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Friday, April 13, 2007
random pics . .

falet and i.

video project presentation.

video shooting in progress *previously*

manjit, me, mas, leong
my interactive speaking group members. look muhibbah is it? ;]

few things these past few days *few few.. lolx* :

- we sorta did 'menacing activities' in d lecture hall.. ended up.. i cant tell u lolx.
- 2weeks in a row, thse strangers at tren station/ in train asking for my number. &i dun gv numbers 2strangers *unless they'r like kaer or ezra hoho dats silly thinking of me* :P
- my negotiation test group member, mas *refer pic above* had infection in her gum, she cud hardly speak, hence d lecturer let our group postponed d test to 2days later ^^
- heard shivering ghost stories abt d hostel. it juz happened recently. girls heard snoring sound, girls saw woman with fangs and blood.. gahh.
- and i woke up yesterd mornin *around 4am??* hearing a snore. hope it's one of my roomates, not d other creature.. lolx. good thing i'm rabun :b & i heard my friend calling my name but she's static on d bed. wakhh so i went buat bodoh and tried to sleep back. let me ask her 1st whther she's d one calling my name o not. ape lah hostel, shower semua tersumbat, ada pencuri baju, skrg ada hantu lg? aiyyo~ :P