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Friday, August 31, 2007

i din go nwhre, but i sticked in front of d tv and pretended i was thre ;D

last night, i fall asleep. haha.

selamat hari merdeka, everyone!

Thursday, August 30, 2007
ada gmbr dlm phone, but d phone is downstairs xD prolly 2moro.

so how's d merdeka eve?
i'm staying at home. easier for me to jump on d bed and drooling on d bolster. hahaha. *i sleep early* eh eh i heard boys singing jalur gemilang song passing by our street just now! :D

ok tday, went to midv alone for book-hunting.
skjp je, mls nk stay lama2 cuz i noe ppl wr flooded and it's tiring standing for too long in a crowd.

i found a gorg guy in d train. tshirt, bermuda, and camping bag.
i wonder whre he&his friend went. camping dpn dataran? lol :b

now.. ready for d fireworks!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007
guess what is this ..
clouds on d ground? HO HO.
this is actually bubbles. yeah. frm the pipes, made by everybody in d college. who showered, cleaned the clothes & dishes yada yada.
i dunno whether we shud categorize this as cute, freakish or disgusting. lol.

my classes just ended.
so the sem break is starting! lolx.

boringlah not seeing anyone good at fac b4 i start my break.
whre's all the eye-candies???? >:]
ackkttt falettt u accidentally installed a trojan in my lappie! xO
balik univ noon ni kne serta-merta scan. hmp! *genggam penumbuk ke udara dgn muka semangat*
Tuesday, August 28, 2007
jalur gemilang made by roses.

found a 'prop' on way back to my block :)) crashed plane. haha.

so happy graduation to all! esp my ex-roomate, nadia.
and also a joyful happy birthday to kak yana *also my ex-roomate* :D
Monday, August 27, 2007
happy monday, everyone! xD *i hope it WILL be a happy day. hahaha*

my univ's convo is on. it's gonna be happening.. at d univ. ;]

to those who forgot, tonight will be malam nisfu syaaban [tday 14syaaban, 2moro 15syaaban].
2nyte, semua amalan2 akan diangkat *our buku amalan akan ditutup dan buku baru akan dibuka after maghrib, hari ini* ^^

mlm ni jugak digelar malam lailatul bara'ah --> the forgiven night.
-sesiapa yg memohon keampunan pd mlm ni insyaAllah akan diampunkan kecuali mereka yg menyekutukan Allah *tukang sihir, penderhaka ibu bapa, peminum arak.. etc etc*
-sesiapa yg mohon rezeki, akan diberikan rezeki drp Allah.
-and sesiapa yg ditimpa bala, Allah akan melepaskannya.
-pd mlm ni *after maghrib* digalakkan membaca yassin 3x dgn doa2 pjg umur, murah rezeki &ditetapkan iman. esok harinya is good for puasa sunat.

wallahu'alam. :]

and i would like to apologize to you all if i ever did wrong this year & past. sori2 strawberry. ^^
hope we all can have a good start 2moro. ;]

nk pergi univ japgi ni. later eh.
Sunday, August 26, 2007

'treasury box' frm a wedding.

- my bro & i, found pirated dvds shop in sect9 hahahaaa
- we wr locked outside d house yesterday cuz d lock and d key wont work. :P

Saturday, August 25, 2007
internet sgt membosankan pagi niiii
i waited for hours to get on9 and ended up sleeping back. :P

friday outing, to sunway pyramid. caught d latest malaysian drift movie, impak maksima. *sbnrnya nk tgk awal ashaari hoa haha* >:]

seeking for my fave kedai makan, lemon grass, but seems tha the cafe was closed due to.. er i dunno :b at last we had our lunch at Laksa Shack. whoahh manager situ sgtlah mesra pelanggan lg peramah lolx.

