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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

the report duty day

monday is the day
when everyone from the four batches gathered around the ministries and report their duty as an 'old timer', or the 'newcomer' :D

as for me,
i'm the newcomer at the new office.
only four of us today
(well five, if it includes this one guy from a junior batch that came since last friday).

what we did that day was
filling up forms, asking questions and sitting at the library all day. haha
this will go on *insyaAllah* for a week
(since all the bosses are not at the office at the mo) hoho

i could see bright days coming ahead for us here.
well i hope. x)

the 'gang'. i know em all. so it's not that awkward or nervous on the first day.

my friend went out (with permission) to finish her works
and she told me when she came back at 6p.m. to punch out,
the office is already closed!
whoa if it's my old office, the office is usually 'open' until night time,
or even on weekends and public hols sometimes. mih hihi
we're looking forward for a flexible office hours
especially when you have a family to look after.. no?
the new office's management told us that the time here is flexible.
and we'll only be busy on special event(s). that's all.
well it should be a good news i think. lolx

the new 'habitat' hahaha. at least for a week from now.

so to dear friends whom reporting their duties,
enjoy your report duty and 'pooling' time.
wherever you are; old workplace, new workplace,
just have fun.
and make the best out of it ;)



kaizenDaGreat says:
at: June 17, 2014 at 9:39 PM said...

Ok... muka aku tembam. Fine. Hahahaha