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Thursday, May 31, 2007
¡recepción, nuevo coche! lolx.
unclear photo cuz it's dark. see, i need a new camera! haha *taking advantage on d situation* :b

i dun understand some people. skjp mcm ni skjp mcm tu. hahh malas la nk layan.
Wednesday, May 30, 2007
yah hahaa.. what?? i cant hv a joy of my own? bukan selalu tu strike.. selalunya ke longkang sj. lolx. yesterd's activity : bowling. *a.k.a. my score was loooowwwww* :P
come, show me wut u got. pose ur best!!

yeah,.. if it's wut u call 'd best'.

no i dun owe u a game!!

this is why i seldom post my pic. it's funny. lolx.

hahh now i get it why tom loves to chase after jerry. cuz mouse s*cks!! :b
we realized we hv a new 'guest' in our house, stays in d store room. poo and pee all he wanted. anywhere, anytime. smells like d horrible-est-est-est smell on earth! now i want tom.

added up a new link to a wonderful manga genius, nadia. go check her blog. love to see her stuff :]

Monday, May 28, 2007
Sunday, May 27, 2007
tday's activities :
saw viva at perodua for fun after d roti canai treat.

ride to KL.

shopped at sogo.


sedap-est satays in KL!!

then balik pergi giant and mkn lg. haha. tday's full with makannn :b

ackt lapaaaaa.

first time i went to this new mc d at.. at.. sect22 ke? i forgot which section haha. i think it's 22.
yesterd pergi wedding. it explains my disappearance. lolx.
Friday, May 25, 2007
i woke up tday feeling healthiest of all. lol. may b cuz i had sufficient sleep.

internet is like kong-kang-kong-kang nowadays. everyone's complaining abt their streamyx. tm, plz do sumthin.

i cud see some blogs r stop posting. lahh, wut will i do without ur wonderful posts in ur awesome blogs??
Thursday, May 24, 2007
a good thursday. well i met my friend, xhabis2 berborak frm d start we'r at shah alam till we'r back frm midV. a good day since i dun hv to queue up for d cinema tix *with tha long queue? ridic!* a good day tha i watched pirates of the carribean : at world's end. dkt 3 jam cerita.. fuh! nasib baik da prepare pergi toilet awal2.. wahaha. it's juz coincidence day cuz 2 of my friends wr thre.. i juz din meet em. lolx.

oh. and 2 of my friends texted me, telling me abt ac milan's victory. syglah korg, korg tau kite suka inzaghi kan.. hah haha~* *gelak tak tgk football pg td* :b thanx tgkkan for me ;]

and a good day tha i had char kwey teow with tons of prawns in it. lolx.
smlm hari yg shocking banget.
cicak mati itu.. sudah penyek!!! tidakkkkkkk.

and faliq started to make clay cicaks and put em all over my room. siap ko, faliq.

hahh sometimes i misunderstood people b4 i knew em. i was juz soooo impatient. lolx. sori, eh :P

capt jack sparrow, i'm coming!!!
Tuesday, May 22, 2007

plz bring this guy to me. hahah. kidding!

to review this photo *which i found in deviantart last week i think*, it is expressive; which i love. adakah this guy :
1. hampir mati digeletek?
2. sakit perut dalam kegembiraan?
3. sudah gila? :P
ok back to the review. he's wearing a green shirt, which i think d youth trend these days. green tshirt = sexy+rocking ok! hahaha. and it's hanging tshirt *iaitu tshirt yg dipotong pendek bahagian bawah utk style. so bila angkat tgn, anda akan nmpk belt/boxer mereka. lolx* digital boy's watch, rubber wristband, jeans.

the sunflowers speaks fo itself; happiness. the green background is lovely. u hv sore-eyes, u shud see mo green. jd starelah gmbr ini lama-lama.. hahaha.

overall, this photo is a lollipop ;]
Monday, May 21, 2007
yesterd we had masak lemak crab. yums =p~

Saturday, May 19, 2007
went to ikea. but im not tha well tday. i threw up outside ikea later on. hahah.

i really like white/cream fur carpet. i even drew it in my visual journal as part of my imaginary hostel room. with plasma tv and a mini bar *mini fridge*, of course. lolx. so when i see a fur carpet, i took my phone and shot it.

and striped cushion, what else ;]

there r some movies and series tha hv this nyze interior like d one we find at ikea. mcm cerita gol&gincu *wohh interior is d prior thing tha i focus on tha series, 2gether with d beautiful fazura and her ex-bf ash*, table for two *remember? zizan & melissa?*, any movies from soraya production *eiffel im in love, and d latest one; apa artinya cinta?. d storyline is slow mo but d interior is gr8. not forgetting d appealing cinematography*

so itu sj. i better take a rest. ciao! :]

