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Sunday, October 08, 2017

badminton match

our office is having this sports carnival for 2017.
some sports were already conducted; like the indoors, the volley, explorace, football and more.
only two games left before the gala night; that is the badminton AND the bowling.
each members much participated at least in ONE game,
or maximum TWO games.

i already entered the indoor game last time (ping pong).
and yesterday, i was with the badminton team for the match.

mee lee and i.

warming up first! (i already warmed up playing the badminton previously. lolx)

the first game started at 9.50 am..
and finished around 11.40 am.

good news; our team won!

medal time!

with the girls (and of course a boy :P. that's adam, siti's son. he followed his mom to our badminton trainings)

farini, siti (+ adam), me, mee lee and linda.
hazlin and puan raha was not in the photo.

group photo. taken before the game.

haha only mee lee and i made the mini-love pose :DD

that's a wrap for me (this year! lolx)