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Sunday, July 29, 2007
yepps me and d last post of d weekend. gonna cya bck may b on wed. ;D

my gum hurts like hell. awaiting for new teeth. hoho.

and bought new mouse. d old one can't do d right-click trick.. haha. plus, it's only rm15.90 and it's optical black ;]

afternoon went to my friends' wedding at klang. i knew both of them at intern workplace. it was a nice wedding. d food was javanese soooo goodddd =p~ they also had this event of throwing sweets thru d air and let everyone caught it. i bought em a kettle jug. hoho. *and we got goodie bags too!* :D

happy wedding's day, lisa & hafiz!
may u blessed with muchasima happiness.

is this a treat week?
capek[syafiq] treated us with donuts! i dunno how to eat this with my gum's condition. i was juz joking when i asked him abt d do. lolx. thanks! x)

haa 2nyte.. g&g!! xD
2moro, back to univ *triple sigh* :P hv a productive week, guys!


since i am hungry, i wont type much cuz it'll tk up my calories. :b

shot fo fun. black one is my car, parked behind a sports car. hahahaa
*i was sitting on a bench*

as planned; prawns! :D take-away one.

wahahaaaaa funny!! xD i love being a celcom dudette. :P

cute guy of d day ;]
hohh tha hair!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

the best achievement in orthello i'd ever done :D

sorry, it does bother me when someone is setting d myspace account to private.
i juz want to browse tru pictures and their page designs!!
to whom they'r protecting their photos from?
i'm emo abt private pages, i guess. ha ha ha.

my gum still hurts.

i'm gonna eat prawn*+s* tday.. after not having it for few weeks. wee hee.
*pergi bertapa jd xboleh mkn udang* :P

i'll update later. thre's this indian music frm tabla and serunai at d nearest temple. mcm meriah je! ha ha. later!
Friday, July 27, 2007

friday = driving day.

hoorah my first dine at secret recipe!! *lolx orang lain da beratus kali datang, tau x?!!* and i was being treated. i love delish free food. haha.

browsing around at mPh, music valley. bought nuthin *again*. juz looking at interior deco books with my friend. kinda cool seeing abnormal bathrooms and spacious, chic offices. ;D

d guy tha works in d guess shop was really cute. ^^
i cud see women frm all ages circling him in tha shop. :P

and finally, went in uitm b4 going home. :D


yesterday, an unknown cat *but i think i noe which one!!* had released its chunked excrement on d car. i had d photo, but i dun think it's good of posting a shit photo right after a food pic *laugh like mad*. u gonna puke seeing it. it's .. rare. *cuz it's chunked. hahaha*


i'm watching 'why why love' at d mo. kinda good.

Thursday, July 26, 2007
walk away (remix) - paula deanda feat. the dey

series of photos!! :D

only i can hv the pc! only i!! hahahaaa :P

i hate to see all those wires. we shud use wireless iron and wireless tv. prolly wireless handphone chargers too. :))

this is a paper cutter, pupils. it cuts papers. haha. this. ;] kesian kereta dia dah terkerat dua. hoho.

the bunny suicides books. ada 2 dlm tu.

while i was queuing to pay for the box and other things, this chinese guy in d front was buying lotttsa books. looottts of em. i wondered if he works in a library or sumthin. he paid almost rm2000 for all those books.

one of a way how rabbit kills itself.

if u'r wondering wut is this, d bunny is sitting in between a knife store and a magnet store *will opened soon* lolx.

acktt i forgot to put border for this pic. benci lahhhhh mls nk tuka balik. :P

and fo food photo, this is a bowl of maggi courtesy of leenk. lolx.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007
plz allow me to post d photos 2moro. or any days, but not tday.
hari ini sy pemalas. haha.
plus thre'r not so many photos, so--

haa mom's outstation, falet's out. dad's also out now. prolly minuh teh somewhre :P
went to midV tday. i din buy what i wanna buy. freakin mahallllll. *u noe i rather buy cheap stuff tha look expensive and nice wahaha*

haa but i bought a book. full with drawings.
it's d bunny suicides book *books, they'r both in 1 box* :D . i'll show it 2moro. or later.
acktt d book is making me broke--
i want d creative book and stripes book too. *too much for an empty pocket. may b i'll steal em instead. haha*

dats all. kemalasan muncul lg. :b
Tuesday, July 24, 2007
tuesday is d boringest day ever *if tha word EVER exists.. lolx*
yet they labelling me to looove going back home. just look at my tuesday! if i stay at d univ fo d entire week, i may be die of boredom.. lolx.

at least i can go out or do stuff in shah alam.