Friday, May 18, 2007

fresh from the computer table.. lolx.
*gambar purak2.. mangkok!* :b

i am so delightful tha i found this tiny thing i lost few weeks *or months??* ago. it's good that i tidy up d study table sometimes. it's a lost&found place, a hidden treasure galore.. wohoho.

and i found a writing tha i wrote last year. super valuable.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

tried doing this at strip generator. click fo enlargement.
Wednesday, May 16, 2007
ackktttt virus tu sgt membencikannnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i went see one of my best friends frm skool yesterday. it was hype :D

selamat hari guru, cikgu-cikgu!!!!
Tuesday, May 15, 2007

went to klcc and look how empty tgv was on monday! i watched 28weeks later, a thriller+gore movie. it's a sequel frm 28days later, located in london, but i dun noe whether it's a UK or US movie hahah. i realllly love d movie, it is exciting frm d beginning to d end. *even tho it was juz me alone in tha row; no one's in front of me, or next to me, so i took d bag to cover my face hahaha* this movie needs mo promo, cuz it's good. or may b it's juz monday.. :P

Monday, May 14, 2007
i was playing LIFE gameboard with harith last nyte when leenk called me & told me tha i won sumthin i-din-hear-it-cuz-unclear-signal. then i tot it's juz a midnyte joke cuz my friends did tha sometimes. then rupa-rupanya she watched d tv and saw my photo on quickie! she said it's d 1st prize and i cuden believe it, all tha i thought in my head tha time was just d hotel accomodation tha i won.. in a jr suite! wahahah.

and i am soo not good in writing slogans. may b it's my luck this week.

so mama, this is a mom's day gift fo you. and thanx harith fo taking d photo. love ya loads. :D
Sunday, May 13, 2007

big hugs to all moms in d world!
happy mom's day!! we luv ya!! :]
my cursor goes crazy. it drags things on screen aimlessly now i feel like im using a handicapped laptop.. blehh. screw u cursor, or any virus tha occurs inside this innocent machine. i wish u'r all dead. tingtingting! *cast magic spells but it wont work* :b
oh happy birthday to timmy!! u'r older but still look like 18 ;]
Saturday, May 12, 2007

just now we went to asiari to hv our lunch; my treat. d place was nice, i was juz not satisfied with d food. lack of spices. may b it's d way vietnamese dish cooked. nex time, i'll go to secret recipe next door instead ;]

yet, d place has an alluring interior.


thre's this board at d mall with mom's day drawing dedications. i tot i wanna jot sumthin too, but thre's no paper left.

Friday, May 11, 2007
we're in 'magic tricks' week. harith and i were busy analyzing the truth behind those illusions :P i am so not suitable in doing tricks. i hv small hands ;]

i made a tissue holder. love d stripes.

sunday is mom's day! how come d office lets my mom goes outstation tha day??

Thursday, May 10, 2007

baru balik :]

malas nk type. enjoy d drawing :]
Wednesday, May 09, 2007
i think this is one of the coolest and cutest website design on d net.

dubois meets fugger

when ive trouble with my photohostings, i realize tha blogger offers a new feature in uploading all the photos, and now i can save all the photos in blogger! it's much easier than d previous approach :]

yesterday, 2nd day of semester break. went cycling for the first time in 1000years.. hahaha. and dats because i din noe wut to do while waiting for d new malaysian telenovela, manjalara at 6.30pm. i read tha d series was adapted from d famous mi gordo bella, d spanish version. d story was ok so far, i'm juz wondering how come a good-looking, modest and super nice guy still exists. lolx. oh i forgot, it's a telenovela :P
Tuesday, May 08, 2007

i bought 2books. but d other one is somewhre in d house wahah.
read this one. it's kinda entertaining :]
Monday, May 07, 2007

of how long queue at cinema counters on weekend ..
Sunday, May 06, 2007
here we were yesterday.. the book fest. crowded nak mati. hahah.

see? acktttt

nuthin unsual. i bought 2 books. i'll post abt it later.

lps bersesak-sesak, pegi minum ;D

berlagak di sekitar kereta mewah orang lain. hahaha.

dun ever think to book a movie tix on weekends, esp when big movie like spiderman3 is on screening. i wonder wut will happen when pirates of the carribean 3 and shrek the 3rd come out. kena tempah dari skrg! lolx.
Thursday, May 03, 2007
i dunno wut d heck is goin on with d alternate picture hosting. i used it bcuz i couldnt open photobucket for few days. now photobucket is working again, im gonna stick to it. & i changed d picture hosting on last 2 posts. d other posts? biarlah, malas nk tukar URL :P

am busy with exam. but don't worry wani, d last paper will be 2moro. lolx *pat myself on d shoulder* :P

d study area. actly thre'r mo cushions and pillows thre but i took it out.