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Thursday, August 25, 2016

what a day

alhamdulillah, i made through today.
well it's actually past midnight (so that would be 'yesterday'. haha)

today is just like the other normal working days.

i got a red punch card today, by one minute late.
i usually reached the office 5-10 minutes early, but perhaps because today was raining and the traffic was quite slow.
i also blame the bus that stayed at the wrong lane.
me and some other drivers on the left lane wanted to turn left.
in putrajaya, if you're at the left side of the lane, you can turn left without need to wait for the traffic light to turn green.
now the bus wanted to go straight and just 'stood' there at the cross road, waiting for the green light while everyone who's queuing behind it wanted to turn left!
it did take some of my precious time. T_Tv

i'm late late lateee. lolx

earlier today i heard a news about earthquake that struck central italy.
and then at dinner, i heard another earthquake news; this time happened in myanmar.
my husband's friend who stays at precint 11 also felt the minor shake.
i hope everyone is safe.
i know one friend who stays in italy, and thank Allah he and his family is well.

the day was quite tiresome.
doing a paper for my big boss' oversea trip's application.
have another paper to be finished before my boss get back from her 1 month course.

and when i got home, had some time to do the laundry and folding the kids' clothes..
and some other chores.
i think i walked a lot; around the house and outside the house.. my feet ached.
i really feel like i want to soak my feet in a pail of warm water (but i even don't have time to do that! lolx).
husband fetched the kids from nursery.
he tries to help with things around the house.. and i really appreciate it.
like yesterday he cleaned the bathroom, and the day before he washed the clothes.
he took care of the kids while i was doing the chores.
but there are so many things to do, it would never end.
i was so tired (mentally from office works and physically from all these chores), i need a vacation.
well WE all; four of us, should go on a vacation. haha

yesterday i bought this groupon voucher for a buffet lunch/dinner at seoul garden.
it was a worth buy.
we can have the buffet dinner at RM60+ for 2 persons!
but we need to use the voucher before 29th august.
hence, tonight we went to seoul garden to redeem the voucher. heh he

there were so many people at the restaurant,
some did use the groupon voucher like us! ;)

they have small, little crabs like this on dinner time! lovely!

husband and anaqi.

ariana and i.

ok time to sleep!
bye!! :)