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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

AA's DIY dinosaur art project

hello, beautiful peeps!

just recently, AAs just finished working on their dinosaur art project for the school.
the project of course, involves us, the parents too. lolx
need to use recycled items, so here are the things that we need :


1. clean, used milk bottle

2. lotttsa newspaper

3. cardboards (recycled)

4. cellophane tape

5. PVA glue (white in color)

6. scissors/blade-knife

7. black marker

8. poster colors/brush/water


first, we need to 'sculp' the dino.. i used the bottle as its body.
then, crumple the newspaper to make its head, feet and tail.
using a black marker, i drew its 'bony plates' (the ones on top of the dino) on a cardboard.
we're making a stegosaurus here.
then i cut out the bony plates and attached em to the body, using a tape.
same as the head, feet and tail. i used tape to joint em all.

next, tear the newspaper into smaller size to start making a paper mache.
just put the glue onto the body, and paste the newspaper there.
do this until the whole dino body is covered with the newspaper.

then put aside (in front of a fan.. lolx) and let the dino dries.

after the dino is drying up,
call the children for them to continue to next step; i.e coloring the dino :DD

we chose pink because green and brown are so mainstream :P

for the bony plates, we thought of rainbow colors.

full concentration. lolx

yes, ariana did most of the coloring. anaqi on the other hand, was in his own world, painting his paper. HAHA

let the color dries in front of a fan :D

and here's our dinosaur, after i covered the whole body with PVA glue and let it dry again.
why the PVA glue?
because it gives a nice glossy effect to the dino's body.. a non-expensive method ;)

taraa! a pink dino! :)

p/s: don't forget the eyes! you can buy googly eyes from art/DIY shop or like me, i drew a smily eyes, cut em and glued em to the dino's head. try it! :)