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Saturday, April 14, 2007
saya ke sunway menonton mr bean's holiday bersama-sama adik saya yang sudah lama mahu menontonnya.. lolx *bahasa baku!* :b d place was half crowded.. thre's this xtremely cute guy-my type was watching it alone, i saw him starting from d popcorn stall, he's looking *pengsan pengsan hahah kiddin~* d last time i saw him was at d escalator.. hahh bye2 cute guy :P

'bahan bukti' tha we went to sunway.. lolx.

i love watching people ice-skating ^^

yeahhxx!! another reason why i am soo happy tday. kaer replied my msg!! haha *i hope it's him and not d others cuz this is from his official site* short saja, tp enough to brighten up my day ;D

i wanna learn how to use adobe illustrator CS2. ya2 i know i'm ketinggalan zaman haha but it's not too late to start learning, ayte? ;]