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Monday, December 31, 2007

plush layout *

okayh ppl.. new layout! xD
Sunday, December 30, 2007

tday we went makan2 at quality KL.
i ate till bloated HAHA
then i rushed to midV and i was in thre for ONLY 10mins to buy my new mini journal 2o08. *actually it shud tk lesser time but the ppl wr crowded, hence the escalator had a minor traffic thre :P*
yah i shud get a rest now. cya! :D
are cats usually run away when we gv em bath?
it happens few times, and the cats usually din show up afterwards.
Friday, December 28, 2007
hand-made card portfolio :DD

i'm soo liking the purple xD

i'm mad abt socks.

found out it's hard to find nice designed striped socks recently.
had to buy new socks since the pairs always lost mysteriously in the washing machine :]]

ankle-length. black is safe. it hides dirt wahaha

sheep wool izzit? too blackish i cuden see it in this photo :P

hahaa can u believe it there wr rows of black vehicles in front of me!
wahh best2 :D

found this at sect 2 housing area, while going for breakfast.
soo.. william shakespeare-ish :P and it's cute.

Thursday, December 27, 2007
tday's menu [i mean on wed.. it's oredy midnight] was mee udang frm the kopitiam xD

d kwey teow was delish, too.

and bought few things including.. ahem.. pirated dvds :P

oh ohh i watched I Am Legend on tues.. and it was gooood.
except when ----- *i dun wanna spoil things lolx*
tp serious ah, makhluk2 darkseekers itu sgt menakutkan.
they looked a bit like tha creature in LOTR.. but w/ the eeking sound of creatures in body snatchers.

graffiti at kl sentral.
how i miss kl sentral of not being thre for few months.
it's like my 2nd home :]

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

i usually enjoy other races' celebration *race? apa tu race? race car? :b* by watching tv. tamil movies on deepavali, stephen chow's on CNY, hallmark/disney's on hohoho day.. :D

i'm thinking of going to klcc tday.
i shud buy a new visual journal and i can only find it at klcc *thre's some at sg wang or may b at midV.. i dunno* :P i learnt my lesson frm buying journal w/ horrible quality papers b4.. lolx. tak akan beli lg buku mcm tu hoh. :P

Monday, December 24, 2007
photo photo! *jerit mcm posto2 tp dgn pronunciation yg berbeza* :D

hari raya hari tu we went to the beach.
alamak, gmbr raya xde sbb kat kamera lg 1 :P
these ones wr shot by the phone camera.

tak nak ketinggalan buat vandelisme kat tepi pantai :D

arca buruk : oleh my bros. :P

siblings in black.
(shot ni buat 4 kali. 3 lg gmbr terpaksa tidak ditunjukkan sbb sgt aneh.. hahaha)

ohh i love this one. sky, and kites.
kalau ada masa i may put mo of these in myspace blog *art factory* :P

the rainbow kite. wuhou! xD

photoshoot! :P

digging in.. with false hope to get some gold. lol.

berbijik-bijik awan :P

ni kat tmpt lain.. on the way balik.
nmpk sgt lawa, so singgah jap ambik gmbr :]

i made this beach video for fun ^^ enjoyx.

tday, the renovation continues.
harith gonna get a new room! *cyehhhhhhh* :P
nnti free gwe tgkp gmbr yah.

oh yah, happy belated bday to liana and megat! :DD

was back frm kampong! :D
recall back; b4 this when we got home frm kampong, few things happened like black out, maggots in the fridge, mouse's-shits-fiesta and etc etc. now guess what happen this time :

yes, the ceiling's plaster oredy fall at the living room.

dang! we all fall down.. :P
lucky we'r not there when it's happened. or else, someone will lose his memory :))

shot this b4 we went to hometown.
cows in the neighood! :D
Wednesday, December 19, 2007

this is my wish for ya'll.
selamat hari raya haji, everyone.
d cows are at d field. and everyone in d neighood was thre to see the cows.
haha it's like a celebration.
i'm going back to my grannies' kampung.
till then. later. :]
how unusual.
yesterday carpet brought a mouse, tday it brought a bird.
may be tomorrow d squirrel or is it capable to bring d cows as well? :P
very hunting-ish. lol.

