Friday, June 21, 2024

my 40th birthday

assalamualaikum and hey! 💜

today marks my 40th birthday! :)
can't believe i have been on this very planet earth for 40 awesome years (and i survived it! alhamdulillah).
hopefully, to become wiser, to expect less and gain more. lolx

being a 40, i just hope i am blessed with good health until i'm grey. aamiin.

a ferrero rocher birthday cake from dear husband 💗

yes, one slice is sufficient for us (us four, eating this one slice. haha)
since you all know i don't eat cake much. but i do enjoy it sometimes. like today. haha

so early this morning, friday morning,
i was busy cooking in the kitchen for a simple birthday treat for my office mates (in conjunction of my birthday.. lolx),
cooked/reheated fried vermicelli and corn fritters..
suddenly my fam came with a slice of cake, a birthday gift and a happy birthday song 😊

i said, "i am all sweaty in the kitchen and you guys come here singing birthday song." 😂

but fair enough, we enjoyed the super short sweet time,
before preparing ourselves to work/school.

what i brought to my workplace.

my first birthday gift was a pair of shoes 😍
these shoes, are my necessity. so thank you, husband for the gift! love it!

then in the afternoon,
went our for birthday lunch with my birthday mates, cik azura and firdhaus.
we're all born on the same day, and same year! what an odd! 😁

so i figured out this free birthday treat from ole-ole bali restaurant.
need to show them your myKad (ID), proving it's your birthday.
then you'll get a plate of nasi campur (indonesian mixed rice) for free.
well we just bought ourselves drinks. tu pun firdhaus belanja *thank you, firdhaus!*
he's rushing for jumaat prayer, so we tried to finish our meet up early.

this basically how our plate looks like. looks yummy, right?

well there are many more birthday treats from many more shops,
but need to download app and stuff.
kalau rajin, boleh la redeem.

me and the 21st june kids. and yes, anaqi was around too.. he's a bit under the weather so he didn't attend school today.

i'll update more later, since i am rushing with things today.

so yeah.

happy birthday to me!! 💟

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