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Monday, November 27, 2006
i may not be blogging for few days.
on vacation. :]
technical difficulties of streamyx in my area.
dats y i couldnt on9 for few days.

catching up.
well thurz went to midV.
watched casino royale. i shud juz watch it on dvd.
it's a long movie. freakin cold cinema. lolx.
at last, went to baskin robbins.
ate ice cream. :b

friday, lepak home.
saturd, lepak home.
sunday, roti canai @sect 2.
art+stationeries shopping. made bday card for a friend.
claypot chicken rice @tesco sect13.
eat eat eat.

i downloaded d 1st eps of mY sO-cALLeD LiFe!! yeah!! jordan catalanooooo.

happy birthday, napstezz!!
Wednesday, November 22, 2006
disastrous day. penat2.
i hv a runny nose from yesterd's sore throat.
gee not comfy at all :P
cherp urinated on d mat.
*cepel.. d kitten. yeah we call him tha*
terima kaseh krn buang air atas alas kaki.
hoh ho.

happy birthday, ziti chantek!
Tuesday, November 21, 2006

deep fried crabs. :P~

d kids found a kitten yesterd &gave it to me.
omg it's freakin cute!! it has stripe on his head *a sporty kitten, ay?* ;]
we let it running around in d house & sleep ere also lah. lolx.

dunia baru smlm.. hilarious! mak adif.. u rox! ahaha. darius, super fine. but lame gile cuz he's a snob. wait till he falls in love with madihah hahaha~ *vry evil laugh*

ANTM *america's nex top model*.. they learnt how to mk a fake laugh for photoshoot. xtremely fake it made me laugh :b

it's all about laughing la diz week.. lolx lolx.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

leenk and i.

yesterd i went to leenk's house wit shafez *leenk's bf*. it's at seremban, so we took d train frm shah alam then stopped 4 a while at kl sentral. u shud see how crowded it was at midvalley station. everyone was in outing mood! stylish peeps day. betul xtipu. lolx.

and boyy i ate a lot yesterd.. hahah. a bowl of spicy chicken rendang juz for me *tepi2 jgn bg shafez mkn! ahaha* leenk's mom even gave us some to bring home. it's d sate-est day ever! lolx. thnx to leenk & fam. :]
Saturday, November 18, 2006

me and ormo.

lolx. this is not the sims. repeat. this is not the sims. :P
it's a 3D virtual chat and i get a new friend tday! yay. lolx.
d thing is cute. try it.
if u guys interested in playing around with d virtual chat, tell me. i'll send an invitation. :]

will goin out tday. out.
Friday, November 17, 2006

d big, and scariest, and nastiest place ever.. the exam hall!! *ok ok i just made it up. lolx* this is where i was this morning, answering my exam paper. it's freakin hard only God knows how miserable we were in d hall.

ok d fun part. i finished all my papers!! and now i can dream, i can go eat prawn tomyam *prawn eats ur brain. haha*, i can sleep like whenever i want *isn't tha wut u do even on exam weeks, haa?* :b and i can absolutely watch tv and surf d net 24/7! yeahx! *yeah ryte, like u'r capable doing tha.* HeYy stop it, wordings in asterisk bracket!!

and as d finale of all this mess *i mean d exam of course*, i saw a hotness on my way back home. yah haha. a good sem break start, indeed. dia mcm model, okeh. :b

Thursday, November 16, 2006
my laptop is okie dokie now, but i need 2setup d streamyx back; which i 4got how, &i lost d manual and stuff. lolx. how ah? :b

haha i read sumthin in one of my must-read-daily-site *d URL is secret, dun ask me* :b love is blind, dats y people love to grope [cinta tu buta, sbb tu org ske meraba2]. yee meraba is not good. dun do tha. *ini blog matapelajaran pendidikan moral. hahaha*

when i said i AM in d middle of note-reading and i cant reply msg-es, suddenly one of my friend said i abandon him(?)/her(?). a friend wud understand if u'r on sumthin important and cant be there for a while. but i'll be back. dun worry, hun. :]

but blogging? hahah i'll never stop blogging tho im gonna hv exam soon. *like in 1 day!! gosh!* :b it's like.. watching tv. or a hot guy asks u on a date. u can never resist it.
Wednesday, November 15, 2006
d note-reading is.. er.. sickening me. seriously.
i need a glass of watermelon juice & lay down somewhere near d beach. pft.

