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Friday, April 20, 2007

it's confirmed. my photobucket has a prob. i try 2post photos from now on by using a new photo hosting *only if i can't open photobucket hehe* thanx to ;]

myspace comes up with a new, convenient way to upload pictures. it even has albums now! i was so crazy uploading my photos thre.. lolx.

hahh see d latest sony T100 camera? so wutz d new revolution from it compared to prev cams? 1st, higher res 8.1MP. then 5times zoom *rsnya b4 this 3x je hoho*. and it also has this face detection. wutz face detection? it's actually a new technology whre d cam will identify faces *subjects* and prioritizes them, so you can get a sharp people photos.. whoa nyze~ *d technology came out since last year i think*

i wanna do 'people' browsing. later.