

dats all for now. i shud get ready for d bazar.
Tuesday, September 25, 2007
am back!
wacktt smlm sgt penat. i think i walked/moved non-stop frm morning till night. *minus when i had my oral test. time tu mmg lah xberjalan hahaha*
bought lotsa raya cards at this art shop. and d boy was like "whoa banyaknya kad!"
ya, thre'r lotsa ppl who will b receving d cards. it's my way of saying sorry for all the wrong things i did last year hahaha :P
some old-but-not-THA-old photos.

me, waiting at d hospital lobby.

pay-less bookstore. ampang point.
yeap they sell 2nd hand book.
kalau kat mPh, art book is like..100+ 200+
kat sni u can get em 30+ je. hahaa
on d right : kids pop-up book.

on my way back from ampang point
*it's a few distance walk-away frm d hosp*
coffee bean. i think it looked nice, so i snapped d photos.

night view. senget! hahah.

i will be super busy in few days.
i may not given longer time to blog or to read ppl's blogs properly or commenting ppl in myspace. but i'll try to find d time.. lolx. ok cya in nex post. ;]

Friday, September 21, 2007
my dad's surgery was succeeded yesterday.
alhamdulillah syukor ^^
by the meantime, enjoy d dusk photos.

u heard d news, ryte?
i told leenk abt nurin's news on sms and leenk was xtremely pissed with d mental retard tha did tha. wutz wrong w/ all thse criminals? *i think everything IS WRONG abt them*
catch up mo of d news on tv/newspapers.


i received a 'delivery' frm nadia few days ago. it was starry it made my day! xD
one of my best-est-est net friend ever! *jumping*
and yeah, a guy in baju melayu with electric guitar; is pretty hot ;]

thnx heaps, my gr8 friend! ;D
Wednesday, September 19, 2007
i am pretty busy this week.
finished d quiz tday ;D
actually i din hv much time to revise cuz i was at d hospital yesterd. my dad was admitted thre and will be havin his surgery 2moro i guess. not gonna b freakin out. try to be as calm as possible. *meditate* :b

well am going to d hospital tonight.
i dunno whether i hv time 2moro and d day after to blog. tgk lah mcm mn.

by d meantime, enjoy my KL photos.

do u want to reside in a tall building after d earthquake thingy? lol. juz asking.
this is tall. xD

on the way to ampang, jammed gle. d traffic din even move.
hence i had plenty of time to snap photos :P

loove trees.

90% glass.

ayte enjoy ur puasa ^^

tata planta!

Monday, September 17, 2007
the messiness b4 test.

hoho i'm back in shah alam from the test. ok la. lolx.
i was attending finishing school at fac on weekend.
twas gud. friends wr super jovial and dr azmi was super fun. :P

one of the session.

mock interview.
gahh i hate interview. haha.

dats all. thanks.

Saturday, September 15, 2007
wahhhhhhh im soooo tired tday!!!!! *shouts*
i really wanna post sumthin useful, but i'm freakin tired now.
i'm attending this faculty's prog and it'll end 2moro.
it's fun, super fun. but to hv it on fasting month, tire-ish. :P

wahhhhhhh nadia is flying to cali 2moro!!
i wish i can prepare a virtual farewell postcard to put ere, but why i'm freakin hectic this week aghh
hv a good flight to US, nadia and enjoy every bit u hv thre ayte!! *hugs*

wahhhhhhh illyana chose izham!!
ye la ye la siapalah rizal tu kn.
rizal tu utk sy je. hahaha. nk gelak bsr pulak. HAHAHA.
*i'm totally gila bcuz of this exhaustion*

i need a glass of water.

Friday, September 14, 2007

wehh! another SE parked next to mine, it's white, so i started to look around *heh hehe*

my plat no starts with 77, hers 88.
thre's crazy car sign on my left back screen, she has it too! written thre : 'babe on board'.
i hv a blue furry tissue case, hers.. pink.
i hv a blue glade air freshener, hers.. pink.
one thing she doesnt hv is mr spongebob. haha.

now dats wut i call look-alike mobil ;]

this is not a bazar food. repeat. this is not a bazar food. haha.
tuesday pic : bangi nyte market. juice stall.

hyep everyone! how's ur bazar? :D
bazar kat sni crowded gle it's even hard to peek on d food.
i mean.. whoaaa whre all thse ppl come from?? :P

bazar kat tapak pasar malam.

my bros sehelai sepinggang. :P

cendol stall.

i cuden take much photos.
ppl flood. mayday! mayday! :P
tday may b xpergi bazar since it's impian illyana final eps.
abes la.. illyana pilih siapa agaknya? ^^
Thursday, September 13, 2007
i'm melting here listening to kerispatih's.
*melting, melting drastically*

my name was on d fac's board with other bunch of students cuz i din send d course registration form.. hahaha. nasib je xkena denda.

