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Monday, April 02, 2007
i was at pahang to join the propose marriage to my cous' gf *and now his fiancee* it was a blast. :D may b u wanna do tha.. photo-viewing? ahax.

guests and hosts.

on d left is frm my cous' side *d representator* and right is d girl's grandpa who i think was quite fun ^^

kak dila, my cous *abg shahrir*'s fiancee. pretty lah :]

ahaa my fave time.. eat2!! ;D

future-families.. hoho.

yeap i'd 2bring d flowers & i was d 'front girl'.. haha. *b4 going to kak dila's house*

then we stayed ere for a night. not juz d rates was affordable, d room was massive too. ^^

falet and i.

can anyone tell me was thre any special occasion yesterday? R&R and roads wr flooded with indians.. like.. thousands of em! i think they'r heading to batu caves.

done shooting yesterday. phew. thanx, bros! ;]

ive been tagged by nabil. haha so ere it goes :

1- what's in your bag
hm lemme c. 1 exercise book *and i use it for almost all subjects! haha*, a big pencil case, my wallet, tissue *if thre is*, a VIC, sometimes a lip ice lips mosturizer, my card holder *with cards in it lah :P*, keys and hm.. i think dats it :]

2- 4 things u will not leave behind
  1. my wallet
  2. matric card *or else kne wisel dgn pak guard hahaha*
  3. my sony handphone *but sometimes i left it too* :P
  4. my watch *and sometimes i forgot to wear a watch lolx*

so dats it i think. din catch af5's concert yesterd.. but i saw a bit of dafi's performance at R&R.. hoho. ohh and i think d new animation series : shaun the sheep *click la link ni haha* @disney channel was kinda cool. i dunno wutz they call it.. it looks like a clay animation or sumthin.