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Sunday, July 30, 2006
krup! krap! *streching my body* hahhh i used d entire sunday 2do my lab assignment. *not entirely lah, i still ate and watched tv for a while.. tee hee* managed 2mk a silly lost cow out of a program. no, xde gmbr. as i said, it's silly. u'll laugh real hard if u see it.. lolx. but im happy i finished it at last ^^

hope xhectic sgt this wik. &i wanna go home on friday morning minggu ni. *went home on friday night for 2weeks!!* &hope i can shoot lotsa interesting pics this week. *wink2* ada event this week, i must shoot sumthin ;] wahh lotsa HOPE.

gahh.. i missed one in a million!! baru teringat once i type this.. akhhh... assignment.. u killed my tv time!!

hotness of d week.
Saturday, July 29, 2006


i seldom put my pics, isn't it? :b tday went to 2 kenduris. my cous and my 2nd cous' weddings. &i'd to bring d cake. d bekas tembaga was freakin heavy i wish i fall so tha i wont hafta carry tha heavy cake with bekas tembaga nmo. brape kg ntah benda tu. it's like im carrying a table on my hands. no mo bekas tembaga after this. :b

cacat, isn't it?

jgn buang sampah di sni, so diorg threw it di sana *di sebelah sign board* hahaha. they really understand d sign board :b

convocation is starting! went to this ekspotani at bukit ekspo *to get merit.. hahaha* and walking around. it's hot, so d walking is fast :b ada la stalls and stuff, but we're mo interested 2see d animals.. hahaha.

arnab bulat ^^

z said this is anak2 ayam mati bergelimpangan.. ahax :b
no la, they'r alive.. hehe.

2 goats yg pelik.
Thursday, July 27, 2006

my 2 pretty friends, z and leenk. ;]

this is d story of wednesday. ^^
had 5 classes.
KOC class *communication.. more to PR. my elective class*. d whole class; us; will mk a big event as our 2nd assignment. last 2 sems d class *frm d same subject* invited mawi, last sem invited hans isaac.. tha tayangan amal thingy.. i dunno wut we gonna mk this sem. but lecturer said, no mo artiste.. lolx. somethin different. so how abt perarakan kapal perang sepanjang jln universiti? ahax ok2 i was just kiddin :b

had quiz in multimedia application class. got 4 wrong.. hahaha.

finally.. ethnic class! i love d class cuz there's fithri *tho lecturer boring nk mati. sorry lecturer!* :b
we'r late. late 2catch d bus. late 10mins.
d class was full. i was walking 1st. seeking for seats with my friends. walked sampai belakang. dang! there's fithri. he's looking. *prolly semua pon looking, tgk 3girls wandering around 2find seats.. lolx* then he pointed to this table. may b wanted 2tell us, sn ada seats. mmglah empty seats, but thre'r files and bag kat situ.. prolly somebody's seats. lolx.
had to, we sat nex 2d wall *without table!!* yadayada, at last d boys *jr* 1row kat table blakang, sat closer 2give us some space 2sit with em at d table. how nyze. something funny happened, tp mls lah nk crite.. hahah. but got a good scenery of fithri from my new seat.. keh3. >:)

fithri, d once-a-week scenery. :b
Tuesday, July 25, 2006

my hostel table.

monday. d day when all d works begin. this is d day when i hv 10am-4pm classes. straight.
but 2pm class was cancelled, so.. wee hee!! ^^

OS class; had to open d CPU, format d PC, install windows 98.. those unexciting stuff.. keh2 :b luckily my group mmber si ady tu terrer.. hah ha :b as exepected *ye ke?* z&as r in d same group with tha guy yg leen lykes tu *leen lykes a lot! haha* think d name is firdaus.. er.. kinda pelik la with tha name cuz he dyed his hair, wears stylish clothes dgn boxer nmpk.. lolx. tha OS class.. quite alright la; lotsa stylish peeps, lecturer ok.. ahax.

i went breakfast alone for 2days. yesterd, and 2moro. my roomates xsempat nk wake up 2hav breakfast.. hee hee :b but yesterd farid&putra ada join me eating.. tday no one.. lolx. weh sape nmpk me mkn sorg tu, join ah.. hahaha. >:)
Sunday, July 23, 2006


teddy kena dera.. keh3 :b

not doin much at home.. ahax. yesterd went to alam sentral, yadayada.. nyte watching af4's concert. amirul was out, but somebody will get in nex wik. hope it's lotter.. hah haha.. *not bcuz of d singing, but d way he brings happiness 2d academy* ;]

tday went to ss3 PJ *noe whre it is? cuz we're lost on d way goin there.. hah haha* :b yerp, a wedding. i looove goin 2weddings cuz at a wedding, there's food! ahax. i saw my fave car at d road b4 reaching ss3.. ngeh3.

toyota yaris. looks awesome, isn't it? ^^

dahlah, dats all. tengkiu. :b
Saturday, July 22, 2006

my new phone tha i love and adore.. ecehh ;]

guys! im freakin tired throughout d week. mentally & physically. still tired. just reached home.. around 11.30pm!!

