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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

self, selfshot

being used with friendster, myspace..
macam dah lama tak selfshot. HAHA!

perhatikan of how a 360 camera.. (as i said, i seldom use this beautification function in 360. biasanya pakai enhance function untuk sharpkan gambar je).
perhatikan of how a 360 camera miraculously hides my uninvited zits. lolx

hid. dengan jayanya. ada la sikit dots.

excuse my zits, they're from the seafood city. BAHAH

and below,
are the unfiltered versions.

of how many seafood zits that i have,
i am proud of my face. *rolling on the floor*
but they're healing faster these days, i don't know what did i consumed that causing it.
tak apalah consume apa pun.
bersyukur lah. *grin*

see! they're there!!

tapi kalau ada sejuta zits memang "helpp 360 helppp" lol!

say helo to my zit! *wave*

last but not least, a kawaii (puke) myspace shot. hah!

so yeah.
thanks 360 for everything.
(i mean for the contra-enhance function!!)