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Wednesday, October 31, 2007
a parcel frm putribalqis ^^

look!! how thin thse lenses are! gle sape pkai spek ni? haha.

semua. 2nyte awal ashaari will b on tv3 at 11pm.
mari tgk rmai2! haha.
im going to univ tday to settle things.
kejap je, then balik.
ive tonss of notes 2b read. lol.

received kueh raya frm puteri balqis yesterd. by post, okayh? really cool ^^

new series : kisah kaisara.
oklah, not tha bad. kaisara showed a good example to everyone, d boy was cute. i'd no complaint. hoho.
but my bro's making faces each time keluar bunga2 kat skrin tu hahaha
ok apa bunga >:P

like i'm really free to post a blog? nahh. later yah. ;]
Sunday, October 28, 2007
baru balik short cuti smlm.
it's very short, and very near. hoah haha.
and we had a great window view :D

sini byk pokok palms.

night is coming! alert alert! :P
*ignore the subject on d left; d kelubung one*

hunger after swimming.

last night went to my friend's raya bbq. *sempat lg cuti2 balik rumah haha. as i said, it's very near* ;]
then i fetched rock & putri. str8 to maisarah's.
da lama xpergi bbq partayyyy hahaha.
prob was ayam xmasak2 and everytime sy menyebok kat tmpt bbq, auntie tu kasi udang melambak2 lolx.

din shoot much photos of d bbq cuz was busy lookin at d atmosphere. :P
back to tmpt bercuti on midnight.

family punya makan2. :P

harith and i.

konon nk buat pancake ni mcm gourmet food la *konon* :b

i shot lotsa videos this time.
wohh i love videos ^^

at least this weekend, i felt alive.
now i can continue my work. my stressful work; with a good mood.
Friday, October 26, 2007
i am hectic. hectichectichectic. but i pretend not to. lolx.

harith's bday celebration was nyze. we had balloons and cake and prezzie etc etc.
gee i miss going to my friends' bday partyyyyyy

2mro i'll be on a short vacation.
i hope thre will be no sms or call. hoho. i juz need a lil break frm all this craziness.
Thursday, October 25, 2007
sorry 4 d late post, was occupied w/ work.
btw, tday is my bro's birthday and also my friend, diyana's bday. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of you!! ^^

harith is 14; and i noe he will keep shuffling and eating lotss and lotss of sweets and being great at copying things he sees on tv *he can be a good tv-ad kid-actor wah hahaa*
my wish fo u, horrace; is that semoga u'll always b happy and do things tha'll make u happy. kalau xhappy xyah buat ahax. happy bday, dey. :P

makdatokk smlm hari disaster!! da la meredah hujan pergi kelas, terlambat lg, terlajak simpang smpai ntah mn2 ntah. i was not familiar w/ tha place, so i juz drove ikut suka hati while praying dlm hati hahahaa at last dlm 5 minit da smpai kelas.. er.. tho i was late 15mins. and it was cold. and i din eat yet.

i settled lotsa univ matters smlm. and packed my things frm hostel, bwk balik rumah semua cuz kelas da abes for this sem. mmg xmkn a roti dlm beg tu until 2pm, while driving back home. since i was superrrr hungry, i went buying nasi beriyani afterwards. and who knew they'r going to makan luar pulak lepas tu?!! akhhh i was full! xboleh mkn daaaaa

as usual, to this place.
harith loves this place. kinda mkn for his bday sbb mlm ni nk pergi rumah uncle @dmsara, my cous' gettin married this weekend.

tgkp gmbr 101; if u dun want to nmpk lobang hidong in ur pic, tunduk lah sikit spy hidung xkelihatan lubang.. HAHAHA *yo yo o je bg tips* :P

mi parents, mi bro. d other one din come cuz he din eat those stuff.

