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Monday, January 29, 2007
i'm still at home. recovering. lolx.

and we won d 1st place of d explorace!! wee!! ^^

bidding last night was horribly exciting. hahah.
Sunday, January 28, 2007
hahh im back!! had this gila-gila explorace at univ yesterd. sgt2 tiring yet super fun ;D now hav all this aches all over my body. tu la akibatnya x exercise pastu main masuk je.. lolx.

my team. frm left to right : me, syafiq boy, syafiq girl, iju. *d bestest team mates ever!* :b

how shud i sum up d race in one sentence.. hm. it's juz like explorace on tv, plus 2times cross country, minus d taxi *we cud only walk and run*.. hoho. and my team mates, they love to run! they'r like running machine.. and me? haha tired wehhh... thank you for keeping up wimme lolx. and thanx iju for d towel, thanx boy for carrying my bag :D

one of d tasks.

we've 10checkpoints to be headed to, 10tasks.. and d whole univ area to run. betul la gila. eating nasty food, jump into d lake *and smelled like a fish hahah*, kopek d kelapa, do this, do that, running across d field 2-3times, getting on d hill 2times, slipping under d gate, mo mind challenging tasks, getting super selekeh and running around d univ wet *thanks to the lake* :P we'r d 3rd team to arrived, but the winner is not announced yet since there'r teams tha cuden do some tasks, so they got d time penalty. d result will be tonite. and i'll tell ya about it later :]

happy faces before gettin into d lake.

haha and iju + syafiq girl.. tha has 'sumthin' goin on.. looking so sweeet together lah. ^^ seeing people dats in "crazy love" is just terrific. hoho. :]

bergelimpangan after the race. *d others wr not in d shot haha*

we're tired, pretending to look energetic and happy.. hua haha. :b

so dats all about it. thanks for viewing, and hv a happy sunday ;D

p/s : team mates, u guys rox!
Friday, January 26, 2007
haha these r d pics tha i wanna post previously, but failed due to d photobucket problem. ;]

juz wanna show you how some malaysians are too lazy to put back things at d right place.

and while i was digging old stuff in d store, i found my long-lost doodle book!
whoah how i miss tha book so much. ^^

a story with a visual. psl sk8ers.
ya yah back then i was so crazee about xtreme games and skaterboys :P

asian xGames memory. i approached tha boy for his pic. *no, not d one who showed his tummy.. lolx*
but i lost his upclose pic in my virus-infected pc!! ackt!!

my dream room. kononnye. hahah.
if u'r wondering, dats an aquarium nex to d laptop :P *xde ms weh nk kasi ikan mkn haha berangan je tau*

well ive assignment 2do, some notes 2read and some notes 2b printed but d ink is out.. malasnye!! :P

everyone is drooling over budak nike. hahah. gooooo budak nike!! ;]
will be having class in 1 hour.
i dun wanna type much cuz im afraid thre'll be error again, juz like 2days ago.. lolx.

so hv fun everyone.
and i'll blog longer at home.
Wednesday, January 24, 2007
i just post sumthin and it's missing.
how annoying was that.
happy wednesday everyone ;D
im killing d time b4 interactive speaking class starts in 10mins *masuk lmbt pon xpe kot hua haha* with this half disfunctional spacebar key.. lolx.

this week is tedious.
everyone went meeting &i got nuthin 2do rather than made myself lazier. haha.
and it's totally hot ere.
u can feel ur skin burning even in ur hostel room. sykes.

and it's sick week.
everyone's sick including me. ghh this mysterious virus. lololol.

dats all abt it. im planning on watching movie 2nyte.
if it happens.
Sunday, January 21, 2007
ackt photobucket xboleh bukak!!!
no pics for tday, tho i'd already load d pics in my laptop. cyetts photobucket. ade sj problem :P

first, happy maal hijrah everyone!! semoga tahun baru ni best. hehe.

friday, lunch at midV with z. saw few weird styles. lolx. rupanya kat tingkat atas tu ade japan exhibition. ohh patut lah~ :b

saturd, i was finishing d storyboard. presentation will be on monday.

heyy i was fall in love with his voice! d nicest voice ive ever heard in my life!! *d owner of d voice is discreetly secret. hehe*

dats all. cya. ^^
Friday, January 19, 2007
juz sharing few photos ..

my own made stat box.

audio visual class.

my schedule. no classes on friday ;D

draw sum mo.

