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Monday, February 08, 2016

meeting mar

steamboat and grill at seoul garden, IOI city mall.

tak, hari ni bukan nak review pasal seoul garden :D
ni cerita jumaat lepas.
azra and i were meeting mardia, our close buddy before she's getting hitched! hihi
she came all the way from klang to send over her wedding invitation.
it's sort of like a mini gath and a mini bachelorette party, too :)
too bad some of our group members *yes we have a group. who's not. lolx!* couldn't make it due to lotsa important matters.

ohhey, that's mardia! xD

and that's my bestie, azra!

it's my first time dine at seoul garden.
it was ok, i just need more sweet time eating because that day, we're meeting on a friday lunch hour.
if i get half of my day eating here, i will be more than pleased kot. haha
may be later on next dining ;)

my favourite ingredients on a steamboat/grill :
1. spinach - had lots of it!
2. instant-like noodle
3. chicken
4. mushrooms
5. prawns (love this but since i constraint myself from eating seafood for about 6 months.. i just had one prawn that day. HAHA)

catching up and ketekunan listening to mardia's story on how she met her man. awh sweetnya.

azra and her advices. orang dah berkahwin ni banyaklah advice and experience nak share. ^^

i'm not sharing anything, i just eat. haha


selfshot with azra my bestie.

to mar, congratulations on your upcoming wedding.
may the ceremony blooms with happiness.
i will be there! insyaAllah.
she's telling us there will be sports cars, so, wouldn't miss that! xD

i end this entry with our sated and happy faces. haha


habis licin, kau :P