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Thursday, February 09, 2017

duty at istana negara

*maafin gwe, baru sempat nak blog about this!* :D

one thing that we get to experienced while working in this ministry other than entire places in whole malaysia (or the world);
is the chance to be working at istana negara, at least once a year.
it's like a hari raya, really.
an annual event where all the happy faces gather *of course happy, getting the darjah kebesaran (honor) one. tee hee*

so this year, i'm back again (last year i didn't join because i just got back from my maternity leave).
i've being pointed as a liason officer (LO), together with all my LO friends.
and i would love to share this memorable moments in my blog.. for the record purpose (and just because i love to blog! jyeah)

the view inside istana negara on the 1st february morning.

the event occurs on the 1st february, each year.
it's when lotsa people get their datukships (yes, long queue!) :D

but we started a whoooole earlier than that.
i mean the preparation.
other than being an LO, i was in charged on the LO guidelines book *where the LOs would refer to*
so i had to stay back quite late for 2 nights.. with the team (such a dedicated one. thank you!)
and i had to wake up as early as 4.30am in the morning to get ready to istana negara.
so just imagine how sleep deprived i was for a day or two :P a bit cuckoo lah. haha

on 31st january, we had the rehearsal first.
5.30am from the office by bus (some rode their own vehicles).
and i was wearing the uniform on rehearsal day while everyone else's not!
it's on myself for being cuckoo and forgot to ask about the attire from the committee, may be because i was too busy till late at night; i didn't focus much on what to wear. kinda funny but embarrassing, though.
i might laugh about it someday with dear friends.
some say there is no such thing as a bad publicity ay?
might be a myth, but i'm not into getting those attentions or whatsnot.
so i just pulled it off, sucked it out and dealt with it.
and thank youuu to those wonderful and kind souls who were supporting *you know who you are!*

so the next day, 5.30am.. again.

if you can find me.. i'm the one who popped out her head at the back - right side :P

yes we were given breakfasts and lunchs for two days.
alhamdulillah for the food on our plates.

with kak masyitah or our 'kak long'.

i had an awful zits break out those days.
idk, it always happened.
whenever i'm going to be in an event, or with LOTSA people (like hari raya!).. coincidentally there will be lots of zits.
either a month earlier i was consuming lots of seafood,
or i'm going to have a menstrual, or i'm stressing out working..
(or all of the above! :DD).. then the zits will come out.
and they did it again on istana negara time *of all days, you guys zits chose to burst out on an important event?! great! haha*

i just put on the 5-year-ago no. 1 uniform.
and great, it still fits! lolx (next time i may consider to tailor a new one.. one of the opulette was already rotting?? seriously!)

i was LO-ing my former boss who's getting the datukship that day.
and here are some photos from the event:

compulsory: a photo with the hulubalang istana

this is the dewan santapan's door.. if anyone's wondering. (the palace's dining hall)

our so-called gang and our annual routine of hanging out at the basement cafe.

i also call it the 'marhaen cafe'.. simply because all of us, the rakyats who have the duty here, can buy our meals. yeah it's just a nick name :)

in the dewan santapan with kak jijah and kak masyitah.

somehow i just love this perspective.

the counter where we can collect the bintang and pingat's boxes after the ceremony.

just a humble selfshot.

carried the bintang box in the paperbag.

actually someone else who's being paired with me was the one who's responsible to get the box and send it to datuk's pilot (driver).
i was trying to contact him; i whatsapped him, i called him.. but to no avail.
seems like he's reading all my messages *the blue tick?* but i was talking to a wall.
i suspect that he fled early (secretly) and just kept silence.. that's why he didn't respond.
i was quite disappointed of his act but lucky him, i was too kind to report it to his team leader.
and lucky too that the box was not as heavy and as huge as the datuk seri utamas' boxes.
so i just got it myself and i just hope he lives a happy live wherever he is. grr. lolx

taller, tallest, tall, tall, tall, shortie. lolx

with datuk's daughter.

a beautiful spot for a picture; the staircase.

not from my camera, but this one's worth to share. the LOs were waiting for VIPs and guests at the 2nd entrance.

also not from my camera; us the girls.

our istana negara gang. :D

the gang and aizat was in the photo.

most of the LOs. we took some photos after the event.

and boomerang photos too. xD
thanks for this great experience.
i went back home afterwards and slept until 6+++pm *still not enough sleep until the next day! haha*
the i woke up and played with anaqi till night.

so that's all about my federal territory day.
till we meet again, istana negara.