friends, yesterd nyte. event at college.

american idol da start.. together with AF.. haha.
Thursday, January 18, 2007
hua hahaha. tday xde klaz.
so my goal is, surfing till im fainted :P

yah i noe i noe.. people always see me walking alone around d univ, eating alone and stuff. and they make speculation about it *u think i dunno eh? haha* ;] d thing is, my friends r busy &sometimes they'r not havin d same class as i am, and sometimes they dun wake up yet so i go breakfast alone and make my own plan. *susah kn jd org bgun awal? haha* but i enjoy walking alone. im trained to walk alone since centuries ago *when i walked alone at kl sentral or malls.. im just lovin it* :P to those who pity me cuz i walk alone, dun. i dun feel it's a burden. it's sumthin relaxing.. lolx.

hm okeh. wut happened throughout d week eh?
well, i met TONNSS of annoying people this week, most of em are girls *surprising eh?* girl yg potong queue kat cafe, girl yg xsbr nk potong queue bas tho bas tu kosong *apa ntah yg dia nk rebutkan tu. juz being competitive i guess? bodo* :b girl yg blocking my way ms nk ambik food just bcuz she's answering d phone.. and a whole lot mo. so guys, if u wanna seek for a gf, find out first whether tha girl has some respect on other people or not. jgn hrpkan muka sj cantik tp attitude zero. enuff said :P

guys yg hot? haha ade lah few kat sni. mesti ade punya.. hahaha.
Sunday, January 14, 2007

drawing for fun.

some graffiti pop art stuff? sape yg campak kat atas lemari tu? haha

happy sunday!
Saturday, January 13, 2007

twins? hihi.

top is d pic of leenk & as. u shud noe tha d bags r also same but in diff colours. lolx.

reached home yesterday, after laying my butt on gsc midV's seat. i was catching d NiGhT aT d MuSeUm *d real thing is, i went thre to watch LoVe wReCkEd, but it's not out yet* :b and wandering around alone at midV. ye, saya suka berjalan2. lolx.

train to KL frm midV was kinda torturing *haha*. full with people. &i stood at d wrong place. thre's nuthin tha i cud hold thre to keep me away frm trembling. luckily thre's this girl standing in front of me, &she looked like wanna fall too. so i grabbed her arm & we'r helping each other for balance. haha. nex time im gonna do d same thing for d same situation :b

for d very last hour, things wr getting better. thankfully. ^^

eh didya noe shrek d third is coming soon? i saw it at d cinema ad. wakh cant wait. it looked really funny ;D
Wednesday, January 10, 2007
i am not good in persuading anyone. period. lolx.

life at univ is a bit mixed up. hee.

i'll blog later at home, when d connection is faster. im suffering d snail connection ere.. ackttt!!
Saturday, January 06, 2007

brown carpet and a paperbag.

d view of shah alam frm 20th floor.

did d pics describe where i went last nyte till this morning? ;]

yay ive saw III dvd!! ^^
Friday, January 05, 2007
saya kembali di rumah.. hahaha. im home! ;D
3days of classes with less people around *most of everyone still in holiday mood, some of em will be back at univ, nex wik.. lolx*

internet @univ vs internet @home. kat lab internet sgt slow. dats y it's hard to blog or reply myspace msg-es thre.

2nights of having dinner outside d univ.
*cafes were freakin crowded*

'what women want'. ram was out. he's my 2nd fave after hafiz. apsal dia keluar, wey?? :b

i noe this year everyone will be super busy. *with studies, most of it* but whether thre's nyone reading my blog or not, im still gonna do blogging. &u gonna miss hot gossips ere.. lolx.

all my lecturers are super nice. im blessed with nice lecturers this semester. thank you!! *smbil tgk langit* :P
Wednesday, January 03, 2007
first day of new semester.
& 2 of my friends are not back yet.
attended 2 classes oredy. 2 classes mo 2go *on evening*.
later okeh. hehe. cya.
Monday, January 01, 2007

two o o seven.
and it's d first day of d year. lolx.

i like d idea of makin resolutions.
may b it'll help u 2b a better person *or not? haha*
my res, i wanna live a happy life. dats it.
itupon susah nk achieve, tahu. lolx. :b

im sick on new year, and d days b4 new year. still sick.
plz.. pass me d strepsils.

[rizal was makin me sick i wanna poke him with a drumstick. haha.]

HaPpY nEw yEaR, everyone!!! :D