2 mo days, wani. 2 mo days.. :b

oh yah. since all d annoying pop-up ads affected my internet surfing experience *to sumthin awful*, my laptop was sent to d shop for anti-virus upgrade. dat explains y i din blog for like.. 2 days?

didya watch TRL on mtv? i cant believe they gonna give someone a lamborghini just by winning d latest NFS carbon game!! ngkt! a sports car tha worth around US$170+K!! gile ah.

and d virtual laguna beach looks amazing! i mean, u can chat with the sims-look-environment! mcm dubit chat! [] oh xfhm? abaikan sj. :P

dizzy wizzy. zzz.
Sunday, November 12, 2006
this is funny. ive no option rather than publish this :P
buy one for me, plz.. :b

my anti-virus is out of date and those silly pop-up ads come out and driving me crazy. i should upgrade the anti-virus, send this laptop to comp shop a.s.a.p.
Friday, November 10, 2006
morning! :]
news for tday : dr fazley is married, sazzy falak is married, & i read sumthin abt datuk azhar mansor said tha he had no comment abt him being an apostate. hah.

goshh omar is arman's brother??
what a small-small section.. ahax.

i couldn't use d movie maker 2mk tha naked chef sorta like video edit!! it kept hanging & driving me crazy.
Thursday, November 09, 2006

i was browsing while waiting for my busted videovlip to load. & i found this boy's page. it's not everyday tha u found a caucasian with nice english+malay name, & has all d good traits along d way. lolx. *frm msia, resides oversea, yes a muslim, simple, play instruments.. blabla* plus, he's looking like tha boy frm the jonas brothers *it's a band* :P &boy, sorry for putting ur pic ere *if he ever reads this, which i think will not happen.. hahaha* i just think u'r quite attractive.

& i found few kissing pics courtesy of our malay couples. gee they look pretty proud doing that.. hahah. *kids, it's not a thing to be proud of* :b

till we meet again. hahah.
Wednesday, November 08, 2006

i love 2eat this. if u wan2 treat me, bring me ere.. lolx.

tot wanna go to KL tday. going 2my fave hornbill restaurant, walking around at midV. but i thought, ive nuthin 2do or nuthin 2buy, i'll be walking cluelessly then.. hahah. better stick at home and eat ;]

yah. i love 7th heaven, & i love 2nd chance. it's been a while since i watched spanish telenovela.. hahah.

does anyone knows how to find friends via MSN live messenger? my list is empty for God sake. :P i wanna try it cuz d layout is cute. hahahaa.

ta for now. dun hv my breakfast yet. breakfastttt, tunggu gwe!!
Tuesday, November 07, 2006
knocked silly - OAG

i subscribed d movie channel, updated everything including this blog, myspace, friendster, i wrote birthday card, download music & movies. *pretend not having exam* hahahah.
Monday, November 06, 2006
fohh d wind was nyze~* japgi sure hujan byk. *zzz* :b

tday, i finished my 4th paper. 11mo days until d next paper *d last one!!* clap3. haha.

my breakfast @12. slurpp.

ate ere. love 2eat ere. ^^

well yesterd sunday. *yahh everyone knows la yesterd sunday.. lolx* we went to open house @azran's a.k.a. browsing his new home at puncak perdana. it's a new born neighbourhood, facing d pokok-pokoks. :b quite nyzelah. *thanx 4 inviting us!! heheh*

me, leenk, as.

z, as, leenk.

since my friends wr coming frm d univ, we lay park @my house afterwards. plus beraya. then my next door neighbour made open-house some mo.. so we went thre mkn pure laksa penang. stayed till 9++pm. balik 2gether 2univ.

then tday ada exam paper. finished, took train back to shah alam.
home!!! :]
Saturday, November 04, 2006

girl on tv - LFO

freedooommmmmm!!! *burn d calculator alive* :b well not entirely d freedom tha i expect. still hv 2 mo papers coming.

hari ini tayar kereta pancit on my way to exam. bagosnyeee~ :P luckily it happened in d univ area. so i had to walk to faculty while my dad change d tyre. d walk was long *long distance walk* siap lalu tha chinese graveyard lagi.. hahaha. *nasib baik pagi!!*

d exam was d susah-est ever!! d word MATH is erased from my memory long2 time ago :b

now where's d Hula-Hoop~