Sunday, July 22, 2007
happy sunday, everyone!!
wut a joy weekend. i hope this weekend will nvr end.
wut wdheck, thre will always be weekend nex wik, and d other week, and it goes on :P

the roof. at shah alam walk. *i dunno whter they call this place shah alam walk or not.. haha*

guys. i was looking for a pair of new sneakers.
but where ever i go, either thre's no size, or it's out of stock.
or only displays left.
it's destined for me of not getting new sneakers this week. haih.

gorgeous sneakers. ;D
and sports store was fullll of ppl at nyte. whoooo.


he's d one getting new sneakers, instead. hisy. :P

it's coldddd.
i always wanna go to giordano when it's raining.
ryte... to get d cheaper umbrella! hahaha.
until this wednesday! :D

Friday, July 20, 2007
harry potter's fans!! d 7th book will b out 2moro, izzit?
sj je menyebok, i dun read d books.. hehee.

all evening i went out with my friend around shah alam. sgt best!

we wanted to sit outside, but d sun still shined happily. haha.
"wanirazzi!! noooooo!!!!"

i was sated like mad :P

let's eat nasi ayam!! ;D
Thursday, July 19, 2007
i got this frm edwan's blogsite. kinda interesting but why o why all d songs wr terrible for d questions!! acktttt i wanna shuffle back!! :P

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense. No cheating.
4. With the answers, give your own comments on how they relate to the questions.

How are you feeling today?
Juara Carta - Anita Sarawak
[haha i'm choking! i'm choking!! :P]

Will you get far in life?
Selamat Hari Raya - JFK, Omar K, Kaer, Nabil
[until hari raya?? only THAT far?!! may b cuz i love eating. thre's lotsa food on raya hahaha]

What is your best friend's theme song?
Almost - Bowling For Soup
[almost drunk at skool at 14.. this song is too hype for her.. ahaha.]

What is the story of your life?
Hati Ini - Nabil
[if this is the story of my life.. i will so xclusively be 'jiwang'.. lolx]

What was high school like?
Lemas - Ruffedge
[yahh my high school is underwater. we always get drowned :P]

How can you get ahead in life?
Obsession - Frankie J
[can be true. i can be obsess abt things. food, art, boys, gadgets.. hahaa]

What's the best thing about your friends?
My Way - Frank Sinatra
[they'r following my way to become a well known superstar hahahaaaa.]

Describe your grandparents.
Bila Rindu - Ruffedge
[tolonglahh byk gile lagu dlm playlist lagu ni jugak yg keluar aaakkhhhhhhhhhh
but it's prolly right kn? :P my grammies might missing us all. hee.]

How's your life going?
All My Life - KCi and Jojo
[it's soooooo true!!!!!!!!! ;D]

What song will they play at your funeral?
Run It (Remix) - Chris Brown feat. Juelz Santana
[and everyone will start running d funeral.. hahah. *and dancing, of course* :P]

Will you have a happy life?
Kiss Me (karaoke) - Sixpense None The Richer
[means i will hv a happy life!! yeahxx!! :D]

What do your friends really think of you?
If You Only Knew - Gil

Do people secretly lust after you?
Dua Dunia - u noe who sang this. *ackktt i shud update my player!!*
[might be ppl frm diff world. dimension? wohhh~]

How can you make yourself happy?
I'll Be There For You - The Moffatts
[yess if we be thre for each other. and i dunno who 'we' are. hoho.]

What should you do with your life?
Usah Lepaskan - Taufik Batisah
[any chances come, just grab it and never let go. sooo true.]

Will you ever have children?
Janji-janji - Vince
[sekadar janji-janji. kah3.]

What song would you strip to?
Kasih Maafkan - Dayang Nurfaizah
[this slow beautiful song for stripping??!!!! ok2 strip slowly ahahaaa!! :))]

What does your mum think of you?
Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
[hahah mum thinks i sleep a lot?!]

What is your deep, dark secret?
Over Now - Busted
[the secret is over. i dun hv secret. haha.]

What is your mortal enemy's theme song?
Invisible Man - 98Degrees
[they feel invisible. poor em~ :P]

What's your personality like?
The Saint - Dr SK Chew *this song is originally frm d player. i hv noooo idea*
[hahaha like a saint? :D means i'm suuuper good. be envy, all of you. :P]

What song will be played at your wedding?
If You're Not The One - Daniel Bedingfield
[at last! sumthing applicable!! save d best for last, ay?]

ha ha ha.
i may do this again, with diff songs. ;]
greetings, earth-links!! hahaha.
d week being ok. i like d classes. relaxing.
but d hotness was not good at all. with d massive crowd and all.

tomyam bi hun. i took lotsa time eating this.. haha. *menikmati dgn bersungguh2*

bus stop area. usually if it's hot thre, i'll wait fo the bus under this sunshaded roof.

i couldnt buy my lunch here on tuesday cuz the crowd was.. hebat gile nk mati. lolx.

she's taking care of this gundam recently. :P

putrajaya bridge. nice, eh? :]

yesterd i was at klcc. for a while. din feel like being thre for long, i juz wanted to buy a thing.
and celebrated faliq's birthday by eating cake wut else.. haha.

dats all. really dun hv eagerness to type. haha. tata.

