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Wednesday, April 25, 2007
foods from serai

hahah ok2 forgive me. it seems tha this PC can upload pictures.. i installed d hp-uploading-software earlier, i juz din realize it.. :P

youth stuff. love youth stuff ^^

tday : outside exam hall.

tday : inside exam hall.

tday : my lunch.

-i was busy reading d book for tday's exam and helping my bro with his presentation.
-d car arrived yesterday *my parents', not mine. mine's having problem lolx* it's black. wou hou love black car!! ^^ i'll post d pic l8r if i ever remember.
-bought CLEO tday. u noe why i bought CLEO only on april/march every year. yes! the 50 most eligible bachelors! wahaha. hafiz WWW is in it. go grab d mag fast! ;] p/s : sabtu ni diorg ada kat OU. pergilah kalau rajin. haha.
-esok cuti! wee!! *like it affects me tha much hoh* :P