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Saturday, March 24, 2007
ive been tagged by nabil on this :

6 weird things abt me [and dun use this to sabotage me. lol]
  1. i dun eat ketchup or sambal, but i can eat keropok lekor with its sauce, i can eat ayam masak merah and i can eat bolognaise spaghetti. ^^
  2. i used to stalk guys *USED TO. not nmo i think. underline this. lolx*
  3. sometimes i speak english alone in my room. may b 2improve or juz for fun or may b i'm plain crazee hahah.
  4. sometimes if there's subtitle on tv, i counted how many words are they in one sentence. making my brain works prolly, even tho when i watch tv. *or may b i AM weird haha*
  5. tamil movies. sometimes i muted d sound and make my own dialogue with my bro. and it will turn out hilariously.
  6. oh yeah, i love watching tamil movies. hahaha *compared to hindi* :P

may b thre's mo, but i still dun figure it out yet lolx. so i tag this thing to nyone who read this & wanna put it in their blog.
esp to : miki, hyrza, farazana *if u guys read this, uve been tagged! haha. it's up to you to post or not. it's a free blogging planet* ;]

so enjoy, everyone!! ;D