Sunday, July 15, 2007
wuhou can't wait for g&g 2nyte!! :D

went to sect9 my fave place in shah alam. hah haa.
ate cempedak goreng, bought stuff, looked at cute guys. lol.
Saturday, July 14, 2007
i postponed putri's gift fo a week cuz she went to sarawak.
and i got souvenirs yesterday! hahah.

inside putri's box. *yeap i'm using d 'box' concept this time*
masuk angin lah mknn2 tu da seminggu duduk dlm tu. hahaa :P

i loove using tha string.

a present frm putri balqis. she said her mom sewed it. vry cool.
ohh and i love d card, too. ^^

ohh. abt impian illyana 3.
shucks, tak sebagus d 2nd and 1st ones!
i was waiting for a new storyline to save the mono-ness, but nuthin happened.
most of d characters shrunk and not grow.
example; d well-thinking illyana dlu da became someone penyebok, made small things looked huuge, and came out with silly ideas *like menukar arnab prof yg injured dgn arnab lain. wut the-- u tot d prof wouldnt noe??*
d relationship with izham,.. super mono!! plz ditch tha guy and get a new one. he's so unenergetic.
but nik, kak faz, nizam, and some other chars, they'r all ok.
i tot it's juz me.. but most of my friends agree abt this.
kitorg nk impian illyana yg best tu semula!!
hahah. no use of shouting it ere, ryte? :P

nowww gol&gincu 2nd season.
looovvvee it!! putri was stronger, ayu was meaner, shasha and haikal kept on those crazee flirt. see? they grow!
not forgetting d dazzling set. and d cinematography... fuhhh lawa!!
*i realized some scenes wr funny too. ada humour side lah. cool.*

i need a towel for my shampooing session. haha.

help me clean this!! :b

Friday, July 13, 2007
i love playing this game; conventionally, or digitally. i beated d computer tday, on d 1st attempt.
they called it orthello, or reversi.
and i just beated 2 of my friends last 2 days.
and my bro, last week.
hahahaaaa *big evil laugh*

i noe i noe, i shud play mo challenging games like strategy or RPG or sudoku or wut, u name it.
but i looove this one, nk buat mcm mn?? :P

ehh i went to post office tday to pick up d parcel frm putri balqis.
i tot it's d one around ere. rupanya right thre faaarrrr at glenmerie!! *i dunno how 2spell. sorry* :P we even get lost haha.
i will later review abt wut i think abt d latest season of impian illyana and gol&gincu. wait aa.
eh hehh wutz tha??

food! food! :D

ohh it's the black-pepper rice. ^^

d food at this side walk cafe was delish i tell you. lol.

.wanna play bowl last nyte but d place was full. siap kne tulis nama for queue. ntah bila nk dpt main ntah.
.thre's this bookstore called d big bookshop. d place IS huuge *d aisle* and u can even do bike racing thre. hahah.

go ride on helly, reverse bungee, throwing cake at ppl, all those crazy stuff. :P
may everything brighten up ur day. enjoyx.

Thursday, July 12, 2007
hoho back in shah alam! :D
new sem was ok.
thre'r new buses *jakun-ed us haha*, new faces, new cafe management, new deco.. everything is NEW. hohh d new students are so lucky to hv all thse.

the new academic bus. everyone was chasing d new bus and forgot d old ones. hahah!

course registration at faculty.

my old lepak place. 1st day of new sem. not so much ppl around. balik la weyh balik! :P

choc cake. sedap gile.. harga RM12 only. hoo

prezzie frm z. ^^

prezzie frm as. ^^ haha everythin frm kelantan.

makan semua, makan! :D

yesterday when i went home, i dropped by at midV.
i tot i wanna jalan2 first then had my lunch at KL sentral.
but no, i was soo hungry i ended up eating alone at mc d. with cute guys around lah kn, wut else. hah hahaa~ i was soo lucky. koh2. :P

ohh. my visual journal gonna end soon.
i found a new book. it's kinda er.. cute. *not suiting myself ay? haha* i dun care. :P
i bought it cuz d book doesn't hv lines. ease for drawing and expressing things.
[da la harga around rm5 je. hohhh i love cheap, cute, useful stuff tha looks expensive than its real price. lolx]

i need keychains fo my keys. 2 keys. hence i bought 2.

lil retard cannibal robo hah i juz named it, and pirate of the currypuff. :b

balqis, i'm gonna get ur prezzie soon. :D
pu3, i will hantar ur prezzie. hahah.