"haa apa berdiri je kat luar tu, masuk la! da masuk baru tau apa nak makan" kata si manager. so we went it.

i love to look up and see d deco ;D

wall deco. ini kedai banyak cantik wohh. :P

i forgot d name of this dish. but this is a rice set from johore.
sedap bangat, donk.
"food ni cantik2, cpt tgkp gmbr!" kata encik manager ketika menghantar mknn tersebut. :P

rock ate nasi beriyani with ayam merah. i like mine better hoho ^^

food festival!! :D
tp kitorg jd tukang tengok je. wish i cud eat some. hoho.

bekas tisu yg aneh. :P

balik, ate cempedak goreng rangup. sedap sedapppp =p~

subang jaya station. :]

then balik shah alam, went home fo a while then pergi lake garden. tgk binatang.
yehh we love to see d animals!! :P

see! at first we tot kura-kura ni was alone in d lake. kesian sn kesian sni.
turned out, punyalah byk kura2 dlm tu! lolx.

i'm rushing to go to a wedding. mkn free! yehhhhhh :P
can't blog mo. later alligator.
Thursday, August 23, 2007
frm left : leenk, me, erni.
i reached home yesterd, and leenk stayed for a night. so me and erni, as a responsible shah alam residents; brought leenk around shah alam. lolx.

and we went to muzium after lunch. ha ha.

also this shop tha sells bakery stuff. *seriously that was my first time to that kinda shop. i never know tha place exists ere! lolx* they hv like hundreds of things and ingredients to make cakes/cookies/kuih-muih u name it. the shop smells nice too ^^

tuesday *recall d past lolx* i accompanied leenk to send her younger sis to UIA matrix in pj. thre, we met her sis' so-called admirer/fan/friend. he's nice but they'r just friend. hee. ^^ and four of us went to digital mall cuz i wanted to buy pirated dvds *wut else! hahahaa pirate laugh* :P at last i hv 'disturbia' and watched it yesterd. i love it.

also bought shawshank, saw, meet the robinsons for my bro and tony hawk 3d movie. din watch any of em yet. :D

ive been tagged by nabil and ere it goes ^^ :

1) Each player must post these rules first.
2) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3) People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
4) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

wani ezryl's 8 random facts/habits :
  1. i snap hundreds of photos including food pics. haha.
  2. i usually pay d toll if i ride on my friends' cars. sometimes half of petrol, too.
  3. i prefer headphone than earphones.
  4. i draw everywhre including on d class' table. *dat was b4. lolx*
  5. i prefer to play my own cd than listening to the radio in d car. *i burned my fave playlists in CDs*
  6. i like riddles and tongue-twisters. lolx. *tp skang selalu lupa riddles zmn2 dlu haha*
  7. i do hand-made cards if i'm not lazy.
  8. i study computer science but i hate programming. lolx.

i dunno wether my readers reach to 8ppl or not *ha ha this is a non-commercial site, i guess :P* i tag everyone who feels like doing this. do it! :P

Sunday, August 19, 2007
was having a test tday.
then to my uncle's house fo family gath.

it's almost 12 and i'm soooooo sleepy now.
so i'll leave u guys with thse pictures. ready.. ;]

my fave ice pop. courtesy of my uncle. ^^

cooking work in progress. ;]

actually they'r mo than 4 ppl ere * plus me*

izat was doing his camera video shooting at d kitchen. lolx.

food! ;D i wonder how 8ppl wud fit around tha small dining table. lolx.

lil kitten in d house.

at night, harith was forcing everyone to go to serai for dinner.

ok i need my pillow. later. :]
Saturday, August 18, 2007
i love saturday like i love the food.
*means i really love it! haha*

finished d revision but need 2nd or 3rd time to revise again.

yesterday was kinda unfortunate .. for me. still, i'm laughing ere. xD
Friday, August 17, 2007
did this test *after got d link frm edwan* xD

i shud buy more brushes. :b

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ackktttt i am sooo bored this evening.
someone, shoot me and put me out of this misery.
din snap any photos yet. i really wanna snap sumthin. haha.

lost season 3 was ended last nyte.
ackkktttt tolongggg d 4th season will only be aired nex year, january. tu pun ntah bulan brape reaches malaysia. *i'm mo on watching it on tv than download it cuz i like d feeling of watching with millions of people at d same time* ;D

dats all abt it. i'm out.
Thursday, August 16, 2007
it's already august and i shud at least show some patriotism ere.. hee. this is *i think* the largest jalur gemilang at our fac. huuuge.

since i din hv class on tuez, i went out to eat sate kajang with my friends in bangi. cuz one of my friend was meeting her schoolmate thre. and we, coincidently, met a cool evening/night market with a long table of pirated dvds *wut else! hahaa*, good bargain of items and of course, makanan kat sn mcm kat bazaar ramadhan! i was like.. choked in my own eating imagination lolx.

