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Saturday, March 24, 2007
morning all.

i tot tha i wanted 2shoot for another of my video project yesterday, but seems tha d old camera can't shoot outside on daylight. lens rosak ke hape xfhm aku :P

seriously i want a new sony T10. hoho.

sbnrnya xcrite lg ni. dat day i saw d precious tha i really crave months ago.. tickle-me-elmo!! akhh harga dia 200plusplus i only brought like 300 tha time tu pon xkn nk habiskan duit beli toy kn? :b then bonus link card member *itu sayalah tu haha* dpt cheaper for 199.90 kot. ackt very tempting *korg mesti tot tha i'm pelik kn. girls shud be tempted on shoes or clothes. but i'm tempted on tickle-me-elmo! hahah how kiddish but i dun care* :b

tickle-me-elmo ^^ buy me one plz! :b