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Sunday, March 19, 2017

mama's 57th birthday celebration

selamat hari jadi to my mama!! xD
her birthday was on march 16th.. which is on a working day.
so i booked a flower delivery for her.
hari sabtu baru balik shah alam celebrate sama-sama.

kitorang ke serai seksyen 3, shah alam.
our usual. haha

anaqi tengah makan pocky coklat.

adored his atuk.

my brother, harith.. my mom and ariana.

my 'hand-quake' shot. haha

our full selfshot.

husband tak de, on job at matta fair.
brother faliq and ain and tuah went back to melaka.
so kitorang-kitorang je lah.

malas nak rotate gambar. hahah.

before i end the entry,
here's this year's fb birthday wish post for my mom.

have a wonderful years ahead, ma :)