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Monday, November 16, 2015

oh my darling

happy monday, gais! :DD

being on a maternity leave may be is the best time to save some of the salary money *or may be not! lolx*
we still have to pay for ariana's nursery fee, even though she won't be going there for a month or two (she stays at home with me). some nursery policy.. blergh.
and paying registration fee for anaqi's nursery next year.
everything will be double, but i don't mind paying as long as our kids are in good hands *hope so*

now here's ariana's photo for today..
playing with the aircond's remote control *oh yeah she's loving it!*
praying the aircond won't be broken anytime soon.. hahah

tu belum masuk dia main termometer lagi.
tit tit! she loves the tit tit sound, she keeps pushing the termometer button. huiyo

muka serius habis tekan remote aircond.

and here's anaqi; who enjoys sleeping like no other :D
(but when he wakes up, make sure we lift him. oh yeah he loves the affection and everything lolx)

budak tidur pengsan.

having the garment size issue;
most of ariana's shirts and pants are too small and too tight.. she's growing up too fast!
(while anaqi's pulak are too big at the moment haha)
i do pity ariana cause she has to wear those tight garments (especially pants!) and i can't go out shopping for her at the moment.
and baby/toddler punya baju is quite expensive i don't know why it's expensive, i mean the size is smaller than adults, right? should be cheaper but it's the other way around. lolx

i'll continue later, ariana is 'bugging' me with her "minion minion" chanting it a million times, she wants to watch minions on my ultrabook. doink.

alright that's all for now. tata!