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Monday, April 16, 2007
[i shud put a photo ere but photobucket is too stubborn it wont open. grr]

baru smlm meng-eksyen dgn sorg kwn tha i was recovering, i was all fine, so on and so forth :b yet i still feel dizzy wizzy frm the med tha i took. lucky i'm at home :]

so excited watching d tv and reading d newspaper, knowing tha d lost kid *yin* is safe. d story is like a drama penyiasatan, u wanna noe wutz exactly happened. but d couple is really suspicious.. hm.

i remembered i used 2get lost when i was a kid. once, at d night market. i was too short i followed my mom's shoes.. last thing i knew, i followed d wrong shoes.. lolx.
i am still lost sometimes when i walk in d mall. but no worries, it's only one phone call away~ ^^