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Saturday, January 13, 2007

twins? hihi.

top is d pic of leenk & as. u shud noe tha d bags r also same but in diff colours. lolx.

reached home yesterday, after laying my butt on gsc midV's seat. i was catching d NiGhT aT d MuSeUm *d real thing is, i went thre to watch LoVe wReCkEd, but it's not out yet* :b and wandering around alone at midV. ye, saya suka berjalan2. lolx.

train to KL frm midV was kinda torturing *haha*. full with people. &i stood at d wrong place. thre's nuthin tha i cud hold thre to keep me away frm trembling. luckily thre's this girl standing in front of me, &she looked like wanna fall too. so i grabbed her arm & we'r helping each other for balance. haha. nex time im gonna do d same thing for d same situation :b

for d very last hour, things wr getting better. thankfully. ^^

eh didya noe shrek d third is coming soon? i saw it at d cinema ad. wakh cant wait. it looked really funny ;D