since i was reallyyy busy thse few days, barulah sempat beli hadiah haret smlm. both of my bros menumpang tdo at my room cuz their aircond sucks rosaks lolx.. so i cuden hide d present thre nnti haret nmpk. i put it in my mom's room without telling her first. and she saw d present and she was like "wahh apsal ada present kat sni??" and haret heard it and he ran to see d prezzie wakhhhh. but mom hid it behind and nasib baik budak itu tidak melihatnya lg.. lolx. i dun like to blow surprises. :P

this pic was taken in my hostel room 2days ago.
i saw many ants and then i knew d reason why they'r thre; angkut serangga mati.
it looked nice, like a parade. so i shot 1pic. :P

lunch hari selasa.
saya suka ke family restoran ni sbb da la murah, food semua sedap gle.
ayam goreng tu even kulit pun sgt rangup *tho i dun eat kulit ayam much haha*
then d chicken chop/grill's gravy is d best.
coleslaw dia fresh nk mati. d best i ever tasted. even mc d and kfc pun xley lwn.
kebab dia... fohhh jgn ckp la. xtremely good.
harap restoran ni berkekalan till we'r all grey. hahaha. amiin. ;]

dats all fo now.
signing off.
Sunday, October 21, 2007
whoah hari2 headache. i think i shud stay away frm d screen for few days. >.<

beside my bed when i woke up. using d new phone 2shoot this. boleh tahan la. :P

specs : xpkai pon hahaa
phone : no sms-es. hiasan semata2 :b i dunno y, i feel lazy to sms anyone this week.
cd : wanna watch it, din find d perfect time.

d filthy bed. hoah haha.

my morning routine; to kedai buying newspapers.
i tot i wanna buy cat food for d x-tau-sape-punya-cat-tp-dia-pregnant. but they dun hv it ere. kedai lg 1 tutup on sunday. bummer.

hence i gave some of my fried rice to d cat.
tgk, she possibly digs for cat food ONLY. or may be my fried rice sucks. shud be. lolx.
"ehh xsedapnya. xselera aku nk makan," kutuk kucing itu. :b

what do you think if d kids come to ur house for d money?
bukan nk dtg beraya pun.
but wut d heck, they'r kids.
nasib xberenti kat dpn rumah kitorg td.
da siap2 nk bg duit raya da. lolx *kids r scaryyyyyy hahaha kiddin*

Friday, October 19, 2007
while browsing deviantart, i saw this bunga api art. how classic.
alamak bunga api seberkas yg beli hari tu xmain lg! *tepuk dahi berkali2* :P

and i received a raya card tday, yays! *clapping*

headache all day.
exposing myself to heat, and rain.
pathetic head.

i ate fish grill +black pepper sauce for d first time.
it's better than chicken grill. i'm gonna eat mo nex time ;]

my fave candies :
-(is chewing gum considered a candy? :b)
Thursday, October 18, 2007

this is what we call; love's in the air ;]

shot this tday. so many clouds w/ unique shapes. ^___^

[sorry if d quality was a bit mean. jpeg always like tha. HA HA]


and here we go .. 3, 4!

ala2 raya huh.. lolx :P

i wud like to shout out a massive BIRTHDAY NOTE to my fab friend *ingat fab 5 je ke yg fab? wah haha* , hyrza, who's celebrating her birthday tday. happy born-day yg ke 23!! may u live a wonderful life and meet lovely coincidence *jumpa ur fave celeb ke, kebetulan dpt hadiah pergi bungee jumping ke.. stuff like tha* ;]

and dun 4get to enjoy every bit of tday!!! ;D

ok now i'm hungry :b
later guys. ^^

Wednesday, October 17, 2007
the car smells like shit. hahaa. really.
i think something's dead inside d engine. amat mengerikan.

kami mini-series.. 2nyte. wee hee wou hee. *jumpin*
i like abu. he's funny
and i like the way ali talks. mcm relaxx je. haha.
adii is rockin' and dia ketawa mcm weird tp best :P
lyn = creative gleeeeee
and sofie ok-ok la.

abu, lyn *on abu :B* , sofie, adii, ali.

too bad thre r only 8episodes.
i hope red comm will cont d series.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007
4th day of raya!! ^^

empty shopping mall :P

lotttsa spongebobs.

ppl care for the 3g, i care for the camera :b
bought this precious w/ free 1gig memory.