first night of ramadhan. looking fwd for it, but d carpet was super dusty.
it's a dust fest in my nose
oh and i saw the 'budak lelaki rmbut panjang'.
gee his hair is looong and pretty ^^

haa now i remember! i wanna tell ya guys about this movie i watched yesterday. in my friend's lappie.
it's called it's a boy girl thing.
cast : my fave guy, kevin zegers!! dats not just it. d story is abt body-swapping, cud say a bit like my astana high story *click d link to get d idea hahaa*. my story can make a movie wut. HAHAHA *in ur dream wani* :P

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan! ^^

Sunday, September 09, 2007
yesterday's great; tday's not. lol.

let's see wutz ON tday; my starz final, high school musical 2, gol&gincu. ok da cukup ;]

they'r re-placing the furniture in living room while i was taking my noon nap. hahaha.
now d room looks bigger. ;D

sometimes someone's soo transparent, we can detect his/her intention..
i am detecting and sensing it now.

malas nk blogging till wednesday.
byk gle keje. till then. ciao2.
Saturday, September 08, 2007
presenting.. the weird looking pastries!!

exhibit A : i dun wanna comment abt this.

exhibit B : inspired by the hypnotized eyes.

exhibit C : inspired by the tiki humanoid :P

exhibit D : the oranged hairy monster. prolly elmo's brother. haha.

i din noe lat's cartoon was on the sardine's can! sgt cute sgt cute!!

see how some of us misplaced everything.

CDs at shoes section.

and thre wr also bola plastik on candy racks and few misplaced items. ni lah namanya orang pemalas nk letak balik. haha.
oklah dats all. i had enuff entertaining myself this morning.. hoahoa. tata everyone!
Friday, September 07, 2007
was doin d apache and mysql installation, configuration. lps tu php pulak.
i nvr pakai all thse stuff b4. Tuhan tolonglah hambaMu ini membuat projek. hee :]

*i tried first. kalau xdpt, call kawan2 pandai. ahax*

friday outing, on. tp tday nk beli nasi beriyani auntie cantik and eat at home b4 going out. fetch rock first at sect7.

abt impian illyana, ok lah if illyana chooses izham at d end. rizal kasi kat sy. hahah.
*rizal's wig yesterday was horrible!! haha. no offense, rizal* :P
Thursday, September 06, 2007
got back frm a short vacation in KL. haha.
2days je, xlama pon :P
stayed at quality hotel near d sogo. i went thre for free foods. LOL.

KL at night. but seeing d ppl thre; yg melepak tepi2 jalan tu, was kinda scary.

'dont drink and drift'.. yah haha. right~ :b

this burger is expensive! dun buy it unless u'r really hungry like i was tha night. lolx.

food food! we shud dig this. haha.

wed morning, they had chicken rendang in d buffet tray.
as a loyal rendang fan, i took some of it. tambah once. hoho.

d pool, but no one's around.

this is what i like the most; the open elevator!!
we cud see everything outside d building. and since our room was at 14th floor, getting down d elevator was such a thrill. mcm naik space shot kat genting hahahaa
i liked to stand as close as i cud to the glass window and felt like i was flying xD

wed noon after lunch, went to klcc with d hotel's shuttle. FOC sj. haha.

watched the invasion. i watched d almost-alike-movie time dlu2.. it's called body snatchers. i think body snatchers lg best drp the invasion. xpercaya pergi download and compare.
oh ohh crite dia abt US was attacked by this unknown virus ke hape ntah may b frm alien kat atas sn *hohoo* and benda ni attack time orang tgh tido. so you hafta stay awake as awake as u can. lolx.

i'd to rush back b4 5pm and met my dad at his office.
since ada ms sket, went to kino. ohhhh b4 tha b4 THAT!! on d way to exit door frm d wayang, i saw a beauuuutiful graffiti in d hallway *'hallway' ke org panggil utk jalan nk keluar tu? lolx* seriously, it was nice!! gahh knp xsnap photos knp knp?!! *hantuk kepala org lain berkali2 ke dinding*

at kino i was melting when i saw a cute guy at d mag area. wahahah. style dia sgt nyze one okeh. typical style; ipod, side bag, THAT hair *nk explain pon xtau* he's kinda tall. he can be a kino model. hahaha.
ok la enuff bout cute guy i noe u guys are puking already :))

dah dah balik, balik! :P

KL lights.
last night i watched 'kami'.
a red communication baby. tau2 je la red comm punya crite mesti best gle.
and it was gud. i like d youth theme. sooooo much. mi gusta kami. ahaha. lama gle xpraktikkan spanish terabor tu :P
later. ;]
Monday, September 03, 2007
some of my fellow bloggers changed their URLs.
i juz updated d FRIENDS link and added a new ADORE link.
in ADORE, they'r not my friends but i like reading their blogs. huhu. ^^

it's near to d end.
rizal! rizal! hahah. xD

Sunday, September 02, 2007
had high tea at grand season yesterday.

dats all. d head was twisting after d late night con air. hahahaa