"juz leave it thre," said carpet.

the poor bird.

it hunted a bird, yet it still ate friskies.

i'm speechless.
2 murders in 2 days.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

this morning the cat brought us a 'gift'.
cantik betul tikus tu mati.. pose kangaroo and siap mengadap kiblat :P
Monday, December 17, 2007
thre's video, but i am too lazy to wait for the upload. :P
we hv this mini renovation at home.. they finished my new tingkaps and now i'v to mop d bedroom's floor.. hohs xP

we had this dinner on friday. it was fun, tho i missed the anugerah skrin.. lolx.
d theme was 'matching'.. hence all of our family wore black+red. i think. haha.

my bros.

mom msg-ed her 'best friend' who came a bit late.

i was hungry, really :P

here goes the 'makan-makan'.

one of the activity; kids next top model :B
thre's more like karaoke and lucky draw but i din shoot photos cuz.. er.. i think i was eating.. lolx.

free executive room! :P (before this living room-side was accidentally locked by.. HAHAHA and the hotel hafta call for lock specialist the next day) :P

andd the day went well.
if u follow asian idol since saturday, u may noe that hady mirza (singapore) wins.
good voice, and he did enjoy his singing *our jac mcm xberapa enjoy. she might b nervous or too attentive on the technical. well i dunno* :P i believe hady got millions of votes from the girls. i mean, he's adorable and all. and asians usually looking for 'a full package' ;]

k lah. nk hujan and i need to mop d floor.
till then. adios! :D
Sunday, December 16, 2007
i cuden post most of the time cuz :
1. the internet was being cruel :P
2. i went out
3. i played the sims like mad.. hahah.

i cuden get anyone to go to rantai. sad gileee T_T looks like everyone has a sunday plan; exam on monday, kenduris, nk pergi melawat makcik bersalin, and mo mo.

a tensed kenduri, yesterday :P hahaa actually thre'r 2kenduris.
one, at d back of my house. wahwahh d atmosphere was gr8, siap ada 2set makanan; tomato rice and kampung style. d catering workers worked skillfully. the pengantins walked frm-i-dunno-whre, may b d masjid to the bridegroom's house. jauh jugaklah dia jalan. i dunno, may b nk buat perarakan besar2an.. haha.

then at d other lorong, ada kenduri PAS. we tot it's a kenduri ceramah, but turned out someone from PAS was getting married. this one was hugee.. u cud smell gulai kawah and everyone wr cooking together and stuff. mmg jammed gle la jln sbb dua2 kenduri ni sebelah2 lorong je. but it's happening i tell u xD

next, to the 'tensed' kenduri at sg buloh. it's a celebs kenduri done at a nice, normal neighbourhood. sharifah aleya, and the pretty ugly drummer who is d son of my dad's friend. d kenduri was happening as usual. d host was nice and everything's gud except all the aku-tak-mau-balik-dan-tak-mau-bangun-dari-meja-makan attitude. like, everyone was pretending to eat and eat and eat and thre wr mo who finished eating, but refused to get off the chair. while ppl was flooding, kesian la kan kat org2 yg baru smpai and pegang pinggan and xdpt duduk ni *a.k.a. US.. wah hahaaa* i noe everyone was excited. but at least if u wanna see d bride and d bridegroom, pergilah tunggu kat depan pintu masuk tu. jgn nk pura2 tambah cendol ataupun rojak. :P
Thursday, December 13, 2007

everytime i went home frm univ, i passed by this 'padang rumput'.
i'll make sure i slow down everytime i passed the junction.
cuz i love to see d view.
d big field, with a big tree.
sometimes i saw cows thre.
mcm iklan fernleaf. HAH HA.

back then we had that kinda field at d back of my house.
padang dengan seketul pokok besar.. hoho.
sometimes a pakcik and his anak played golf thre.. *ye.. di padang sekangkang kera tu boleh main golf!* :P
now all we can c thre is concrete.
sgt byk concrete.. everywhre. fed-up gle tgk.

