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Friday, September 30, 2016

this week

these are some that's going on this week.

one, we went to the hospital, again.
though the next ENT check up will be on december for audio test,
we received another referral from clinic to check on anaqi's ears.
and we have to come back to the hospital next week.

no worries, it's just both of his ears have this mucus coming from his nose,
most probably caused by a hole in the eardrums (which will heal quickly; if the ears are dry)
i just pray and hope nothing is serious there.

so this is our hospital shot. haha
the 'perfect' shot :DDD

and there's this one time husband wanted to eat KFC,
so we went teman him to KFC. yums.

and anaqi is at his 'put everything in his mouth' stage.
he almost ate a dead lizard on wednesday yuckkkks
luckily i saw it.
and i screamed my lungs out, it terrified the kids (or may be other neighbours, too. hahaha)

chewing a straw at KFC.

eating watermelon. i purposely took off the shirt cause didn't want the melon stain on shirt. wihihi

and for ariana,
when she said 'horse', she meant the merry-go-round's horse.
i wonder why little girls like horses (or ponnies to be exact. lolx)
hah little ones like everything with sounds and movements. so.

she always carry her coin bag, or coin bottle.
it was filled with her babah's coins. just to play these electric play machines at malls.

enjoying her merry-go-round ride.

oh another story.
this time my office's story.
our TKSU (that would be the deputy secretary general) is having his retirement leave, soon.
well next year, but he has a bunch lots of annual leaves.
wednesday was his last punch out at the office, even the minister came to the ceremony.

that's our TKSU, dato' sani, the one on the left.

dato' sani's last punch out.

may he has a wonderful life as a 'YB' (famous term  for 'yang bersara') :D

and husband went for outstation these 3 days.
when he's not at home, i usually sent photos of us three,
so he knows that we're all okay. lolx

yesterday morning.

anaqi is a morning baby.
he wakes up on subuh or before 7am.
unlike ariana, i have to wake ariana up everyday hahaha.
but hey today she woke up early too.
well not earlier than anaqi of course.. kihkih.
but still, she woke up! :D

i have to give anaqi something to hold in the car so he won't get bored and start struggling, not to be seated.
alhamdulillah so far my tactic works.
that explains the love balloon, the CDs, the malaysian flag and the list goes on.
while ariana.. she will take whatever she wants to bring from home.
and she will then bring it to the nursery.
like the on in the photo; she's holding her coin bottle.
some other day she brought her lion, even her floatie! (pelampung)
layankan je lah. haha

anddd lastly.
this is the photo of what i usually have for my lunch at work.
i buy this almost everyday, the seller already knows my favourites; chicken wing and cili kicap. lolx

ayam penyet without sambal.

till then.
have a great three days leave! :) happy holiday.