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Friday, March 02, 2007
huihui. lolx.
im at fac, having this award ceremony thingy for 1hour *only!* :P
afterwards will be heading to KL.
after afterwards will balik rumah lah, whre else :b

'what women want' has come to the end.
to those who missed yesterd's final episode.. yay! hafiz won hafiz won! *melompat kekeraan di balik pokok rambutan* :b
d judges said d only flaw tha he has was being emotional. nk buat task menangis, kawan kne eliminated menangis.. yadayada. but wutz wrong of being emotional? me tgk ok je dia emo, xlah smpai pecah2 tingkap dgn baling kerusi.. hahaha. being emo means he has emotion, and not hiding it like some other poeple. koh2 correct? ;]

this week is bdk nike week.
saw him everywhre. he almost sat nex to me in d bus on tuesday but ada sorg bdk perempuan ini sgt cpt menyusup duduk di seat sebelah sy!! akhh kacau daun pisang lah kamu.. *geleng2 xsetuju* :b then some of my guy-friends know him!! so when i sat with my guy-friends at fac, suddenly bdk nike came and menegur2 my friends.. hahh am i d only one who don't know him?! lolx lolx. abaikanlah this is juz a fun post :P

tuluu :P