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Friday, April 06, 2007

wahah! at last, i hv it! ;D

it's kinda cute and funny at d same time ^^

only OneWeek left b4 we'r having our study leave and final exam. i think nex wik gonna be a bit huru-hara lolx. projects' presentation, 2tests *including my english negotiation test wakhh choke*, submitting the final year project's 1st proposal.. packing bags.. ahax. *cant wait for d 'packing' part* :P

i dun believe it thre's mukhsin cd in d house ; well i dunno whether my bro borrowed it or bought it. i juz want to watch!! :D

d 'alasan video' project was submitted. it's kinda hilarious. well for a first-timer like us and low budget production *i think there was no cost involved.. lolx* think it's okay :b

my kaer album :]