Saturday, October 13, 2007
part 1 : aidilfitri prayer ^^
time : around 8.30am
venue : masjid al-ubudiah, shah alam.

slippers. sandals. capals. everything. :D

back frm prayer.

bpusu2 semuanya menuju ke satu destinasi; dining table. lolx.

part 2 : d only opened shop.

time : xingat, xtgk jam. lps prayer and mkn beberapa cucuk sate ayam ;P
venue : u guess.

most of d ppl ere wr buying newspapers.
nice one; i like seeing guys in baju melayu flooding d planet. hahaha.

look who we found ere; fikri. he's buying ice.
wut a small neighbourhood. :P
Friday, October 12, 2007
hahh kat bazar ada 3-4 gerai je?
it's gud tha we prepared our meal earlier. lolx.

i bought this light. i always think this one is pretty compared to the colourful ones.
actually ada lg 1set, da siap gantung kat bedroom. but the tape fall off and d plug kecik sgt. grr.

charcoal made frm sabut kelapa.
katanya lebih cpt terbakar, tp sama je :P

beratur utk pemeriksaan barisan!! :P

akhirnya ada jugak api.
itupun lepas berdas2 minyak tanah dicurah.

i think we gonna make a gud campfire :b

chicken rendang basah. yummish.

ayam bakar. =p~

veggie soup.

caramel pudding.

actually harith loooves the pudding. hari2 sy terpaksa beli kat akak rumah hujung tu and she knows me cuz i was thre everyday :P since tday is d last day b4 raya, and most of d food selling are closed oredy, mom made this for harith. it's gud. i love it even tho i dun eat sweet stuff tha much :P

2nyte we'r going to the midnight sale at pkns complex.
my neigh has a shop thre, and she said diorg xley balik kampung tday sbb pkns nk saman kalau sape2 xbukak kedai mlm ni. haha. how thoughtful. :P

sms-es. sms-es.
thnx everyone. kredit hotlink sy da tamat tempoh la. lolx.
one more day b4 syawal
and i wud love to wish everyone selamat hari raya aidilfitri!! :D
i'm apologizing for all the wrongthings tha i did; either i planned it *haha this goes to my bros and sape2 yg terlibat* or i did it unintentionally.

my laptop is crapping again.
despite after i sent it to the shop yesterday.
and hari ni kedai da tutup!! wakh. sadism. :'[

back to our raya thing:
falet sori sbb xtolg cat rumah, dpt tolg belikan je wahhaha.
haret sori sbb asyik tease ko 24/7 cuz u'r really a successful teasing-victim :P
sape2 yg terlibat tu, sori tha i replied short cuz i tot u'r boring :P
awalashaari, sori xhntr kad raya. lolx
kaer pon sm. sori
kereta yg terbabas last wik tu, sori. sape suh speeding :P
naps sori ckp at first xhntr kad tp sbnrnya ada hntr.. hahaa
org jual kebab. sori sbb ckp anda xaci, lebihkan haret drp segi pembelian kebab dgn demand :s
etc :P

utk menghebatkan lg hari raya yg akan dtg ni *ecehh* i found 2 nyzeee images at deviantart. sbnrnya byk lg, tp xsmpt browse semua. i love em both. credits kat sape2 yg buat ni:

sunggoh digital.. and vectorized.. which i like!! ^^

kids playing bunga api at corridor.. which i'm imagining it to my friends d whole time.
wujud rupanya! HAHAHA

i'll blog later. mayb soon.
like my mom said "bukan sape2 nk bukak internet time raya ni and baca blog"
but i will still blog. even on raya. haha.
cuz blogging is fun ;D

Thursday, October 11, 2007
went back frm terawih.
thre's a bunch of girls who cuden stop talking, even when d imam started praying *anddd after praying, of course. they'r talking machines*
i was like.. 'hellooo why dun they go to pasar instead??'

hahaa talking abt pasar, mom & i went to sect6 market this morning.
talking abt aidilfitri's meal preparation; courtesy of everyone in shah alam :P

the veggie stall was happening.

anddd the meat stalls :P
*i forgot to shoot the chicken stalls yiih hihi*

anddd the bawang stall.. haha

not forgetting the santan stall.

the.. paint stall? lolx

lampu raya stall was d most enlightening one..
*ni da kat tmpt lain* :b
did i tell you abt the nasi ambeng stall at our bazar?
d one w/ d longest queue ever?
smpai hari ni pun the queue was long.
even longer. mcm nk beli tiket wayang tp xsempat nk call for reservation. hoohh. kagum2.
anyone can tell me wut nasi ambeng actually is?
ok nk pergi pasang lampu raya, kalian.
ops btw. tday is the stylish guys day. i cud see lotsa spiked hair guys wah hahaa
dats all. tq. :P