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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


this entry is dedicated especially to my newborn nephew, tuah.
i am purposely set the date and time of this entry at the very moment i heard the news about tuah's debut.

so salam and hi, tuah!

would like to congratulate my brother, faliq and my sis (SIL) ain *especially ain because it's the mom who experienced this wonderful 9 months journey, carrying the little one. the mom who sits and waits for the labour moment. love your mom, guys :)*

i don't put up (yet) the full photo of tuah because i should wait till faliq makes an official announcement, right? ;)

and yeah, i didn't visit my little nephew (yet). sorry for my delay.
i wanted to come but my anaqi down with a fever, my mom told me to come later.
hence may be i'll set my foot to shah alam this weekend to meet my nephew. teehee
(plus saya tak beli hadiah lagi! :P)

can't wait to meet this handsome nephew of mine.

welcome to planet earth, little boy, tuah. :)