12th college had this talent hunt goin on 2nyte, &i only managed 2catch d last band cuz i'd 2attend this meeting at university's stadium *jauh bersiar2 tday.. ahax* i shot pics. d guitarist is d hotness of all *or is he a basist? ive no clue*, a thing drops from heaven lolx i was juz kiddin. but he looked like my fave drummer frm fcannon, azril dino. my style. :] kolej tu besar lah, susah nk carik orang. :P

a black scoot with xgames sticker at parking lot. siapa punya, hands up!! ;]
Thursday, July 20, 2006
wakhh my classes on monday gonna be xtra super freaky!! lolx. starting 10am-4pm without break! :o i dun care, i wanna hv my lunch at 10am &get in d lab late!! wah hahaha *bermuka super jahat* :b

hah! at last! a real class with students mo than 15people!! *u cant imagine, 2 of my classes yg studentsnya sgt sikit mcm dlm kelas private tutor.. huhuh* and then POPS! there's a stylish+cute boy plak dlm tha class.. hah hahaha~ d name is fithri he wears a leather wristband! gahh!! :B *leenk lykes him 1st, and i ended up liking him too.. &ntah2 z pon sm.. keh3. hye z!! <--waving to z* ;] at least i talked to him hahaha. my days make sense again.

oh yeah, i bought a new phone, 4days ago.. on sunday. dats all. thank you :b

gonna be really2 hectic soon. tata!
Tuesday, July 18, 2006
do you realize how hot it is now? akh i got sweaty juz going out to d cafe &buying my lunch. d class tday was cancelled, so staying in d hostel room was lyke.. super heaven! lolx.

dunia baru.. hm.. tajol was fun. and bilelah opie will like adif?! tee hee.

this cyber cafe at college *whre i am ryte now* ske psg lagu ala2 blink182 ni.. ahax. awesome! ^^
Monday, July 17, 2006
yesterd had this interview with my friends. sgt menakutkan, ogeyh! *cuz i was d last person.. huu* :b but then d interviewers wr kinda nice. lolx.

pastu td went 2 PV cafe.. crowded gile!! then digi came &md this promotion.. alien vs predator, dgn maskot2 alien/killer yg menakutkan &chased everyone who's passing by. semorg menjerit2 mcm kne kejar ngan serial killer &ran away like a monkey.. hahaha.. *tu xmasuk lg 2groups of students yg main game ngan digi, which team has d loudest shout.. cafe tu da jd mcm super happening* ahax kahax.

ohh yeah, tho those who looove siti *lolx* she gonna be married with datuk k.. yes, ur fave datuk tu.. keh3 :b

aight hv class after this. toodle-loo!
Sunday, July 16, 2006
sleeping with the light on - busted

gimme that! :b

siamese twin.. nahh! ;]

no, i dun hv sisters. they'r putri's nieces. yeah, kids love camera.. haha.

my handphone.. enjoys being broken &having problem all the time. shud i, or shud i not change it??
Saturday, July 15, 2006

this is actually one of d pic tha i want to post in my old blog b4 i figured out that d blog was having some kinda problem i dunno wut it was.. lolx.

everyone, have a new feel, a new look, and a new environment of my new blog! ahax :b

wut did i do 4 d past few days.. *think2* well i went to petakmasa *aie, curik ur term! ahax* timesquare &watched pirates of the carribean : dead man's chest. 2gether with my best friend on her bday.. hoho. d movie was gr8, and we had d best seat.. right in d middle!! i want2 treat her baskin ice cream, but we're sangat sangat sated.. till friday, time gi midvalley tu pon xsempat nk mkn baskin. nex time yah, z! hehee. :b

oh yeah, both of us, follow this gorgeous creature in d train. seriously, he's listening to a music player, he wore a hooded-top.. and he's freakin fine. ahax. *dah start dah..* >:)

lotter is out from academy. nk pergi berkabung.. hahah.