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Friday, January 05, 2007
saya kembali di rumah.. hahaha. im home! ;D
3days of classes with less people around *most of everyone still in holiday mood, some of em will be back at univ, nex wik.. lolx*

internet @univ vs internet @home. kat lab internet sgt slow. dats y it's hard to blog or reply myspace msg-es thre.

2nights of having dinner outside d univ.
*cafes were freakin crowded*

'what women want'. ram was out. he's my 2nd fave after hafiz. apsal dia keluar, wey?? :b

i noe this year everyone will be super busy. *with studies, most of it* but whether thre's nyone reading my blog or not, im still gonna do blogging. &u gonna miss hot gossips ere.. lolx.

all my lecturers are super nice. im blessed with nice lecturers this semester. thank you!! *smbil tgk langit* :P