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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
as usual, i had to get ready for class at 7.15am.
drove to univ and reached thre after 9am *and my class starts bila? guess. hahaa yah, 9am* ;P
moreover it's raining so semorg pun dtg lmbt.
dtg2 je dah kena set router lg.. lolx.
*a multimedia student set router?? disaster* :b
our class was at other faculty, and this faculty is like a maze.
2-3days kat sini pun belum boleh hafal jalan nk pergi tandas and even jalan nk naik ke kelas! seriously it's a maze. u thot this side is pintu masuk but then rupanya jalan mati. u thot sini belah depan fac tapi rupanya belah belakang.. hahaha. and it's like a colonial building. kinda cool jugaklah, minus the lost part. tp skrg da ok sket, xlost sgt.. wah haha.
ok tu je lah. mundane gile kan.
Saturday, November 24, 2007
wackttt sorry for not posting for few days!!! :P
i cuden open blogspot from the class, and i was too busy completing my thesis at home. i think i din hv time to rest till now.. hahah.

oh yah i tk this class for ccna cert exam.
well i'm kinda a dummy in computering, i dunno wut d heck i'm doing by taking d class. lolx.
d class starts frm 9am-5pm.. weekdays.
dat explains why i cuden blog. *sy sengsara jiwa sbb xblog niiiii lolx*

td went to digital mall to find a shop 2repair d laptop screen *xchange d screen to a new one, actually*. but xjumpa kedai fujitsu. my dad almost bought me a new, light, small laptop but suddendly we found a shop that can change d screen for rm800! dang! there goes d new laptop.. no new laptop for me.. :P *well i love my old laptop like no other!*

juz watched 'cornetto love perhaps' *finally.. after stucked in my room d whole time completing d stups thesis* :b d 2nd season was better and nicer.. haha. i dunno why i like girls and *definately* guys in shows like tha. guys in cleo mag, in wut women want tv show.. that kinda guys. probably cuz they look hot and they communicate well. lolx.

sorry no photos .. yet.
tggu my lappie siap selasa ni eyh. ;]
Tuesday, November 20, 2007
hoorah hoorah!! i juz finished my final year project's presentation!! xD and it's all gud.

i watched 9september afterwards; for celebration. lol.

i'll find a way to upload my photos here..
it's hard without d laptop. gee i miss my laptoppppppp

p/s : i fall in love w/ heath ledger.. for few days ;]
Sunday, November 18, 2007
hye everyone!!!
mis ya'll!! *hugs hugs* :P
hahaa. d reasons why i abandoned din post my blog in few days are bcuz :

1-my bro accidentally stepped on my lappie and d screen is TOTALLY DAMAGED.
2-the internet (or d router?) sucks. baru bukak kejap da lagging nk mati.

since i cant use my laptop, it's hard to do most of d things; to upload d photos, manipulate em, and even surfing!! i tot of using my bro's laptop, but internet din do its job well. now i'm using my aunt's laptop for the project. hoo sgt kasihan, kn? :P

i hv some stories to share, but i dun hv my lunch yet HAHA.
maka sy akan pergi mkn sbb mkn sgt penting :b
ok. ciao. ;]
Thursday, November 08, 2007




oh oh happy deepa. haha.
Monday, November 05, 2007
look! yesterday i ate a piranha!! :P

wohh ngerinya gigi dia.

ntah-ntah benda ni karnivor x? hahaha.
ok kidding! :P

self-photo : kat hosp.
very formal-ish cara duduk itu. LOL

kelakar betul.
we hv a cat, squirrel(may b squirrels?), yellow bird, cockroach and some lizards.
i think we'r qualified to open a zoo. :DD

ohh. and the cockroach lives in d garbage bin outside.
everytime i took out d trash, i saw it in d bin.
warna dia merah and i nvr see a beautiful cockroach like tha. :P
most of d roaches berwarna brown+ hitam2 eh? haha.

nk tggu kalau2 ada monyet pulak nk dtg. :b
Sunday, November 04, 2007
wouh hooo da abes exam!!! xD
*jumping. jumping*

am posting this on falet's laptop.
jd xde photos apa2. lol.

mc d sect22 ada good-looking guyyyyyyyy HAHAH
then when i was thre, we saw my cute neighbour w/ a girl. dating ke sumthin i dunno :P

played new game : delicious2.
dia mcm diner dash, but better graphic and sound lg seronok ;D
tp now xsmpt main. huu busy-wuzzy.