i wanna play the sims I.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007
well, since blankqo was asking me wutz my current activities on this unemployment days... wah hahaa --> believe it or not, am busy with things tho i am particularly at home *orang kata duduk rumah bosan and all, ay? lol*

sbb back on my super-hectic-univ-days, i made all thse silly plans in my head and i din even hv time to proceed w/ it. (skang ni lah masanyaaaa HAHA!) :P

currently i'm writing my resume. headachelah buat resume. it's not like writing comics *writing COMICs?? wut the---* oklah i'll continue writing resume 2moro je.. hohhooo (while closing the microsoftWord) :b am i lazy or wut??
Sunday, December 09, 2007
my bros went to pc fair yesterday, while i was having the exam.
and i was like.. mengapakah mereka tidak menunggu sy?? :P
so tday i went to jomheboh w/ my friend. makdatokkk the crowd!!
and mind the jammed exit route from the parking. mcm tahi. :b
and frm all the cars yg lalu, all those ppl nk jugak lintas dpn kereta sy. juz imagine all the slow-mo movement.. ackttttt. *ok b patient.. b patient..*
-->sape suruh pergi, kn? hahaha


super early dinner @quality.

my project+thesis. skang xde da print2 tesis, semua soft-copy haha senang hidup aku :P

and i can say tday is the partayy day.
orang india kat simpang tu buat party besar2an.. all those khemahs and balloons.
and i heard music not very far frm my house.
ppl are partying everywhere.

am going to quality in a while.. sleep thre.
i'm partying myself.. lolx.
phew! my classes and exam are oredy over.
i will miss my classmates and d tutor.

hahaa now i can go slide in d snow~
*ye lah tu* :P
Wednesday, December 05, 2007

wahhh art event!!! xD this one is cool, dr tahun lps nk pergi xpergi2.. lolx.
art booth, art performances, bands, etc etc.
feel like going.
siapa nk pergi?
seriously, i'm seeking for company/ies :D
can anyone tell me why the internet being so stubborn lately?

tday was full of water :P
super banyak water.

back from class.

weird clay ball-i dunno who made this. it's on d table.
sebelah tu cable yg dipasang sendiri.. hahah burok, kn? :P
Monday, December 03, 2007
hari ni ada time nk post sumthin ere.. hah hahaaa :P

hari ni kelas, mcm biasa.
felt freakin lazy *biasalah, monday.. d grandmother of all laziness* :b lepak in the car for a sec b4 headed to class.
balik lunch.
kitorg terkejut tgk kejadian ni. sgt menggemparkan :

:P hahaha mcm mn dua2 motor ni boleh tergolek dog padahal basikal kat tepi tu rilex je??!!

then kat kelas tu, our tutor bitau kitorg psl exam, yada yada.
susah gle nk lulus. soalan ada 60..70.. kne lulus 800+ over 1000marks.
si z ni pun start calculate minimum salah yg kitorg boleh buat to ensure us to pass. *org len tgh kira2 subnet mask, IPaddress semua, dia kira markah pulak. lolx*

"gahh tahun bila kite boleh pass ni?!!" tanya z dgn enthusiasticnya.

pastu we were looking at the board and terpempan melihat calculations yg sebahagiannya sudah dipadam oleh tutor kitorg.

hari tu lg penuh board ni, tp xsempat nk snap.

then kitorg tgk meja tutor.. eh beliau dah hilang!

rupanya beliau kat belakang, tgh buat sesi jawab2 dgn students len. *sbb rsnya we cud hear his voice frm our seats.. org len x menyoal pun, beliau je yg jawab.. hohoho* :b

penerangan ttg kabel2 terbabit amat merumitkan mereka. :P

then i looked at d table besides me. cetts dia pon tgh buat soalan exam elektronik kat pc dia!

contoh student yg sedang belajar utk exam.
thanks to our model ; blankqo.

melihatkan kesungguhan blankqo, kitorg pun xmao kalah :

'konon' :P

few minutes laterh..

buku2 bergelimpangan ditinggalkan.

..& disambung dgn aktiviti lain; watching series on streaming video. :P

..selang xbrape lama lps tu, blankqo pun turut sm surfing sbb katanya soalan exam tu susah sgt.. sakit kepala dia. gee i wonder how will i do, org yg pandai pun ckp susah. org yg xpandai ni mcm mn?? :B