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Thursday, December 08, 2016

2nd brain 'neighbour'

salam. helo!

my abah is being warded at PPUKM today.
mama cakap ketumbuhan kembali lagi kat kepala. same place. 2.6cm.
i put in here for future record.
so depa tengah nak decide, sama ada nak operate atau buat radiotherapy.
whatever option it is, sy harapkan it is the best one and abah will be healed from the tumor/cancer.

then hari ni jugak,
a friend of ours in the whatsapp group told us that one of our fellow friends kena stroke.
it struck me sebab baru hari tu cc ofis sy meninggal sebab stroke.
mak angkat meninggal sebab stroke, and recently tok sedara pun kena stroke. may Allah heal and ease everything.
she told us that this friend kena lepas raya hari tu.. raya keempat.
dan susah nak berjalan atau berdiri lama.
she's only 34, still young.
semoga dia cepat sembuh.

seeing people that we love being tested by illness, make us value health and also relationships more.
i couldn't see so much sadness, i'm sad :'(
just take a good care of your health, people.
eat good stuff. so i'll probably leave junk foods for now.
sy pun tengah demam selsema ni.. baru nak baik. hidung blocked je lagi.
dapat demam ni lepas makan prosperity burger hari tu.. hohho.
i don't know either it's the burger or not, but i got it right after i ate it. so :O

i'll continue my story in other entry, aight.

cya then!