lotsa weird and funny things happened thre; only thre.

eh and found a kinda rare house number. ada XY, YZ.. haha.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DAD on august 14!!! ;D
*i lost d prezzie pic. it's lost, suddenly. heh*
Monday, August 13, 2007

i was looking at the sky this morning and i realized thre's a pokok mat salleh outside. brown+green-ish. d photo doesnt show much, but trust me it looked a bit like it's almost fall.


haha i cuden believe it myself when leenk called me and told me that bdk nike was in the paper yesterday!! but i think he looks cuter in person. tha photos in d newspaper; fooled you. :P

*bdk nike is d head-turning guy at fac. lolx.

juz bought this. so muh difficulties b4 i cud own it.

Sunday, August 12, 2007
i found a gorgeous grey, BUM sneakers!!
and the only size they had was 39. aihh bummer.
Saturday, August 11, 2007
tday i wud like to blog in bahasa. *<--wopss! haha*

zaman bila punya papan tanda ni.. :b

smlm pergi mkn abc sbb dahaga gile.

smlm ialah hari menangkap gambar2 bangunan.

haa kan da ckp! :P

sy suka jalan kat side walk :D smlm angin laju gileeee

tmpt ni = mknn sgt sedap. sila hadirkan diri anda ke sini. hahaha.
*lokasi=betul2 dpn alam sentral* :b
Friday, August 10, 2007
hyep! :] photos will be posted 2moro; if i'm rajin.

i just watched project runway malaysia just now.
they designed garments from supermarket's stuff. totally creative. *esp d ones tha used diapers and panties. lolx!*
i love designers ;D

it's too hot tha i asked my mom for d famous sect2 abc.
as u all know, i was having a cough so i ended up coughing most of d evening. ha ha.

to those who forgot, 2moro gonna be the blissful isra mi'raj day.
d day when our Prophet Muhammad took a journey frm masjidil haram to masjidil-aqsa, then to sidratulmuntaha at d 7th sky. ^^
it's good for anyone to fast 2moro. juz for thoughts.

hv a fun weekend! :D
it's kinda hot just now.
feel like wanna eat a watermelon.
Wednesday, August 08, 2007
i'm having a fever here. hookkkkk *cough real hard, virtually* :P

got bck frm univ, not goin nwhre xcept kl sentral fo food then str8 home. slept d entire evening.

had my animation test yesterday. was pretty hard. calculations and mo calculations.. acktt tgh sakit xde mood nk mengira lahhh!! :b *sorry, emo-ness. haha*

last sunday at glenmerie hotel.

had hi-tea lunch? lolx.

me, eating. still, i needed nasi ayam or rendang but they din hv it :P

table-deco. they call it gerbera, izzit? wohh i love it! ^^

happy anniv to my parents on august6!! xD
xsempat nk post entry on tha date cuz i was at univ. i bought em an apple lamp frm room. it's kinda cool cuz u can control d light dim by just touching d lamp with ur finger. nnti la ada ms sy post gmbr.

gonna hv ayam kerutub tonight.
how lucky i am for being sick this week. haha. :P
Sunday, August 05, 2007
my bro and i went watching the simpsons at timesquare yesterday, as planned.
the movie was ridiculously hilarious, love it.

there'r thse 2 boys tha attracted everyone's attention *i guess* at food court. especially me as the style-observer hoah haha. in short, i like the high-worn back packs, stylish tees, baggy jeans, chains, super nice messy spiked hairstyles.. one of em even wore sunglasses at food court! haha. forgiven, since he's soo stylish. think they'r influenced by jap street style a bit. i like it when they ate using chopsticks. cute.

other places tha we went; borders bookstore, extreme shop whre there wr discounts here and thre!! , and this sneakers+bags shop. i bought a new sneakers hoyhoyy! :P

i was soooo exhausted yesterd tha i can only post d entry tday.
ye la hari khamis keluar, jumaat keluar, sabtu keluar. i may break my back-bones or sumthin hahaha.
the simpsons was so funny tha my bro bought d dvd yesterd.
entah versi negara mana ntah. the opening wrote 'DIE SIMPSONS'. d picture quality was good, but not d dics. he shud change it nex wik.
i'm not promoting pirated dvds here, so.. haha. later yah! ;]