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Friday, March 09, 2007

eduardo from foster home©

i think i saw a pickpocket yesterday, on my way back home, at d serdang commuter station.
let me tell you how he did his job.
d train was coming. every1 got up and stood behind d yellow line. i din want to rush in, so i sat at d steel bench.
i saw him looking at my side *looking at my bag tha has a 'full potential'? gahh* and he sat at this bench next to me.
suspicious, i prentended to look inside my bag *actually hiding my wallet somewhere unreachable lolx*
d train was coming. may be he realize i was not his fave victim, so he walked to d other door *not d door tha i was going to enter* with other crowd.
at tha moment i thought 'oh, may b he's not orang jahat. buruk sangkanya aku.' since he din 'chase' me.
but after d door closed, i, that was standing at d door, saw d same guy walked out from d train and sat back at d station's stairs. what the-- i mean, if he din get in d train, he might be pickpocketed someone at d train's door!!
& i saw him holding a jacket on his arm. jacket! d perfect item to hide d stolen wallets. crap! then i saw him looking for something from d jacket. ackt and i couldnt do nything abt it. :[
so evryone, be careful with an indo-lookin guy, aged around 30-40, slim, holding a jacket and looking suspicious. just put ur wallet somewhre safe, aight. jahat punya orang!

we're making the clay animation *under mr nabil's class*
i think it's funny :P