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Thursday, October 09, 2014


happy thursday, peeps!!

entry ni sebagai rekod for the future.

my abah is being warded at KPJ shah alam since last night.
almost the same time last year (25 oct 2013) he's also being warded (in SALAM, then putrajaya hospital) because he fall down from a ladder while cutting off the tree branches.
and now he's at the hospital again *hee*
this time he did the CT scans and MRI. and he has a tiny tumor on his right brain. *hope it's harmless*
the doc said the brain tumor is secondary, means it may come from a root cause.. or the initial of everything. that's why they did the CT scan again.
i think they may found something there. i'll update later.
but everything affected his left side nerves (that's how we figured out something is not right),
at first we thought it was a mild stroke.
but from the check ups, it's not a stroke. his heart is definitely A ok.
then we know it's the tumor.
or may be tumors.. ada adik-beradik lain kat tempat lain selain kat brain who knows, i hope it's not.

i came visiting my abah today.
with husband and ariana.
mama and harith were always there. faliq was working.
abah looked ok, despite of his left side body feelin' cramped and he couldn't control the saliva on the left side of his mouth. *it's alright, there's a box of tissues all the time :)*
i cheered him up, talked with him and prayed everything gonna be fine.
i know he will be fine because Allah is always by his side.
my abah devoted his life to Him.
time sakit memang tak pernah tinggal solat.
time ok-ok everyday he went to the masjid. solat pakai kerusi pun gagah and gigih.
time bukak youtube asyik belajar pasal makrifatullah je. hee.
and he's a very kind and helpful person.
this may be His test for him. and we'll stay strong by his side through this journey.

ok nanti apa-apa i'll update.


Hana Syed says:
at: October 15, 2014 at 2:24 PM said...

Salam, semoga semua baik2 belaka